Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why Does (Ras) Putin Fear a DEFENSIVE Missile System

Russia's Premier Vladimir Putin, known in this column as RasPutin, is running his mouth at President George Bush, because Bush is working with some eastern European countries - Poland and the Czech Republic - to install defensive missile systems that could intercept missiles fired from the Middle East toward Europe.

The United State says the shield targets potential Iranian nuclear weapons, not Russian nuclear weapons. Russia says that's an "insufficient" explanation, and RasPutin has warned that a new shield could require Russia to re-target missiles toward Europe or take other buildup measures.

What? Why?

Where exactly does Russia even come into this equation? I'm asking this from a common sense perspective, not a diplomatic perspective. Why would one or two countries taking measures to defend themselves from a third country have any impact whatsoever on Russia, and why would that require RasPutin to target them with his nukes too?

We have an ongoing and escalating situation in Iran where the nutcase running that country, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, better known here as Green Bean Almondine, is working like, well like a madman, to develop a nuclear weapons system, so he can further export his version of the Islamic religion with some real muscle backing it, and Europe is one of his main targets, after Israel.

News reports on the proposed missile defense system say that "Russian suspicions were roused earlier this year when the U.S. chose the Czech Republic and Poland as the missile defense sites. Putin spokesman Dmitri Peskov promised 'uncomfortable consequences' if the shield is deployed 'next to our borders' without more acceptable explanations from the United States.

But, he added: 'Russia is the last country in this world who is thinking about confrontation or starting another Cold War.'

OK, then, just what is our favorite little commie in the whole wide world thinking about? Why would he give even so much as a minute's thought to a couple of independent countries doing what they can to protect themselves, and possibly their neighbors to the west, from missiles fired by a madman bent on world domination.

You would think that with Russia's history of wiping out all forms of organized religion during the unfortunate 70-year-plus period known as communist domination, that RasPutin wouldn't be much of a supporter of people who want to use their religion to dominate everyone, including him. You'd think that he'd want to do everything in his power to wipe the Islamo-fascists right off the face of the earth, and if he was going to re-target his missiles anywhere, he'd be thinking of Tehran first, not Warsaw.

Unless, as has been posited on this site numerous times, Russia and China are still holding out hope for a resurgence of communism, and hoping that an all-out war between Muslims, Christians and Jews will so weaken all three, and so completely turn off the majority of the world's population to religion in general, that communism will seem like a good idea. Possible?

Under that scenario, China and Russia would support the Islamo-fascists with both arms and diplomatic assistance, create multiple fronts for the US and its dwindling supply of allies to weaken America's ability to fight an even more expansive war, and simultaneously build up their own arsenals to be ready to hit whoever is left standing after the Muslims, Christians and Jews are done fighting.

So, China and Russia are supporting the Islamo-fascists with both arms and diplomatic assistance, they are helping create multiple fronts (including, and perhaps especially right inside the US Congress) for the US and its dwindling supply of allies to weaken our ability to fight an even more expansive war, and have you seen what they are doing to build their own military forces in the last few years? Wow!

Seems more than just possible or feasible doesn't it? Seems likely doesn't it?

George Bush was scheduled to meet with RasPutin at the G8 summit in Germany today to discuss this issue. We can only hope that Bush sees through this diversion for what it is, and uses whatever means he has at his disposal to defuse it. It isn't just the fate of the free world that hangs in the balance here, the fate of the whole world hangs in the balance.


Anonymous said...

I say let Mother Russia enter into an arms race with us. Regan sent them packing in 10 years. Russia's economy is still weak compared to ours.

In the words of the UFC....Let's get it on!

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