The unbeatable combination of a propaganda-based American media, Republican elitists who don't want a black man running for president under the GOP banner, and cross party help from Democrats supporting Barack Hussein Obama succeeded in lynching the presidential hopes of Herman Cain Saturday.

Considering that two of the most conservative Republican political pundits, Brit Hume and Bill Kristol, both of whom are employed by FOX News, were in on the assassination I feel it is only fair to nominate them to run for president in his place. It's not that I think they could do a good job as president; frankly I don't think either of them could find their own asses with both hands, a road map, a mirror and a flashlight.

But since they seem to believe it is appropriate to use their status as national journalists to misrepresent events and push their own agenda, I think it is only fair that we put them up on the dais and start taking a close look at their backgrounds. I bet we could find more pay dirt in less time than that clueless crew on the Discovery Channel's Gold Rush Alaska.

Cain, a black businessman who was the GOP frontrunner until his political enemies realized with horror that he could win the nomination and reform the current tax system that literally makes indentured servants out of America's workers, was forced to withdraw from the race after facing an onslaught of unsubstantiated sexual allegations from a series of women of questionable repute.

Although Cain was never charged with anything remotely resembling a crime (unlike former Democratic President Bill Clinton who has been accused of being a serial rapist) and flat-out denied the allegations, including offering to tax a lie detector test if his accusers would – they wouldn't – he nonetheless was convicted in the media. American media outlets without exception began the onslaught in late October by falsely reporting that four women had "come forth" with claims of sexual improprieties more than a decade ago when Cain headed the National Restaurant Association.

Actually, no one came forth initially. So to overcome the obvious bias in reporting, a Democratic operative from Chicago, Sharon Bialek – pronounced Buy A Lick – stepped into the limelight. However, although the media knew it, very few outlets reported that she was directly tied to Obama's former senior adviser David Axelrod – including living in the same apartment building and seeing him socially – when she made a media splash with Democratic lawyer Gloria Allred.

Bialek claimed Cain had groped her in an automobile in the late 1990's but her story didn't hold up and at the end of last week she was evicted from her hoity-toity apartment building. Good, now's she's homeless and we can only hope she spends the winter living in a box on a heating vent.

Bialek was followed by a very reluctant Karen Kraushaar who didn’t come forward herself but was outed by her brother-in-law. As it turns out, Ms. Kraushaar, like Cain's other accusers, has a history of financial difficulties and even other claims of sexual harassment, in which she attempted to force at least one previous boss in addition to Cain to make a generous settlement in her favor.

She in turn was followed by Ginger White, who was described in the Christian Science Monitor as speaking slowly and in a monotone when interviewed by Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos on national TV.

Know why? Because a private investigator who uses an advanced piece of machinery that operates on voice stress levels – and is considered to be 95 percent accurate, far better than traditional lie detectors – taped both Cain and Bialek during their respective press conferences in November. His machine showed that Cain told the truth when he denied Bialek's accusations and Bialek was shown to be lying!

Obviously White's handlers figured it was best to keep her totally under control and insufficient as a subject for a lie detection session. White, a 46-year-old unemployed single mother who has at last two divorces and a paternity suit (that did NOT involve Cain) in her background, was described by station WAGA as also having filed a sexual harassment claim against an employer ten years ago. That case was settled, the station reported.

White also is involved in an unrelated lawsuit with a former business partner, female bodybuilder Kimberly Vay, who sought a protective order against White after alleging that White stalked and harassed her. News reports say a judge entered a default judgment in Vay's favor in the case which is said to also include allegations of libel.

White says she had a 13-year sexual relationship with Cain that ended only about eight months ago when he declared that he was running for president. I see. And just how much sex did they supposedly have five years ago when Cain was battling two forms of cancer that both required aggressive chemotherapy that is pretty much the opposite of Viagra in the "let's do it a lot" department?

Can you imagine any of these women on the witness stand if they had to go to trial to air their claims against Cain in a court of law? They'd be laughed out of court if they even got that far. Jury members and even judges would probably have a hard time keeping a straight face.

Well, unless one of the jurors was Bill Kristol whose own history regarding black conservatives in politics gives a pretty good indication that he just might take the word of a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard over any black man!

Think not? Consider this. Kristol has a bunch of letters after his name, and he was indeed educated in Harvard, a bastion of conservative political thought and action (sarcasm implied and intended.)

But while he posits himself as a big time mover and shaker in the political arena, his only foray into elective politics was as was the campaign manager for Alan Keyes' 1988 Maryland Senatorial campaign. Keyes is a black conservative Republican with very strong libertarian leanings, so much so that he can probably be favorably compared to Ron Paul.

But all of Kristol's academic achievements were totally ineffective in the real world of bare knuckle politics and Keyes' campaign, run by Kristol was unsuccessful!
After failing in Keyes' campaign, Kristol's next big move in elective party politics was to lead the charge in throwing Michael Steele out as party chairman. Steele, who was the highly popular Lt. Governor of Maryland, is – you guessed it – a black conservative.

Some of the allegations against Steele were simply ludicrous. For instance he was held responsible for the charges on a GOP credit card used by an employee in California who took clients to a nudie bar. That's analogous to holding the Commandant of the Marine Corps who works in Washington, responsible for the actions of a Lance Corporal out on liberty in Oceanside, CA.

Kristol has a history of trying to straddle both sides of the political divide, including portraying himself as an arch-conservative while also writing for the New York Times. But Kristol developed a reputation for misquoting people at the Times and his one-year tenure there ended two years ago.

Now we have Herman Cain, or we did have Herman Cain another black, conservative Republican. His 9-9-9 tax reform plan is dead, the status quo inside the DC Beltway will stay put, and regardless of which candidate or party prevails in the 2012 presidential election, one-half of America's workers will still be carrying the rest of the country's burdens on our shoulders while smug pieces of elephant dung like Kristol pat themselves on the back.

Does all of this add up to proof that Kristol is racist? Not at all. It could all be just coincidental. But if you were to see this written up in the media and broadcast on every single national news outlet, what would you think – especially if any evidence to the contrary was not revealed, or contained in paragraph 30 of a 30-paragraph story?

There is one lesson that can be applied from what we have seen in the last four weeks. The next up and coming black conservative is retired US Army Lt. Col. Allen West who has a huge following in and out of the GOP. He was elected to Congress in Florida, and he certainly is eyeing the next step on the national stage.

If I were Lt. Col. West I would take one piece of advice from the Cain debacle; using the adage that says keep your friends close and your enemies closer, I would get as close as possible to Bill Kristol and others of his ilk, but always, always, watch your back.

Next up: What you don’t know about Brit Hume.