Let's get it over with up front. I'm not watching tonight's debate.

I know who I'm voting for in November, there isn't even a minuscule chance that someone will say something tonight that will change my mind and I am absolutely certain I can find something better to watch if my evening is to be spent in front of a television.

I can also make some predictions that probably will come true. Tonight's moderator is CBS News’ Elaine Quijano, who the media refers to as a Filipino-American and an Asian-American even though she was born and raised in the United States. I didn't know until just now that people born in the Philippines are considered Asian, which I thought meant people of Oriental races. Sorry, I guess I'm not very informed.

The media says that she will clash with GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, because as the media also says, Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee is anti-immigrant. 

That of course is an outright lie and the mantra chanted by the Democrats, including the media, ever since Trump entered the race and promised to get illegal immigration under control.

The media refers to Quijano as a second-generation American, just like me, although no one has ever called me a Scottish-American and my relatives in Scotland don't think of me as Scottish either. Apparently that means we're supposed to hate Donald Trump and vote for Hillary Clinton which has about as much chance of happening in my house as a wax cat surviving a California wildfire.

Nonetheless, that appears to be the cover for Quijano to pull a Lester Holt on Pence and ask him a bunch of 'gotcha' questions and interrupt him while he tries to formulate a response. Of course he'll deserve anything he gets from the media since he doesn't want a bunch of unvetted Syrian refugees, some of whom are highly likely to be terrorists, dumped helter-skelter into Indiana where he is governor.

Regardless of how well Pence does tonight, the media tomorrow will say he lost. If he has no blunders and his Democrat opponent screws up from the opening question to the last, the media will still say Pence lost.

If his opponent can't say two words without tripping over his tongue, the media will say Pence lost. I, however, believe Pence will win because tomorrow I still will not vote for Hillary Clinton and I won't buy any products from the advertisers who back this blather. 

Did I tell you that I discovered an entire unwatched season of The Blacklist on Netflix last week? Go Reddington!