In case you missed it, there is a new You Tube commercial in Connecticut's US Senate race for the Republican nomination, produced by the Rob Simmons campaign, targeting his opponent, Linda McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment until she temporarily stepped aside to run her campaign.

After you watch it, I have a question for you.

World Wrestling Entertainment, The WWE, - better known as the McMahon family - is charged in many places far and wide with making hundreds of millions of dollars from the sacrifices, blood, and in some cases deaths of its employees, as shown in the video above.

Linda McMahon also was known as a big donor to Democratic candidates and causes until last year when she got into the Senate race, as a Republican, and ponied up more than $30,000 in one shot to the national Republican Senate committee so she could say she gives equally to both parties.

Now McMahon is handing out thousands of dollars in relatively small amounts to Republican Town Committees, claiming her political welfare payments are intended to help elect local Republican candidates.

Well, the municipal elections actually were LAST year, and her money usually came too late to help. The next municipal elections are in 2011, a year after the vote for a new US Senator and we'll just have to wait and see if Ms. McMahon will be shelling out money to local town committees for that election.

But even though I believe these $250 and $500 donations make the point that she thinks the local Republicans can be bought, and bought cheaply at that, some people are lapping up the money like a thirsty dog at the water dish. Some are even turning on Simmons, forgetting everything he did for them in years past and stabbing him in the back, presumably in hopes of getting a permanent spot on the McMahon welfare line.

I find this insulting. In my community McMahon donated $500 - last month - which comes to about thirty-three cents per registered Republican, or nearly fifteen dollars per member of the Republican Town Committee - if in fact wealth distribution was her intent.

In years past when I was a reporter covering the police beat in Hartford I often worked with the vice squad. Checking with some people who still have a working knowledge these matters, I was informed that in certain red light districts fifteen dollars will get you a wink and a nod from a streetwalker, but not much more. Which pretty much tells you what Linda McMahon thinks of my community and the Republicans who live here.

That then raises this question. Given what has happened to other, far better paid WWE employees in the past, what makes the people who are kissing up to McMahon think they will be treated any better if she can really buy this election? History repeats folks. And history in this case reflects a lot of people being crippled or dying after working for the McMahon's.

From that perspective, history doesn't look very good. But hey, at least the wrestlers got to live their fantasy lives for a few years before they died young, leaving children, families and debts. They did, didn't they? Maybe?

So maybe the people who are sooooo happy that McMahon tossed them a few bucks, like alms to a beggar, will have a few fantasy moments of their own before their political careers come crashing down to a premature, untimely end. Hope springs eternal.