In the end it's all about voter suppression. People who do real polls, not the media generated propaganda that exists only to convince candidates to buy ad space, know that Donald Trump has been way ahead from the beginning.

So if you are backing Hillary Clinton and willing to throw the entire Constitution of the United States of America out the window to get her elected, how do you offset the albatross that she has had hanging around her neck for two decades? Not her own incompetence, vile and profane behavior, history of selling herself and her country to the lowest bidder or total disdain for the citizens she aims to rule.

No, none of that. Rather, the albatross that is her husband and his reputation as a serial sexual molester who left the White House in disgrace, impeached, disbarred, taking thousands of dollars worth of government property that he was forced to return, and leaving behind only his DNA on a blue dress proving forever that if he is breathing and his lips are moving he is lying.

Despite the media and the Democrat party perpetually proclaiming Bill Clinton to be a much-loved latter day Pied Piper who in reality takes private plane trips to secret places with known pedophiles, and yet supposedly attracts throngs of  truly ignorant donors, the voters know him to be who and what he really is. And we know that voting him and Hillary back into the White House would be suicide for the American Dream, the Constitution and all that was possible for more than two centuries.

So how do you offset this gaping negativity, this dark cloud that follows her everywhere she goes? How do you combat it, especially in the midst of the total failure of your most effective weapon, the fawning propagandists portraying themselves as journalists who scramble to move their cameras ever closer to the podium so as not to reveal what every one already knows, that where Trump attracts tens of thousands each day, she rarely attracts even tens of hundreds?

Easy. You create a work of fiction out of a decade old secret audio recording of Trump saying the kind of things about women that far too many men say in private to each other. You turn that one mistake into a lifetime of fabricated behavior, get your media tools to repeat it every hour of every day, and make it the lead headline of every news story every hour until the Big Lie becomes the only thing the public remembers and Trump is forced to respond, adding to the piling on.

And there you have it; a totally fabricated diversion to draw attention away from your albatross and in fact, make it his albatross. Not only does the public begin to question his qualifications for office, but your own inabilities across the spectrum of public service - your positions on the real issues facing the country - get lost in the shuffle.

No, he never said he forced his way on women and groped or kissed them against their will.

In fact he said the exact opposite; that women let him kiss them and grope them because he is a star and when you are a star you get to do that kind of thing. Have you ever seen or read interviews with the bouncers from Studio 54, that Manhattan nightclub famous for its patrons snorting enough cocaine to keep the country of Columbia solvent for decades? Have you read the accounts of what women were willing to do just to get in the door?

Have you ever looked into the demands made of rock band groupies whose highest aspiration is being included in the background of a rock video; and have you seen how many people thought nothing of destroying their own self-esteem just for a chance to be "seen?"

So I don't doubt that Donald Trump existed in a world that is foreign to most of us, but I do doubt the stories of his conveniently discovered accusers because frankly, he didn't have to force himself on anyone.

From the initial allegations of Jessica Leeds whose description of a first-class unsavory encounter in her airplane seat next to Trump in the 1980s doesn't match the actual interior of the plane she claimed they were in, to the outrage of flight attendants everywhere who say they never would have allowed such behavior, to the copy cats who sprouted lies like fungi in beds of manure in the days afterward, there has been an appalling absence of basic journalism across the American media spectrum.

From the standpoint of a 30-year veteran of the media, public relations, and media relations fields, with considerable work in crisis management behind me, I can point to one particular aspect of this sordid media generated and perpetrated mess that leads me to believe Trump, not his accusers.

Trump fessed up to his reprehensible commentary, told the country he was truly sorry and embarrassed for his long-ago behavior. He looked us in the eye, admitted what he did was not his best moment, was regrettable and apologized for long-ago trash talk.

But the neither the Times, a showpiece of yellow journalism with a long-time reputation for making errors that it refuses to correct, nor the rest of the American mainstream media, including FOX News, was content to let that rest, considering that he said it during a debate with Clinton in which he mopped the floor with her steel-like coiffure and showed the world the true difference between them. NO, the media went on a tear, bringing forth discredited accuser after discredited accuser, including copy cats, apers and bandwagon jumpers, not one of whom could prove even a smidgen of her claims against him.

But when the NY Times and other media outlets launched their tidal wave of attacks on Trump he stood up to them, looked them in the eye and said No Way Did This Happen. A client in trouble who doesn't obfuscate and avoid the issue, but instead tackles it head-on by flat-out denying it and demanding that his accusers show their proof is a PR man's dream.

Want to run your mouth and make vicious unsubstantiated claims? Then show up, stand up and let's see your proof! Oh, you don't have any? Well, like Louis XV once said, "Apres moi, le deluge." Here comes the rain baby.

Decades ago, while there still were real investigative reporters in this country, as opposed to media faces who report on investigations, there was a requirement that at least two credible sources back up any story of this nature; three was better.

Now it merely takes the word of anyone who is willing to prostitute themselves to the media for a few minutes of infamy, and a lifetime of dishonor and discredit. Not people who tell the accuser "You lie and I'll back you up," but people who witnessed the alleged incident were required for valid investigative pieces to make it to the public.

Unfortunately for Hillary and her media lackeys, there aren’t any. In fact, Trump has witnesses who say these incidents didn't happen, and they were there!

So what does the media do to hide its complicity and duplicity? It leads every story every hour with bogus "polls" showing that their exemplary "reporting" has awakened the public who now are deserting Trump and jumping on the Clinton bandwagon. This of course begs the question "Why?"

People who aren't voting for Clinton know exactly why they aren't and wouldn't vote for her regardless. If they were going to vote for someone other than Trump due to the media created controversies, it certainly wouldn't be her.

But there is one thing that all of these media polls have in common. Look in the print stories about the poll results and there will be a link taking you to the actual poll. And you will find that invariably they over-sample Democrats by as much as 10 percentage points, and grossly under-sample Independent voters.

So why wouldn't these "polls" show Clinton leading? Also, pollsters, who conduct these polls by "randomly" calling people on the phone and asking if they are registered and voting, can skew them simply by targeting certain area codes and local prefixes.

Both major political parties have extensive data on registered voters in every locality and they know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. So if you want an outcome that is favorable to Democrats, just target phone numbers in places where Democrats have the highest registrations, then call away until you have an acceptable number responding the way you want and voila!

You have created a false narrative, spoon fed it to a supposedly gullible public, spread it far and wide and have shown that it has indeed changed the minds of millions of likely voters. Except you haven't; you have made it appear to be so, but it isn't so. But now the candidates are scrambling to either make the most of it,  or fight back against it, and one way they do that is to use the media to spread their own message; and that means dollars.

I actually heard a FOX News contributor say the other day that the best thing Trump can do to offset these results is "buy TV ads!" Seriously.

So how can voters offset this unprecedented surge of yellow journalism? Vote. Get out and vote. Make sure your family members vote, your neighbors vote; in short if we want America back, we have to take it back here and now in massive numbers that will overwhelm the bogus polls and election fraud that is sure to come next. You have your marching orders.