Sunday, January 10, 2010

Racial Hypocrites Give "Simon Legree" Reid a Pass on the "N" Word

A new book describing the backroom deals and manipulations that led to the Barack Obama presidency also quotes Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as making racial slurs about Obama.

Reid, rather than challenging the book's accuracy immediately went on a Mea Culpa offensive Saturday, apologizing profusely for being outed as a bigoted slug who says one thing about minorities in public, but in private is nothing more than a latter day Simon Legree. (If you haven't read Uncle Tom's Cabin recently, the Simon Legree
character was a vicious slave owner who actually was born in the north. The name now is synonymous with cruelty, greed and anti-black sentiments.)

Legree's - uh, excuse me - Reid's classless, disgusting, Reconstruction Era slurs immediately caused an eruption - of deafening silence - from the National Racial Police, including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I guess it's OK to be a racist so long as you keep the hush money coming. But God help you if you think the role of government is to make sure all citizens have equal opportunities rather than serving as a bottomless pit of financial largess.

Those two alleged men of the cloth - sans churches - who usually hit the airwaves demanding firing squads for any Independents, Republicans and Tea Party members who make similar errors immediately went on the airwaves this time to defend their benefactor.

Wait a minute, I'm not sure I've heard anything that blatantly offensive from Independents, Republicans or Tea Party members. At least not in the Post-Racial Era. Do you? I do remember a black Tea Party member being attacked and beaten by SEIU thugs who seemed to be working as a form of fascist security for Democratic office holders.

But I don't remember any such attacks on black people from anyone other than Democrats. Let's review history. Who freed the slaves? A Republican. Who backed Civil Rights legislation? The Republicans. Who opposed Civil Rights legislation? The Democrats.

Who referred to Obama's physical characteristics in racial terms while discussing his electability? Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate. Reid reportedly said that Obama might be electable because he was sufficiently light-skinned and didn't use "Negro dialect" unless he wanted to.

Now, is Obama more offended by Reid's comments he made about the president's appearance, or because Reid let the cat out of the bag that Obama can slip into "Negro" vernacular when he thinks the situation warrants it? That's a question that's worth following up I think.

President Obama accepted Reid's hasty apology Saturday, and national democrats closed ranks around him. Tim Kaine, the Democratic governor of Virginia, told FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace today that Reid's comments about Obama were actually "positive" although his choice of words was "unfortunate."

But Republican National Chairman Michael Steele stood up for the GOP, and frankly for all black Americans, especially those who voted for Obama, by calling for Reid to step down. Steele, who is black, and I shouldn't have to say that, made the point that if the GOP is going to toe the line on race issues, then the Democrats should also.

Kaine, who is white, continued to defend Reid throughout the segment, and said he should not be required to step down.

If GOP Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said the same thing (as Reid) Steele said, the attitude of the Democrats and their media lackeys would be extreme indignation. I'm paraphrasing here, but that was the intent of his comments.

I wonder what Don Imus thinks of Reid's comments and the way Sharpton and Jackson are kissing Reid's ass instead of demanding it on a platter? Imus lost his job at CBS radio for making slurs about black women on a college basketball team, with Jackson and Sharpton leading the charge against him.

We can infer from these situations that it is allowable to dump a Jew who errs, but not Democratic political leaders who keep the financial flood gates open. Is the hypocrisy of this lost on anyone? Yes, the media, but other than that?

I think not, and I hope this is the issue that puts Reid over the cliff into the great abyss of political obscurity. Reid already has Chris Dodd-like poll numbers in his home state of Nevada where he is up for re-election this year, and this certainly won't help.

I wonder what Legree-Reid says about Nancy Pelosi behind closed doors? I bet he calls her "sweetie."


clay barham said...

It looks like the lamestream media is trying to poison the Tea Party supporters by convincing them the GOP is taking control of it, when in reality; it is a majority of republicans who are part of the Tea Party with little concern for what the GOP thinks one way or another. The GOP has let us down since Reagan, having rebelled against Reagan's policies. Be the "go to" person Rush spoke of. See for the roots of what separates us.

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