I'm going to take a bit of a detour from my usual writing today, to get to the heart of an issue that has been foremost on my readers' minds.

First, let me explain a bit about writing a blog from my point of view. I have been a writer and commentator for more than 30 years, and in the past have written columns in the so-called mainstream media on political and military matters, as well as a column on outdoor activities in New England.

In that world I was limited by space, someone else's deadlines, and to a degree the opinions and priorities of various editors and publishers. In the world of blogging, however, I am on a self-imposed deadline, and the subject matter is limited only by what interests me at the moment.

A friend told me the other day that although she also is an accomplished writer, she has never tackled a blog because she doesn't have the ego for it. That is a valid observation.

I can say with honesty that the part of daily journalism that I miss the most is having some input on the issues of the day. I like to talk, to debate, to discuss and to write. I have deeply held beliefs about our country, our alliance with Israel, treatment of the military and our veterans, all of which I address here.

But, from a strictly business perspective, the primary reason why I write this column is to draw readers to my website with the expressed intent of convincing them to buy my books.

If you like what you read here, you may well want to see what Masters of the Art, A Fighting Marine's Memoir of Vietnam is all about. Soon, there will be two more books to choose from, one that is finished and is being compiled, another that is in the final writing stages.

Nonetheless, I do have just enough ego to believe that what I write here has some validity and if read by the right people and passed on to others, may just have a tiny bit of impact on the national and world stage. Maybe.

I have a biography on my website www.RonaldWinterbooks.com for readers to peruse that also accompanies news releases about my book and other activities, but it is only a partial biography. It doesn't tell you that I was the son of a Scottish immigrant father, and second-generation Irish immigrant mother; working-class people who maxed out at high school for formal education but had street smarts beyond compare. It doesn't tell you that I was the first in my immediate family to graduate from four years of college. And it doesn't tell you that long before I was a journalist, a college professor, or even a Marine, I fought far more than my share of street battles as a teenager growing up just outside Troy, New York.

My official bio doesn't tell you that throughout my entire elementary and secondary school education I was the youngest and one of the smallest students in my class, because my mother placed me in kindergarten when I was four instead of waiting until I was five. I also did well in most school subjects, which pretty much guaranteed that I would have to fight for security, status, and pride throughout most of my formative years

This all matters in the opinions I voice in this column because in my view of the world scene, countries like Iran, Syria and even China view themselves as underdogs fighting against the bully United States. Therefore I have a unique understanding of their motivations, just as I understand Al Qaeda, the Taliban and similar terrorist organizations. Long ago I had a very good handle on the mindset of street fighters, both what makes them tick, and what they use for tactics, and the guys we are up against are street fighters of the first order.

Now, why on earth did I tell you all this and what does it have to do with Juliet Huddy? This.

Back in early December I wrote a column on the subject of diversions, and how the communists are using the War on Terror to their advantage to keep the US focused on what the terrorists are doing, while they advance their agendas. In the second part of that column I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article chiding Fox News because Juliet Huddy was no longer co-host of the "Dayside" show at 1 p.m. She and Dayside co-host Mike Jerrick who also had been on the weekend edition of "FOX & Friends," just disappeared from the network, and my son asked me what had happened to them.

So I put it in the second part of my column, and offered to pay a ransom to bring her back. (No offense Mike, I like you too, but Juliet ... well, you know.)

Anyway, the Google search engine people offer a service to bloggers whereby they let you know how many people are reading your blog every day, and what subject areas are drawing the most people.

So, after dozens upon dozens columns on national and international politics and military issues, the consistent number one draw to this blog site is ... Juliet Huddy. So much for my background and input. So much for my ego.

Wow! I mean, people really like her and want to read about her.

This blog is by no means a main-stream must-read, not by the media and not even by other bloggers. But if you do a Google search on Juliet Huddy, thousands of entries come up, and somewhere in the first three or four pages, you'll find a reference to this blog!

Holy moly! I'm in the wrong business! I should start a new "official" Juliet Huddy fan club! I should write about Juliet Huddy every single day of my life.

And if for any reason I find that interest in Juliet drops off, I can start mentioning other celebrities.

I have mentioned President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney previously. I have talked about my admiration for Charles Krauthammer. But I should add others to that list. Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke and Mary Matalin for instance. I have yet to say anything about Barack Obama, although I have mentioned Bill and Hillary Clinton.

But let's go for some big time name recognition. How about Beyonce, Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, her clone Brittany Spears, American Idol contestants, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, Ice-T, and Fifty Cent? Let's talk about Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Chris Sparks, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton. Help me out here. Who is the hottest celebrity out there right now?

24. I'll do a regular column on both Juliet Huddy and 24. Every time I post it will have a reference to Keifer Sutherland, Jack Bauer, and the ongoing story line on 24. I have the previous seasons on DVD, so I will be an absolute fountain of information and opinion on 24. I can throw in a few references to Donald Sutherland just in case, as well as Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Robert DiNiro, Robert Duval and Michael Caine. And don't forget Kevin Costner.

Elvis! I'll write about Elvis! And Frank Sinatra! The Chairman of the Board. Wow!

Want to sell books? Get some second-hand attention from the celebrity world. Can't get an appearance on Fox News to discuss things you have expertise in? Hell, get an unintended endorsement from Barbara Streisand or Danny Glover.

Did you notice that I have never written about Cindy Sheehan? I have a reason. But it no longer is valid. Every time I want to increase interest in this site, up will pop Cindy, and the Rev. Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.

Did I mention Rush Limbaugh?

Ok, I've been playing. But the way this works out on Google's analysis program is going to be very interesting.

See you next time, when I give you the inside dish on Jessica Simpson.

Oh, wait. Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick! They are back on FOX with a new show tomorrow, Monday, Jan. 22, 2007. Check your local listings for time and station. (Do you think Juliet will send me an autographed picture?)