Friday, January 26, 2007

John Kerry: A Liar and Racist Then; Buffoon and Racist Now

About the only thing that Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry has said in the past 40 years that I agree with is his decision this week to bow out of the 2008 presidential race.

Good. Although I might have enjoyed seeing him humiliated, by his own party no less.

But hidden in the news clips of his announcement that he wasn't running was another Kerry quote, this time in a Senate hearing on a resolution condemning the war in Iraq, in which he resurrected his infamous 1970 denunciation of American forces in Vietnam; "Who wants to be the last man to die for a mistake!"

That little quip of Kerry's has been a sound bite for decades, but the World Terrorist Media - WTM - and its local affiliate the American Terrorist Media - ATM - never play it along with scenes of the carnage that ensued after the United States abandoned our ally in South Vietnam. Members of the WTM and ATM have built careers around the concept that the US was beaten militarily in Vietnam, even though the facts showed otherwise.

For the record, and for new readers, the US won every single major engagement in the entire war, took 58,000 losses (killed) while killing an estimated 1.4 million communists. The North was on the verge of surrendering to the US in 1969 until political missteps squandered that opportunity, and the communist army was demolished by South Vietnamese forces backed by US air power in the Easter invasion of 1972. That opportunity was squandered by US negotiators at the Paris Peace Accords. Why? We still don't know and probably never will. Only Henry Kissinger who accepted the Ignoble Peace Prize for heading those negotiations really knows for sure and he has never confessed.

But when the South fell in 1975 and communist forces went on a rampage of murder, rape, pillage and genocide, Kerry and his cohorts tried to make it appear that somehow it was all the fault of the United States. They even went so far as to say that by standing up to communism and fighting to stop its expansion, WE caused the wars that the communists were waging on every inhabited continent.

When the Khmer Rouge, the communists in Cambodia, were running the tally of the murdered up to 3 million or so, roughly half of the entire population of that country at the time, the WTM turned a blind eye and tried to make believe it didn't happen. When that didn't work the strategy was to downplay the numbers of people slaughtered, and then attack the victims, giving the impression that 3 million murder victims caused their own demise by supporting the despised capitalistic system.

That approach also was used to explain the one million boat people who fled the carnage and concentration camps in South Vietnam.

The real mistakes that were made in the Vietnam era included not jailing for treason the journalists, (especially CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite, a communist sympathizer and puppet), who deliberately lied about or distorted the successes of not only the American military, but the South Vietnamese too. The real mistakes of Vietnam included letting craven cowards and liars like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and the late Senator Frank Church, co-author of the Case-Church resolution that cut off all economic and military aid to South Vietnam, push their agenda to success, sealing the fate of millions of Southeast Asians.

When Kerry makes the claim that the last person to "die for a mistake" in Vietnam was an American serviceman, he exposes his own latent racism, by not only discounting, but completely ignoring the deaths of some 4 million Asians, Orientals for the unaware, as insignificant and not worthy of mention.

And now he wants to do the same thing in Iraq. The comments that came out of that Senate hearing on the resolution the Democrats are pushing to sabotage the war effort in Iraq are sickening. How can these people who deliberately created the conditions that led to a Holocaust in Southeast Asia a generation ago, once again set the conditions that will lead to a Holocaust in the Middle East?

The Senate Democrats and their Republican turncoat supporters are deliberately sabotaging the troops, and hoping to end the new strategy before it begins. This is not a SURGE by the way, as it has been widely portrayed.

This is an OFFENSIVE! And good for us for doing it!

It is good to see that Kerry won't be out on the national stump for the next two years, and I am especially grateful that the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth won't have to gear up again. Those gentlemen, heroes one and all, took a horrible pounding in the 2004 election campaign, for the horrendous crime of telling the truth about Kerry. Many of them were even sued personally for speaking out, which has been all but ignored by the WTM and ATM since it doesn't speak well for either Kerry or the Democrats to sue people for exercising the First Amendment.

They won't have to go through that again and I am happy for them.

Maybe if the US is truly fortunate the citizens of Massachusetts will take a new look at Kerry and send a better person to the Senate next time around.

In the meantime, Congress doesn't have the votes or the power to cut the legs out from under our troops, other than in the morale department. I believe our guys are going to smack the daylights out of the terrorists in Iraq in such a major way that by the time the Democrats and their turncoat Republican supporters stop talking to take a breath, we will have emerged from this offensive victorious.

And you can take that to the bank.


Outstanding post, Ron. The vilification of the Swiftvets by the MSM is something that defies explanation. Once the campaign was over, Tim Russert had no problem interrogating Kerry with the tough questions that no one asked during. At one point in our history, journalists were interested in the truth. Somewhere along the way, the MSM became disinterested in anything other than an agenda of defeat, socialism, and anti-Americanism.

p.s., Consider this a manual trackback.

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