Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama Administration Commissars Ambush FOX News! Turn Into the Guns and Attack!

The most successful method of getting out of an ambush, aside from not getting into an ambush, is to turn to the sound of the guns and attack. As my Marine Drill Instructor told us in Parris Island, "aggression is the key to victory."

This is an especially helpful lesson for the Fox Network and its cable television news operations, what with the Barack Obama White House on the warpath. Apparently, FOX personnel, meaning reporters, anchors, weather people, producers, commentators, pundits, hair stylists, drivers, camera operators, sound engineers, support personnel, and receptionists have an issue with simply regurgitating White House propaganda, and instead ask relevant incisive questions.

You won't find that anywhere else in the American media spectrum, and the President is sick to death of actually having to explain himself to FOX, seeing as how he is the Supreme Ruler of the Earth with the exception of Europe (Old and New), Asia, South America, Central America, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and North America north and south of the US border.

But other than that smidgen of the universe, Barack Obama is king, the United States (all 57 of them) are his castle and he is in charge. If he wants to spew propaganda and communist philosophy at will, he not only will do it, and his stooges not only will repeat it like mindless lemmings, the media better pass it along unchallenged too. Or else they'll get what FOX got.

What did FOX get for its blasphemes and malcontent? Well, everyone in the current administration, in unison, stomped their feet like Rumpelstiltskin, and then held their collective breath until they turned blue. I kid you not. They did it!

All across the media spectrum, but especially on the Sunday morning political talk shows, other alleged journalists, (no, wait a minute, strike the word alleged and replace it with wannabe,) tsk tsk-ed to their hearts content as the White House apparatchik sternly warned that they better not follow in FOX's footsteps if they know what's good for them.

And all across the media spectrum, the network, radio, cable and print jelly fish who have no spines or independently functioning central nervous systems, nodded in unison and mouthed "Oh, yes, Oh, yes," like the puppet chorus in the play Chicago!

The president and his puppets have been doing their best in recent days to let the entire network television-watching world know that they are upset with FOX. On the other hand, FOX has been playing the story for all it is worth and asking "What, Me Worry?" in a better than average imitation of Mad Magazine's cover boy, Alfred E. Neuman.

But more is needed. The administration commissars are showing the disdain for the American public that communists traditionally show for the peasants once the commies are in power. The peasants are promised the moon, but in a very short time return to being doormats, this time for their new bosses who won't simply repress them, but will shoot them if they vocalize their dissatisfaction.

But the Obama Commissars don't have the power they think they do. At least not yet. Even though they are attempting to systematically dismantle the free market system, they still have a long way to go.

In the cable television segment of the free market, advertisers hold sway. And advertisers are attracted, kept, and charged based on how many people are watching which outlets and which shows.

I would bet that one unintended consequence of the Obama Commissars taking to the networks to badmouth FOX is that more people are tuning in to FOX to see what the fuss is all about. Once they do, and once they find that FOX really does give both sides of the story as a matter of course, and its commentators are obviously not on the Obama payroll like their counterparts in the networks, print and other cable outlets, people are likely to stay tuned to FOX.

The best action FOX could take then, is to welcome these new viewers with open arms. First attract them with new advertising slogans such as:
FOX - Obama Loves to Hate Us!


FOX, The Un-Obama Network!


FOX, We Would Have Fired Walter Cronkite!

Obama's minions made it obvious this weekend that the flow of information for stories that don't require any serious legwork or journalistic abilities on the part of the White House Press Corps will dry up immediately if they don't heel and kowtow.

I ran into that situation once when the mayor of a city I was covering for the Hartford Courant didn't like some of my articles. He stopped giving me anything when I visited his office in city hall each day.

So I spent twice as much time down the hall in the office of his chief political rival - from his own party - and got twice as many juicy tidbits that turned into twice as many stories that the mayor liked even less than the ones he complained about originally.

See how that works?

I'm not saying Obama doesn't have any real power here. He is after all, the president of the United States at least until he renames us the Union of North American Soviet Alliances. He could make things easy on cooperating news outlets, like for instance, providing stimulus bailout funds for struggling papers like the Boston Globe which was miraculously taken off the For Sale list this week.

I'm not saying that the Globe actually got stimulus money, I just heard two guys speculating on that in the coffee shop this morning and I heard on the Rush Limbaugh show this afternoon that the Globe's parent company, the New York Times, is laying off 8 percent of its downtown newsroom workforce just before Christmas, so naturally I went HMMMMMM.

Not mmm, mmm, mmm as in the new Barack Hussein Obama National Anthem, sung by the Obama Youth all over America, but HMMMM. Just because the Globe is in Massachusetts doesn't automatically mean that it is engaged in some sleazy dealings, and I'm certain that if a government auditing team went over its books from top to bottom there would be a finding of no wrong doing.

But this speculation certainly shows what could happen if certain people were so inclined.

But back to FOX, I really mean it when I say they should charge. The entirety of the thinking American population is fed up with Obama, including huge chunks of the base that helped him get elected. If they are fed up with him, they are fed up with his propaganda too and looking for new outlets.

I suggest FOX. The FOX operation has a News Department, which went out of fashion in the networks decades ago, and it can do its own advertising along the lines of:

Less Obama - More News!

Propaganda - It's A Network Thing!

FOX - We've Got News!

The possibilities are endless and FOX should jump on them right away. Don't spend any time worrying whether a handful of correspondents will still get their handouts. If they have any real abilities, and the reporters I like the best at FOX have plenty of ability, they'll get the real news on their own without lining up to the White House tip trough.

Soon enough, Americans from coast to coast will realize the value of an independent news outlet and not only will watch it regularly to find out what is really going on, they'll probably come up with their own FOX NEWS ANTHEM.

The Fox News Network

Stands for us all

It broadcasts the stories

both big and small.

Fox won't be cowed,

Fox won't back down

It reports all the news and

still stands its ground.

The Fox News Network. MMMM. MMMM. MMMM.


Joe Visconti said...

Amen Ron.

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