President George W. Bush has not formally revealed the overview of his revised plan for victory in Iraq yet, and won't until the middle of next week, but Democrats in Congress already are bouncing off the walls with denunciations and declarations that they intend to cut off funding and end our military efforts there.

I would remind the Congress Run Amok that the last time they did that was through the Church-Case Amendment back in the early 70s which cut off funding to South Vietnam even as that country showed it was capable of standing up to the Communist north as long as we stood by them. As a result the communists overran South Vietnam, enslaving hundreds of thousands in concentration camps, an estimated 60,000 of whom died, creating the mass exodus of one million 'Boat People,' an estimated 300,000 of whom died, and the deaths of some three million Cambodians and Laotians at the hands of the communists.

For the past 30 years these Congressional losers and their allies in the American Terrorist Media have slavishly stuck to their dogmatic view of world events to make it appear that Vietnam was lost militarily due to the ignorance and incompetence of the Americans who fought there. Nothing could have been further from the truth, and unfortunately, many of the very people who were directly responsible for creating the conditions that led to so many deaths are still in the Congress and still preaching the same lies.

This media generation's version of the Big Lie is that Weapons of Mass Destruction constituted the primary, and as far as they are concerned, only reason why we invaded Iraq. Although evidence abounds that the defeated Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters who were fleeing Afghanistan were relocating and reforming in Iraq to continue their attacks against us, the ATM and the Democratic Party refused to acknowledge the truth, preferring to lie to the public and push their agenda of total withdrawal.

A generation ago that agenda led directly to the slaughter of millions of innocent people. This time around, it is safe to conclude that a similar policy will not only lead to the deaths of untold numbers of Iraqis, but also will directly lead to more attacks on American soil and more American dead as the terrorists once again are emboldened by the spinelessness of our government. The Democrats and the ATM apparently have a secret plan to keep their heads on their necks while the rest of us lose ours should the terrorists win.

There are those in and out of Congress who have grave reservations about the president's new plan. This is supposed to be a democracy where all points of view have a right to be heard, and we would do ourselves a favor by listening to them.

One of the arguments is that more troops only create more targets. I would have more faith in this argument if John Kerry wasn't one of its most vocal proponents. That aside, however, I believe that the main issue that should concern us prior to any increase in troop strength is the mission of these additional troops.

If there is a clear and attainable military objective, and the president and his military advisors can articulate this objective and how the extra troops will help attain it, then he and they deserve the opportunity. I will be listening very closely when the president addresses the nation next week to hear just what that objective will be.

I don't expect the president to tell us exactly what is going to transpire because that obviously will alert the terrorists and others in Iraq who are perpetrating the violence. But there should nonetheless be a clear overview, a discernable goal that our troops can define and attain. And when they have done so, we should be able to turn a secure area over to the Iraqi armed forces, police and government.

Until then, this berserk behavior in Washington is just plain nuts. We were hearing all through the recent election cycle that the Democrats really didn't want to just leave Iraq, that they wanted to finish the job, secure the country and then leave with a victory under our belts. Their claim was that Bush didn't know how to get the job done, but they did.

Well, all I see down in D.C. now is a bunch of Chicken Little's running around screaming "The sky is falling, get out get out!" What, more lies??


One other thing. In Vietnam the media continually and inaccurately discounted the American military's estimates of numbers of communists killed, often because we didn't produce piles of bodies. Of course, looking back, we now know that if we had produced mountains of bodies the media would just have claimed that we were ghoulish, but that is 20/20 hindsight.

The media skeptics refused to acknowledge that when a 500-pound or 1000-pound bomb or artillery shell lands on a group of enemy troops many are vaporized and there simply is nothing left to display, or bury for that matter. In the end, however, the communists revealed that they had lost more than 1 million troops to our 58,000 and that every single major engagement with us, not to mention their disastrous Eastertide invasion of 1972 when the south wiped out more than half the invading communists, resulted in a total victory for us and a devastating defeat for them.

I say this because I have been writing for some time now about the lack of viable evidence from Iraq on the successes of our troops. I saw a news article some time back that the commanders in Iraq didn't want to release estimates on the number of terrorists we were killing because they didn't want to end up in a Vietnam-like argument with the media every week.

Well, screw the media. They were wrong, inaccurate, full of it, and playing out their own agendas in Vietnam. Walter Cronkite flat out lied in the aftermath of the Tet Offensive of 1968 when he told the American public the war was unwinnable after the communists had been soundly defeated.

Don't let that same approach deny the American public their right to hear how our troops are doing. If we get daily casualty counts on our losses, we should also be getting daily casualty counts on enemy losses.

Sooner or later the word will get around that signing up with Al Qaeda and the Taliban is a one-way ticket to a death sentence. Potential terrorist recruits should hear the facts as well as Americans.