Saturday, June 09, 2007

An Entirely Plausible Hypothetical Calamity. Is Red China Planning to Invade Taiwan?

If you look at the insane world that is the United States Congress in a sliver of a time frame, you might conclude that our top governing body has gone totally berserk, and that the nation is in an unprecedented period of decline.

In truth, Congress has pretty much always been out of control, going all the way back to its earliest days. Even before the Declaration of Independence there was manipulating, disagreeing, spying and back stabbing. There have been fist fights, duels, bribe giving, bribe taking, and even secessions.

The biggest differences between then and now are that the amount of money available to buy off the average available Congressman has grown to a point where it has to be transported around in truckloads, (or stored in freezers) and the top of the line madams (a nice way of saying female pimps for a bevy of really good looking prostitutes) keep their lists of well known clients in an electronic database instead of in a separate set of books hidden in the wall behind a picture.

But the really big news these days is not that Congress is contentious, but that so much of this seemingly directionless bickering is aimed at helping out the world communist movement. That most ineffective, and most brutal of all the forms of government ever attempted by man is once again trying to work its way back into a position of dominance, with Red China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Venezuela joining forces to bring back their glory days of deprivation and wholesale human slaughter.

Now, just as in the early 70s when America's military, and then South Vietnam's military, won the Vietnam War, only to be sabotaged by Henry Kissinger and his pro-communist allies in the Congress, our military is again winning all the battles against a desperate enemy while some of the very same people who brought about the fall of South Vietnam are again working to undo all the military is accomplishing in the War on Terror.

The reason? If the United States and its allies are weakened due to extended war with the Islamo-fascists, (who are being propped up and rearmed by the communists) and America's citizens are totally fed up with the incessant pissing matches in Congress, it will be much easier to infiltrate the U.S. both politically and physically. Creeping communist takeover here we come!

Now, as in the 70s, (and the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s too) the American media not only has been co-opted, in many cases it is a willing partner to those who are working for the downfall of democracy.

Before going any further I should say that I realize that not every Congressman, Senator, aide, lobbyist, operative or financial backer who is part of this circus is a communist. Some have other political philosophies, but have formed a coalition of sorts with the pro-communists - that would be Kissinger, Kerry and Kennedy for starters - in hopes of advancing their own agendas and ultimately prevailing.

Yeah, lots of luck on that one. I have to wonder if any of these dreamers have ever looked closely at the tally on humans slaughtered worldwide by communist regimes since 1917. Try in excess of 100 million for a ballpark figure!

When we aren't preoccupied with Congressional sex or bribery scandals, we can just turn on the TV to see the latest waste-of-time Congressional hearing on the latest attempt to discredit and run off some George Bush appointee or cabinet member. Few of these hearings go anywhere, although occasionally someone like Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former chief of staff to the vice president, has his life turned upside down and destroyed in the process.

But the big fish get away, because it takes a lot more to sink a president than what is available to the average vulnerable Congressional committee chair, even if he does hold hearing after hearing. But that is the point here. These hearings aren't really intended to nail anyone, they are intended as a distraction, and if occasionally some hapless public servant gets the shaft, well so much the better.

No, these hearings, along with the non-stop media fascination with the latest antics of the latest sleaze bag, drunk, doped up, brain fried celebrity, are all intended to keep us looking the other way. Meanwhile, thanks to the Clinton Administration, which legalized the sale of advanced electronic rocket guidance circuitry to the Red Chinese by reclassifying it as video game circuitry, the Red Chinese have built a highly advanced ballistic arsenal.

Their spies also were successful in obtaining the secrets to our stealth and sonar technology, and proved this last year by sneaking one of their subs right inside an American Navy task force without being detected. Then they 'painted' one of our communications satellites with a laser beam, and followed that up by destroying one of their own obsolete weather satellites with a rocket, just to show us they could do it.

The Red Chinese also have been building their navy and ground forces for several decades now. The question now becomes, to what end?

Well, for starters you can say world domination. That was always the goal of communism and just because the conditions that spawned the communist movement in the 1800s no longer exist for the most part, that is no reason to halt a perfectly good plan to take over the planet.

But that is a long term goal, and you don't get all this aggressive about something that far off in the future. Which means we need to look at possible short term goals that require neutralizing the free world's armed forces while at the same time applying massive amounts of manpower and armaments against potential opponents.

Where would all that come together? My first best guess is Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa. Taiwan, for those who may not have been paying attention the last few decades, was the last refuge of the Nationalist Chinese, who fled there in 1949 after losing a civil war to Chinese communists led by Mao Tse Tung, the all-time number one, mass murderer in all of human history.

Since America is a democracy, and since communism is the antithesis of democracy, we were the Nationalist Chinese government's most stalwart ally until the presidency of james earl carter, who stiffed the Nationalists on December 15, 1978. On that day carter terminated our relations with Taiwan and recognized Communist (Red) China, the most murderous regime in the history of the world, after Congress had adjourned for Christmas, shoving aside a Senate resolution that it should be consulted before any change in our previous treaty with Taiwan.

Taiwan lies about 100 miles off the coast of mainland Red China, but it also has control over some islands in the Taiwan Strait (formerly the Formosa Strait) including Quemoy and Matsu. In the 50s and 60s frustrated Red Chinese communists regularly shelled Quemoy and Matsu in retaliation for their refusal to capitulate to the teachings of Mao.

Although the coastal islands were regularly shelled, Taiwan itself was out of artillery range. That was then. Now it is easily within rocket range.

Taiwan also seems to be a major psychological sticking point for the Red Chinese. From a western standpoint, a relatively small island group, with a relatively small percentage of the Chinese population living there, shouldn't seem like such a big deal. But the Red Chinese are the people who fired a bunch of newspaper editors within the last week for inadvertently letting a minuscule classified ad get past them. It was printed in only one paper and had only one date on it - that being the Tiananmen Square massacre 18 years ago.

The ad didn't mention the massacre where the Red Chinese (people's) Army slaughtered thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators. That would have been too blatant. It just had the date, June 5, 1989.

So figure, these guys are so thin-skinned that even though they pride themselves on their ability to bring more than a billion people under their control through the wanton slaughter of any and all who disagree with them, they really don't like anyone talking about it. If someone talks about it, the Red Chinese leaders lose face, and you don't want your average Red Chinese leader losing face. Lots of people die that way.

But, in Taiwan, where democracy is the rule of law, they talk about it. Obviously, this will not do, at least from the Red Chinese leadership point of view.

There has been a ton of saber rattling over Taiwan from the Red Chinese for decades now, but I sense that something is in the wind, and that something could well be an invasion of Taiwan.

There is one major obstacle to an all out invasion and takeover of Taiwan, however, that being the 100 miles of open water in the Taiwan Strait. It is a formidable obstacle. Not impossible, mind you, just formidable.

The Red Chinese, with something like 1.4 billion people to draw upon, can easily field a ground force of 1 million troops or more. The issue is getting them over to Taiwan to fight the Nationalists.

The two most likely methods would be by landing boats, and by large troop-carrying aircraft. But both methods have severe vulnerabilities. Guided missiles and anti-aircraft fire from the ground, in addition to torpedoes from both surface craft and submarines, as well as fighter aircraft from both the Taiwanese and U.S. armed forces would play havoc with such an invasion force.

But what if, considering the Red Chinese advances in targeting and guidance systems, they convinced that air-headed nut case in North Korea, Kim Jong Ill, to launch one of his so-so rockets with a mid-yield nuclear warhead attached. Suppose that rather than aim it at a populated area, he shoots it up over the Taiwan Strait, and it explodes, say five miles up in the air.

Yes there would be human devastation, on a limited scale according to the Red Chinese way of looking at things, but more importantly, the electronic surge from such a blast would fry all the guidance circuitry and radar in use by the Taiwanese defense forces, and ours too if we were in the area.

If you combined that with a couple of rocket shots at US communications satellites needed by American forces to guide virtually all of our weapons systems, you suddenly have a very naked and very vulnerable target.

Suddenly, thousands of landing craft filled with Red Chinese soldiers, and thousands of military and commercial transport aircraft also filled with thousands of Red Chinese soldiers can descend on Taiwan, and the island is in for a blood bath. There still would be fighting, and it would be brutal, but mainland China has an endless supply of manpower, and no qualms about using it regardless of the casualty levels.

In the communist view of the world, if they start a war, and in the war every single person on earth dies, except one, and that one is a communist, they win. Seriously, that's the way they think. I honestly don't know if these butchers killed more innocent civilians or more of their own troops in their unending quest for domination.

If the Red Chinese send a million-man invasion force to Taiwan, and 70 percent never make it across the strait, they still have 300,000 fighters on the ground. That is a massive army, twice the number that we currently have in Iraq, and once it gets a foothold, it opens the door for nonstop reinforcements.

Regarding our response, let's face it, if the Red Chinese could take out U.S. communications and targeting capabilities, their allies in the U.S. Congress would throw in the towel in a heartbeat. We claim to be a world power, but we have a real soft spot in Congress. Taiwan would find itself fighting alone while America sat around debating what to do, or whether to do anything.

So what do we do to protect ourselves and our allies in Taiwan from such a scenario? I suggest the same thing that guerrilla fighters and terrorists do when they are overpowered by our technology. We go back to basics.

Long before radar, and global positioning systems and satellites, the United States and other armies and navies in the world had some really, really good artillery and naval gun crews. They relied on experience, dead-reckoning, Kentucky windage, and good eyes.

They got the job done without all the gee-whiz technology. It wasn't pretty, and casualties were higher, but they won, time after time.

If I was in a leadership position in Taiwan I would make sure that my coastal defenses had a plan B, which would be to return to use of artillery and anti-aircraft batteries that work with or without electronic guidance systems. I would train all my gunners to be just as proficient at old-fashioned point and fire shooting, as they are at the newer electronic methodology.

Then I would take a close look at my island and decide where the Red Chinese would most likely land, and where they would least likely land. Then I would build up the defenses in both places equally, and place quick response defense teams in close proximity to both.

Remember, the Allied D-Day invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 worked because the Germans got complacent and arrogant. They figured the invasion would land at Calais because it was closest to England.

Then they figured bad weather would postpone any military activity so their best commanders were no where to be found when the invasion fleet appeared off the coast of Normandy, not Calais, on a stormy day. The fighting was vicious nonetheless, and well into the morning of June 6 the issue was in doubt for the allied troops.

But the German defenses broke when Navy gunners sailed right up to point blank range and started blasting the German guns - using dead reckoning and Kentucky windage.

I recommend we prepare for the worst, and prepare for the unexpected. I figure I am not the only person to come up with this scenario, nor the first. Once again, I would much rather be wrong than right about this, but something is in the wind.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the use of stealth technology. Since they already have the secrets and can detect, they certainly can replicate. So instead of a nuclear attack they could just send a couple of stealth planes overhead and wipe out their enemy without being detected.

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