The Obama Administration is pulling out all stops to pass, by hook or by crook, its takeover of the American medical insurance industry - under the heading of "health care reform."

The tactics now being employed, which forced the whore-like position switch by Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich earlier today, include wholesale disregard for the dictates of the US Constitution, a model document that has served our country for more than two centuries. This includes the so-called Slaughter Rule named for Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y, (a New York Democrat, what a surprise) who wants House members to vote on a procedure that will enable the Senate to pass the bill, without the House actually voting on its provisions.

Slaughter's Dean-like Scream?
Thanks AP.

So much for the US Constitution which requires that the House and Senate both pass legislation before it goes to the president. Under the Slaughter Rule the house would "deem" the bill passed without actually voting on it. Find the word "deem" in the Constitution regarding passage of legislation, would you please?

It's easy to see that Obama never served in the military, never actually "served" anywhere that he didn't get a fat paycheck for his "service." He obviously doesn't care one whit about the troops serving under him, nor how they will fare under his dictates. I mean this guy doesn't even know that Marine Corps and Corpsmen are pronounced CORE, not CORPSE!

These tactics have aroused the anger of the American public to a level that I have never seen in my lifetime, and are certain to seal the ouster of dozens of Democrat Congressmen in the elections this fall. But it is obvious that the Obama Administration and the Congressional Democrat leadership - Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate - could care less how many rank and file troops are killed off in the battle (figuratively speaking of course) as long as they get what they want.

Reid has already passed the thin ice threshold with voters in Nevada, and in fact is flailing around in frigid water as far as his re-election chances are concerned. Pelosi is hoping she can survive in her liberal California district and Obama is certain that the average American voter is so stupid that by 2012 when he is up for re-election we will have forgotten all about this. Which says far more about Obama than it does about the average American voter.

The Obama Administration's scorched earth tactics are reminiscent of communist attacks going all the way back to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. The Bolsheviks (communists) and numerous other political entities were united in overthrowing the autocracy run by the Romanov Czars. A major unifying factor was the Russian Army's estimated 8-10 million deaths in World War I fighting due to incompetent leadership.

But once the Czar was overthrown, the competing parties turned against each other and civil war broke out. Estimated deaths before the Bolshevik's ultimately prevailed? Another 10 million! But it wasn't an issue then because they got what they wanted.

Then we have Stalin murdering another 10 million Ukrainians in 1933 by sending the Soviet Army in to rob all their food at harvest time, causing starvation of Biblical proportions.

Then we have the Spanish Civil War where some 3,000 idealistic American communists went to Spain to fight on the side of their communist brethren and two-thirds of them became casualties - as usual due to inept leadership - but didn't achieve their stated goal.

Then we have World War II where the Russian Army was so poorly led and equipped that the communists suffered an estimated 24 million deaths with about 14 million occurring in the civilian population, including 1 million Jews, and the remainder in the military. That is 300 percent higher than German casualties in the same period.

In the Korean War the communist north and China combined lost an estimated six hundred thousand troops with about a quarter-million from the North Korean Army and the remainder from China. Another 1.5 million northern civilians were killed, in addition to nine hundred thousand civilians in the south when the North initially overran virtually the entire country.

In Vietnam, once again, the entirety of the the 70,000 Viet Cong guerrilla force was wiped out, and an estimated 1.5 million northern communist troops were killed, far in excess of the losses in the south. But as in Korea and Russia before that, the communist leaders hung on, regardless of the cost, as long as they got what they wanted in the end, and they personally weren't affected.

Has anyone else noticed that the Obama Administration and its propaganda arm, The American Terrorist Media, have stopped talking about casualties in the War on Terror now that a communist is in the White House? How did a communist get nominated anyway? Isn't communism illegal in the United States? If somehow it became politically acceptable, it certainly is time to make it illegal again, with accompanying punishment for its proponents.

We can start with Kucinich who claims he is now voting for a bill that he doesn't agree with - he said it doesn't go as far as he'd like but he will vote for it. He says that it should provide the groundwork "Hopefully for comprehensive health care reform." What a liar.

Even with Kucinich defecting, which isn't hard for someone like him, it is nowhere certain that this takeover of the medical insurance industry will succeed. No one even knows what is in this so-called bill, or even if there is one. And many people know it will not reduce costs, certainly not as much as they would come down if we could just shop across state lines for medical insurance like we do for homeowners and car insurance.

But Obama, Reid and Pelosi don't care what happens to their troops as long as they somehow hang on and they get what they want. What they want is total destruction of the United States of America as it now exists, and what is really funny is that they eventually will go down the tubes along with everyone else, even if they are successful.

Because while they think they are in charge they aren't. They are just the most visible of the "useful idiots," and once they are no longer useful, they will find themselves on the outside looking in too.

It would be a classic example of poetic justice if Pelosi, Reid and Obama were ousted by their superiors in the Comintern, and then had to face trial with the former legislators who lost their positions under these tools serving as the jury.

Yeah, I'd like to see that if this travesty passes. I'd like to see that anyway. I'll even volunteer for jury duty.