Seriously, are you unhappy with Congress passing this debacle called Universal Health Care and Obama gleefully signing a law that fundamentally changes the United States of America?

If you are, you can thank Linda McMahon, the alleged "Republican" now running for the GOP nomination in Connecticut to replace Chris Dodd as US Senator!

I bet that right now you're saying Why, how can that be? She's a Republican, isn't she? She's a successful businesswoman even if she does deal in gratuitous violence, soft porn, and debasement of women and the handicapped! How could she possibly be linked in any way, however tenuous, to passage of the Democrats' bill to take over America's medical insurance industry?

Simple. Money. That's what she pursues, that's what she has tons of and that is what she uses to get her way, both in business and in politics. And that is why she is linked to passage of the medical insurance takeover legislation.

McMahon sends her campaign staffers out to Republican Town Committees around the state where they regurgitate the mantra that she donates equally to both political parties as part of "the cost of doing business." I personally heard this from a McMahon staffer a couple of months ago.

But is this mantra true? Well lets take a look at how her "equal donations" favored Democrats during election campaigns, as opposed to during off years when no one was running a federal race.

First, we should note that in Connecticut, where McMahon is running, the GOP lost its last Congressman in 2008 when moderate Republican Chris Shays was defeated in the 4th Congressional District by Democrat Jim Himes. Two years earlier Republican Rob Simmons lost to Democrat Joe Courtney in the 2nd District by 83 votes, and simultaneously Nancy Johnson, the long-time Representative from the 5th District was soundly defeated by Democrat Chris Murphy.

That means that the Connecticut Congressional delegation is totally Democrat. Connecticut has five districts, including the aforementioned 2nd, 4th and 5th, plus the 1st where Pelosi Puppet John Larson has ruled for decades, with ultra-liberal Democrat Rosa DeLauro representing the 3rd.

Every single one of these Democrats - five in all - voted for Obama's misnamed "health care reform," which coincidentally passed by five votes. Aren't all the independents and cross-over Republicans who voted for these guys proud of themselves now? Think about this for a moment; if Simmons, Johnson and Shays were still there, I wouldn't be writing this column because that bill would never have had a chance of passing.

So where does McMahon come in? Let's take a look at information I found on the McMahon for Senate website.

In 2006 when Republicans Nancy Johnson and Rob Simmons lost to Democrats who ultimately voted for the health care bill, McMahon gave a whopping $500 to Nancy Johnson, nothing to Simmons, and $1000 to Shays who won that year. But she gave Ten Thousand Dollars to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which was waging all-out war against Connecticut's Republicans!

As noted, that year Simmons lost by 83 votes, and only Shays survived the Democrat onslaught that was funded in part by McMahon. She also gave two grand to Joe Lieberman, listing him as an independent although he is now safely ensconced back in the Democratic fold. McMahon actually donated as much to a Republican running in Massachusetts - $500 - as she gave to Nancy Johnson.

In 2007, an off year for national elections, she gave $1,000 to Shays, presumably for his 2008 race, but FIVE THOUSAND to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Two-Thousand Five Hundred to Rahm Emanuel's Our Common Values Political Action Committee.

In 2008 she gave Shays another grand and a measly five-hundred-dollars to the Republican National Committee. But she easily topped that total with an additional $2,300 to Rahm Emanuel, who was working to get Barack Obama nominated, then elected. Emanuel is now Obama's chief of staff and a major architect of a socialized American society.

As a reminder, 2008 was the year Shays lost to Himes, and GOP candidate David Cappiello got his head handed to him on a silver platter in Murphy's 5th District, despite a campaign visit from President Bush and a big fund-raiser at Henry Kissinger's estate in western Connecticut. That also was the year Connecticut went totally Democratic, which set up Sunday's travesty posing as a restructuring of America's health care system.

(Note, we still have the best health care in the world, and the "system" could have gone a long way toward being "fixed" if Congress had merely opened up inter-state bidding for health care policies.)

Now, McMahon was a big noise in Democratic donations going back to the 1990's, but in 2009, wonder of wonders, McMahon announced that she was running for the US Senate, as a REPUBLICAN!

To pave the way for her campaign, in April 2009, McMahon gave Connecticut's GOP State Central Committee $2,000, which certainly endeared her to the party leaders. (She later hired Cappiello as her campaign manager at an unheard of $300,000; and the wife of Connecticut's GOP state chairman to do her campaign communications at $125k!)

Then on August 4, 2009, just before the official announcement that she was running for the US Senate, McMahon made a donation to the National Republican Senatorial Committee for THIRTY-THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!

That in turn suddenly transformed Linda McMahon from a Democratic donor to a Republican donor as well as a US Senate candidate! That one massive donation, that was nowhere to be seen when Republican candidates in Connecticut really could have used it, gives McMahon the wiggle room to make the claim that she donates to the GOP as much as or even more than to the Democrats!

On an effectiveness scale, however, the Democrats come out way, way ahead. Her donation history, as far as the GOP is concerned, is akin to arriving at a house fire after the building is destroyed and spraying water on the cold embers for a few hours.

So there you have it. From the WWE to McMahon's pocket, to the Democratic PACs and candidates, to the US House of Representatives, to the just-passed health care travesty. Thank you Linda McMahon, may we please have another?

Oh wait, there is "another!" The Second Amendment! Are you an NRA supporter? Does the right to keep and bear arms mean something to you? Then take a look at how Connecticut's Democratic delegation, funded to a large degree by Linda McMahon, fares on the NRA ratings.

District 1: JOHN LARSON - F; District 2: JOE COURTNEY - D+; District 3: ROSA DeLAURO - F; District 4: JIM HIMES - ?; District 5; CHRIS MURPHY - D. Not a single grade over D+, and one question mark, which means the candidate "refused to answer the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire, often an indication of indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners' and sportsmen's rights." The section in quotes came straight from the NRA website.

To date, Linda McMahon has spent more than $6 million of her own money to buy the GOP nomination, with another reporting period ending soon. That has given her a temporary edge in the public opinion polls, but literally no movement against presumed Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal.

I say temporary because now that she is the GOP front-runner, we can expect the media to take a much closer look at her, what she stands for, and whether she really is the best Republican candidate in Connecticut. Stay tuned.