Have you heard a single word about the California wildfires recently?

No you haven't and neither have I.

It isn't that they are smouldering in some inaccessible canyon someplace far from civilization and thus not newsworthy. No sir, they are out. Cold. Like the fireplaces at a Boy Scout campsite after the scouts depart.

Not a spark.

If you go to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection website you will see fire after fire after fire with the status notation "100% Contained."

Now, I have to admit, I thought it was due to the heroic efforts of all those firefighters who put their lives on the line and work past exhaustion to do everything they can to save homes, property and lives.

In fact, those folks are right at the top of my list of heroic people, seeing as how so many people in California build in dry scrub country - Southern California is actually a desert and the only reason anything grows there is because of all the water that is diverted from the Colorado River, which is why you always see dry scrub brush instead of lush forests.

So, the folks who work so hard to save million-dollar mansions that never should have been built where they are in the first place are very important to me because they exemplify service to their fellow man.

But then I found out that I was wrong. It was not those brave firefighters after all. It was our President, Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

I would never have found this out if it wasn't for the Internet, and even though many things I have found on the Internet that might not be considered flattering to President Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, have been scrubbed, deleted and disappeared like a South American pro-democracy freedom fighter, this one stuck around long enough for me to get it to you here.

It takes a lot of work to get the truth out to people so we can make informed objective decisions about our future. Especially in the polling places next month.

Once you take a good hard look at our president and see that we have been misled into thinking that he is driving our country headlong into a communist gulag faster than Casey Jones holding onto a runaway throttle, you will probably come to the same conclusion I have arrived at.

Obviously I was wrong about our president and thus about all Democrat candidates across the country. Obviously he is far more skilled, adept, and capable than the numerous missteps ranging from the economy to government takeovers of our building, banking, automotive and medical insurance industries would indicate. Oh, and the misuse of the media, and the war on FOX News, and all the propaganda releases and this phony Swine Flu hysteria.

Those apparently are just warm ups, and mistakes are to be expected.

But when it comes right to down safety of life and limb, well, that's another story.

Unless of course, the video above is satire from an organization like Onion News Network via YouTube. But that wouldn't happen, would it? I mean, I can't tell the difference between this video and anything else that has come from the White House since Inauguration Day, so it must be real, and true, and honest, and forthright, and heroic.

Just like our President Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. Right?