This is making the rounds on the Internet and I certainly think it's worth putting up for comment, what with numerous lawsuits having been filed claiming that our president isn't OUR president at all.

Now, maybe it is photo shopped or maybe those words in another language don't say what the English letters say - how would I know after all. What with a "transparent" summit currently taking place on the government's grab for the health care insurance business, and everyone's eyes otherwise on the Olympics, why shouldn't we have an opportunity to get some relief from the day to day, run of the mill grist out of the media, Congress and the White House?

Well, anyway, take a look for yourself.

Tell me now, do you think the White House is going to get someone on this right away? Is the sign really posted outside Nairobi? Can the State Department get authorization to redirect some of the Central Intelligence Agency's satellites from watching for signs of Global (b.s.) Warming to home in on Kenya and find out if this really exists?

Can the military dispatch a highly trained team of Special Forces Operatives to wrap explosives around the signposts and send it into oblivion? Can they do it without collateral damage to the indigenous civilian population? (My bet is on the military.)

These are major issues and these questions should be answered. Oh, and what are we doing about our crushing debt with China, what is Russia up to - Russia is always up to something when we aren't hearing anything out of Russia, which we haven't for a couple of months now, so watch out - and is Mr. Obama, President of the World going to do anything about Iran getting ready to launch a nuclear strike against everyone else?

I don't have the answers, but I certainly have the questions!