The Republican US Senate campaign war between former Connecticut Congressman Rob Simmons and World Wrestling Entertainment founder Linda McMahon has gone around the corner in the mainstream media.

Simmons first nailed McMahon last week during the uproar over White House chief of staff Rham Emanuel calling some of his fellow liberal Democrats "F'ing retards." He actually filled in the letters where I put the apostrophe. McMahon also made direct donations to Rham Emanuel's efforts to defeat Republican candidates in the last few years but no one seems to care about that.

Sarah Palin who has a son with Downs Syndrome called for Emanuel to step down or be fired. President Obama was satisfied with apologies all around.

Simmons then produced a series campaign news releases with links to videos produced by WWE of its character "Eugene" who played a person with Downs Syndrome regularly getting demeaned and brutalized by the McMahon family and other wrestlers. McMahon responded that the character was actually "inspirational and heroic" as her husband and son poured paint over him, stuck his head into a toilet bowl, and repeatedly showed him being beaten or described as possessing "retard strength."

Now the Hartford Courant/Fox 61 News notes that a new McMahon campaign flier is obviously aimed at the women's vote. But the Courant also is questioning whether the flier might just be hypocritical when you see how women are treated around the WWE or at least were until McMahon decided to run for public office.

Simmons pounced on this one in a heartbeat, as a good candidate should, because the Courant is now questioning McMahon's judgment and whether she would be any different in Washington than outgoing Senator Christopher Dodd whom they are seeking to replace.

The unspoken question is whether McMahon, should she get the Republican nomination, could survive the expected onslaught from presumptive Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal. There is far more in the WWE closet than has emerged thus far, and it is a certain bet that Blumenthal or his supporters won't ignore it.

I will leave you to form your own opinions as to whether this video glorifies violence to women and forces them to commit demeaning acts to keep their jobs - that is, if you consider beautiful women kissing and fondling each other demeaning. And from there you can form your own opinions as to whether it matters in the race for US Senate.

Either way, I bet this is one of the best read columns I have ever posted! ;-)