Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pitiful Jane Fonda: Still Irrelevant After All These Years

A friend and I were discussing which movies we like the best and for what reasons the other day and the discussion eventually worked its way around our favorite stars.

Since I am a Vietnam veteran, he eventually got around to asking me what I thought of Jane Fonda.

I replied that I don't think about Jane Fonda, and am barely aware that she even exists. In fact, she usually comes to mind only if someone sends out a new supply of those urinal targets that say Jane Fonda, Traitor, Whore, Bitch on them with her picture in the middle.

When he asked why I feel that way, I replied that she has done nothing of note, nothing original, nothing of lasting value in her entire life, and once she is gone she won't be remembered for anything except being a traitor.

This comment spurred my friend to retort, "Well, Oh yeah? She's an academy award winning actress, what do you think of that?"

I replied that the Academy Awards may have meant something on a professional level many decades ago, but in my lifetime they seem to have degenerated into a contest to see who will prostitute themselves the most for the privilege of claiming to be something they aren't.

He thought about this for a minute, and then responded, "Well, Oh yeah?" (We are Smothers Brothers fans, and his response was taken from one of their routines.)

I finally asked what she received an academy award for, since I didn't want him to go away angry. He replied, "Klute!"

I am not familiar with that movie, so I asked what kind of role she played.

He said, "A whore!"

I said, "I see."

We decided to let the subject go at that, and went on to unrelated topics such as whether art imitates life or life imitates art.

I had forgotten about our conversation until Saturday afternoon when another friend called to ask if I had seen Jane Fonda on the news, sabotaging and undermining our troops in Iraq, the way she sabotaged and undermined our troops in Vietnam a generation ago. When I said I hadn't, he asked why not, and my reply was similar to my reply a few days earlier.

"Because she is irrelevant, and is only trying to get some attention. Apparently her daddy didn't hug her enough when she was a child and she still has a desperate need for attention and approval."

"That," I added, "is why I never write about her. She went around college campuses in the 60s telling college kids how great communism is compared to capitalism, yet she spent a lifetime accumulating as much personal wealth as she could get her hands on, even though much of it was from her ex-husbands, and she hasn't seen fit to share it with the rest of us.

"She went to Vietnam to prop up the communists after they got their asses kicked by South Vietnam in the Easter invasion of 1972 and were considering surrender. She claims her visit was to protest the war, but it really was to reassure the communist north that their friends in the American Congress and the American media would help get them control of the south as long as they didn't surrender.

"Then she called the POWs liars when they came home and said they had been tortured by the communists. It took two decades for her to come up with a phony apology, but she has never admitted that her actions helped launch a holocaust that killed millions in Southeast Asia. She is a hypocrite and a traitor, she has nothing intelligent to add to the debate and it isn't fair to pick on the intellectually challenged."

Nonetheless, he asked if I would check out the news and report back on what I saw.

Okay, here it is. What I saw was irrelevance. A bunch of anti-American groups, some pro-communist, some pro-terrorist, some just anti-democracy and capitalism, got a relatively small group of like-minded lemmings to gather on the mall in Washington, D. C., in what can best be described as a mere shadow of the 60s anti-war movement. They used the exact same tired, worn, inaccurate, extremist rhetoric that was used back then, and ultimately did nothing more than get themselves some face time on the evening news, on a really, really slow news day.

In her speech to the group, Fonda claimed "We did not learn the lessons of the Vietnam War!"

To which I am forced to ask, is this moron for real?

I wrote two days ago about how her fellow communist sympathizer, John Kerry, chooses to ignore the terribly inconvenient deaths of four million residents of Southeast Asia after we left, all because of him, and her and their minions. Four million innocent men, women and children slaughtered because Fonda, Kerry and their racist friends were successful in convincing a majority of the US Congress to withdraw all aid and support for the South Vietnamese government.

The communists, reeling and on the edge of defeat, literally got a life-saving transfusion from Fonda and Friends, and the result was wholesale slaughter throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for the next decade. Entire communities were murdered, entire sections of Cambodia annihilated and the population vanished without a trace except for the millions of bodies dug up two decades later.

Killed why? Some worked for the government. Some listened to radios. Some had been educated in western countries. Some wore glasses. Many worked in offices or in non-physical labor. But not a word of protest from Fonda and Friends.

You know what this makes Kerry and Fonda don't you? Proponents of mass murder, of the type perpetrated by the likes of Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, and Hitler. And she has the nerve to demonstrate on the mall in Washington claiming to hold the moral high ground?

This leads astute observers of the international scene to ask, "Who do Fonda and Kerry think would be killed in the US if the communists took over?"

They'd probably start with mindless buffoons like Jane Fonda and stooges like John Kerry, who actually believe they would be allowed a place in the hierarchy of the new world communist order! Their only real chance for survival if the communists took over would be if the firing squad was laughing too hard at their gullibility to aim properly.

Who do they think would be killed in the US if the Islamo-fascist terrorists took over? They'd definitely start with mindless dupes like Jane Fonda. I guarantee she would object to the terrorists telling her, her daughter and her granddaughters to clothe themselves from head to foot in burlap, to stay in the house unless accompanied outside by an approved male escort, to quit work, and to quit school.

These are the people she wants to succeed on the world stage, and she would be one of their first American targets, because she not only is a woman, she is a woman with a mouth that spews uninformed, uneducated, illiterate tripe of the kind she used on Saturday. The Islamo-fascists don't like women very much, but women like Fonda are especially despised.

Speaking of Saturday, what disappointment she must have felt, knowing that the population of the United States has burgeoned to more than 300 million in the years since Vietnam, but her audience has shrunk to less than the crowd that still attends the average concert by the average 80s era heavy metal band. Early estimates on crowd size were 10,000 but then the news media gave the organizers a hand, and absent an official tally from the capital police they started claiming it was actually 100,000 - still exponentially short of the communists' glory days in the 60s. The Simon and Garfunkel reunion in Central Park did much better.

Does Fonda think for a minute that Democratic Presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama didn't notice the paucity of the turnout Saturday? Does she think for a minute that she will be seriously courted by any serious presidential contender, especially after our troops lambaste the terrorists and Iraq settles down?

There are nearly two years left until the next presidential election, and my money is on Iraq being a non-issue, except for Republican office seekers - not the turncoats currently in Congress, but the ones who supported our troops the whole way. I predict they will have a field day bringing up the spinelessness of Democrats and Republican turncoats who tried to sabotage our troops when they were in the field locked in battle.

Face it, Jane Fonda is a 69-year-old relic of a bygone day. She, and those she consorted with, are responsible for helping create the conditions that led to a holocaust that killed an estimated 4 million people. She considers that era to be the high point of her life and now is engaged in an effort to repeat that travesty in the Middle East.

After spending her life as an avowed communist, Fonda claimed to have 'found' Christianity about five years ago. But now she is back to the same pitiful activities that she was engaged in 40 years ago.

Earth to Jane. I don't know what Christian God you found, but the one I was raised with can spot a hypocrite from the other side of the universe, and doesn't allow them into heaven. Sorry Jane, you blew it on that count too - so to speak.

Fonda was gullible and pliable in the 60s, she is gullible and pliable now, has some terrible self-esteem and judgment issues and most important, won't be kindly remembered when she is gone. Any reputable news organization that writes her obituary is going to be honor and duty bound to report that she betrayed her country, and the armed forces, by providing aid and comfort to an enemy country, in person, when we were in a war to prevent the genocide that devastated Southeast Asia after we left.

She can say and do anything she wants from now until the day she dies, but the phrase "was considered a traitor" still is going to be in her obituary. Long after she is gone, and those who helped her or used her are gone, the history books will look back on this era, and if they mention her at all, will refer to her the same way modern history books look at Benedict Arnold.

When Americans in the 22nd century want to learn about the war in Vietnam and the War on Terror, if they look up Jane Fonda, it will come under the heading "traitor."

Other than that, she was, is, and will be irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

Ron: You hit it right on. Of course the antics of JF are still disturbing to our men and women in uniform, she undermines their mission to protect us, and the media she generates is a slap in their faces and that of their families. Thanks for the memories!

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