Whoopi Goldberg made a comment the other day on a television show where she is a regular commenter that "on paper" communism is a "great concept" that "makes perfect sense."

From a political standpoint it is obvious that the Obama Administration, which Ms. Goldberg supports and fund-raises for, is drawing away the curtain of semi-obscurity and openly admitting that communism is its driving philosophy.

Obviously Ms. Goldberg's comments were a trial balloon for the administration, designed to elicit a response that will show Obama just how much the American public cares about, or more important, knows about communism and his efforts to move our country to a communist form of government.

Now, to be fair to Ms. Goldberg, she added that once human beings become involved in the process communism doesn't work. Nonetheless, she thinks it is a great concept. I respectfully disagree with every fiber in my body.

I have seen communism up close and personal and it is a horrible idea that panders to the basest of human emotions – jealousy and envy to name two – while destroying human initiative, creativity and ultimately the human spirit. Its core premise - From each according to his ability, to each according to his need – comes down to the most productive people in society being forced to give up most of what they earn to support the least productive.

This in turn kills even the most miniscule germs of initiative because no matter how hard the smartest, quickest and most creative work, they never reap the true rewards of their efforts. Meanwhile, those who produce little to nothing and have little to no initiative or creative energy, have their needs provided for thanks to the efforts of the productive members of society.

Recently there was an example going around the Internet that I passed on to the college students I taught which applies here; if you think communism is so great, we'll just take all the As and all the Bs that have been earned by the hardest working students and give them to the students with Cs and Ds who spend their evenings drinking, taking drugs and playing Beer Pong.

Then everyone will have the same grades at graduation. Is that OK with you?

I'll tell you right now, even the D students knew damn well that it wasn't a good idea and that if it was enacted a college education would mean nothing. Oddly enough, there always were a few students in each class who gladly would have leeched off the efforts of their hard working classmates.

I like Whoopi Goldberg as an actress – I think she did a great job in the Burglar, Jumpin' Jack Flash and the Sister Act movies among others. But I never thought much of her standup routine because I found it to be needlessly crude and not funny, and I basically disagree with her political views.

But if she really thinks that communism is such a great concept "on paper" then let's apply it to her and others like her. I presume that Ms. Goldberg is a millionaire, probably a multi-, multi-millionaire, and we all know that she doesn't need that much to survive in America.

So how about if she gives us a comprehensive review of her income and expenditures for the last five years, and in a true communist society she would do it without hesitation or risk forced labor or death, and we'll come up with a realistic number for what she really needs.

We can then divvy up her accumulated wealth – starting with me so I can pay off my Christmas bills without needless worry – and then take a percentage of her future earnings, say 90 percent just for argument's sake, and distribute that to others who need it; for instance the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

It's unfortunate that education in America has declined to such a degree that a person like Ms. Goldberg can make such an uninformed statement and by extension influence the thinking of millions of lemmings who don't know better. Goldberg, who essentially is an entertainer, a job that by its very definition is not meant to produce, but rather take some of the drudgery out of life for the rest of us who work for a living, may be smart, but she also is being used – useful idiots is the phrase communist leaders have used to describe their sycophants.

Think for just a minute what human life would be like if communism was imposed on our species a hundred thousand years ago. We probably wouldn't be here.

Neanderthals died out because Neanderthals did things the same way every time because they had always done things that way. Cro Magnons survived because that species produced at least one being who was allowed to think independently, outside the box. Thus the species advanced.

Early man survived the last major Ice Age because he learned how to kill other mammals for food and use their skins for clothing. Somewhere, someone had the time and opportunity to think about the conditions that existed then – the founder I'd say of the discipline of philosophy – and decided after seeing an out of control forest fire that it might be nice to get a small slice of that heat and control it.

Later, while everyone else in the tribe was huddled around a campfire quivering in fear of the next attack by a saber-toothed tiger, one guy figured that if he could put a pointed end on a long stick he could inflict damage without getting hurt himself. Maybe the same guy or someone who was inspired by him figured out the sling, and then the bow and arrow.

Now tell me this; how many of our species would have survived if everything new had to be reviewed by a committee and approved of by a bureaucrat first? How many of us would be here if the tribe's apparatchik had to determine its viability every time a forward thinker had a new idea? Answer, none. Not one. No One. Nobody!

What Ms. Goldberg and her ilk tend to overlook, or dismiss, or deny, or simply don't know about is that in applying the basic concept of communism to society, people generally react negatively, just about as quickly as they discover that they have to give up stuff too. Do you live in a 1200-square-foot 1960s era single story ranch with a one-car garage?

Do you think that if communism prevails you'll get a 4,000 square foot McMansion on five acres? Think again. If you're lucky you'll stay right where you are; but you'll get a couple dozen homeless people moving in with you; from each according to your ability right?

Compared to a homeless person, anyone who has a house is a millionaire. Then again, I bet Whoopi – who reportedly has extensive real estate holdings – has a mansion or a "farm" somewhere that would hold hundreds and hundreds of homeless or jobless or just plain old folks who live in 50-year-old ranch-style dwellings.

Honest historians agree that the history of communism includes the slaughter of more than 100,000,000 people who disagreed with their masters. In fact, communism, which originally was touted as the perfect antidote for the European aristocracies that existed in the mid-1800s, turned out to be nothing more than a new form of totalitarianism that proved to be even more controlling and more brutal than the system it replaced.

In Southeast Asia, two years after the US Congress voted to abandon its ally, South Vietnam, a budding democracy, the North Vietnamese communists invaded and initiated a decade of butchery. Neighboring Cambodia fell to the Khmer Rouge who went on a rampage of slaughter as did the Laotian Pathet Lao, all in the name of communism.

An estimated 3 million people, roughly the population of the state of Connecticut were slaughtered in the mayhem. Slaughtered. Butchered. Tortured. Murdered. Which word do you prefer Ms. Goldberg?

Did you notice that Whoopi wears glasses? In 1976 Cambodia that would get her killed. She works in a city – ditto. She wears western clothes, same outcome.

Worldwide, proponents of communism have shown themselves to be unrepentant butchers who share a legacy of failed economic systems, and wholesale slaughter of anyone who thinks independently. And this Ms. Goldberg thinks is a "great concept."

Do you think Barbara Walters shares her point of view? I bet she's rich too. Or better yet, how about Oprah?