Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama Strikes out for (at) Coakley, Disrespects the Red Sox, Stumps for Brown

The race for the US Senate seat in Massachusetts is down to the wire, and Republican Scott Brown has pulled ahead of presumed Ed Kennedy replacement, Democrat Martha Coakley in weekend polling.

So President Barack Obama hurried up to Boston Sunday and instead of pulling out all the stops, proceeded to put a wooden stake right through the heart of Coakley's campaign. That may not have been what he intended, at least consciously, but that is exactly what he did in a speech at Northeastern University Sunday afternoon that is getting damn little Mainstream media attention, and probably because they know how badly it went over.

We can start with the fact that four minutes into his speech Obama still was talking about matters other than the Senate race and what's her name was not even mentioned yet. It appears that the real reason you invite Obama to give is speech is still to give him an opportunity to speak about himself.

Now, let's go back a week when the Democratic candidate mocked Brown for campaigning outside Fenway Park the legendary home of the Boston Red Sox.
That didn't exactly go over well with loyal Red Sox fans, and it got even worse when the Democratic candidate referred to former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling as "a Yankee fan." OOOOHHH, that had to hurt.

But our erstwhile President, in his opening remarks turned to the gaggle of college kids and party minions standing behind him to obligingly clap, cheer or smile on cue, and said "I almost wore my WHITE Sox jacket!" When the kids groaned in unison, obviously not the reaction the campaign was looking for, Obama turned to them and said "You want a guy who's loyal to his hometown team!"

Oh yeah baby! That at least should show that your candidate will never go off to Washington D.C. and forget the folks back home! Um, except someone like Coakley I guess. How can we trust someone who now wants to claim she is loyal to the RED Sox and by extension Red Sox fans, after bashing Fenway Park and calling Schilling a Yankee fan?

Back to Obama, he is still talking about himself nearly five minutes into his speech, still hasn't mentioned the Democratic candidate, but then he mentions Ed Kennedy at about 4:50 and gets only a smattering of a response! He finally does bring up the Democratic candidate at 4:57, but then blows right past her and launches into a tribute to the late Sen. Kennedy.

Did you see the news clips of the debate between Brown and the Democrat last week when one of the Democrat's handlers or handlees called it "Ted Kennedy's seat?" The Republican candidate, Scott Brown immediately pointed out that it is not "Kennedy's seat" it is rather "the people's seat." Well Obama brings that up, even though it was a major score for the Republicans, and then says that the first person who would have agreed with that statement is Kennedy!

Wow! And double Wow! since Coakley got her head handed to her on that one. That's almost as bad as her saying there are no more terrorists in Afghanistan and today, one day before the election, a major battle has broken out between free forces and terrorists right in the heart of downtown Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan!

When Obama finally did get around to talking about the Democratic candidate he tried to portray her not as the remote, aloof, arrogant elitist seen by many Massachusetts voters, but rather as a true representative of the middle class, whose dad owned a small business. Now, let's face it, her Dad's small business would go right out of business under the leadership of the Obama administration which has been solidly in place for a year and has driven the country down into the abyss. But he still claims she understands the plight of working families!

But here is where it got to be fun. When Obama finally does start actually talking about the Democrat rather than himself or the late Ed Kennedy, at about 8:30 into his speech, he gets interrupted by a heckler! A college kids starts yelling something that isn't clear on the audio, but it is so effective that Obama stops talking and keeps telling the audience "We're okay." But he wasn't because Obama loses a full two minutes of his speech to the heckler - and to the audience that then attempted to stifle the heckler by chanting the Democrat's name.

President Obama even left the podium briefly, and it was obvious that he was not happy. But get this - as soon as the male college student is removed, he is replaced by a woman heckler who starts up with her issues as soon as the first one is ushered out!

Not exactly a positive appearance.

Obama admitted that he doesn't know Brown, and doesn't know anything about Brown's record, and then reminds people that the economy stinks - thanks to his failed "economic stimulus" bills. Acknowledging the failures of his administration, and hoping to save the day by using his time tested audience hypnotizing skills - moving his gaze back and forth, back and forth, hoping to lull the crowd into submission, Obama said, "Progress is slow (right side profile) and it can't come fast enough (left side profile) for people who need help right now."

"At times like this (right side profile) there are always some (left side profile) who are eager to exploit that pain and anger (right side profile) to score a few political points. (Left side profile.) There are always folks who - you know - (right side profile) think that the - (left side profile) the best way to - solve these problems are to demonize others (right side profile.)"

Talk about demonizing campaign ads, remember Obama on his own campaign trail, "would you take you child to the hospital for an asthma attack ...?" When you consider the viciousness of the attack ads the Democrats ran against Brown in Massachusetts this weekend it is amazing that Obama would even mention the subject.

I swear I can't figure out whether he loves the sound of his own voice more than he loves seeing film clips of himself in profile or vice versa.

Coakley, the Democrat, is spending her last campaign day whining that "right wing extremist groups" were the first to do negative advertising, which is why she decided to hit back with below the belt, offensively inaccurate negative ads of her own.

"They're distorting my record," she complained, apparently believing that gives her the right to lie about Brown's. And let's not forget that she lied about not seeing a journalist attacked right in front of her by one of her own staff members in D.C., last week.

When Schilling was asked on FOX News today what he would say to her if she was in the room with him, Schilling responded, "Good luck on your next job."

Coakley seems to like the D.C. night scene. I bet she gets hired as a lobbyist. Unless, with a stake through her heart and no national health care to pay to remove it, she turns to dust.


Joe Visconti said...

Dead on Ron! The
Mass. Independents have America's future in their hands. Time to do one day Novena's for Scott and hope tHe Unions don't show up to vote with the INNER CITIES!

Mueller said...

Honor the soldiers!

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