Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hamas Crushing Fatah in Gaza Fighting; Is Paris Hilton Ahmadinejad's Decoy?

It's probably be safe to suggest that most Americans are aware that factions within the Palestinian organization are fighting each other somewhere 'over there,' but beyond that they probably don't know and care even less what this means for Israel and the wider western world.

Basically, Hamas, the more aggressive of the two sects, is kicking the hell out of Fatah, which ruled for a long time but now is not doing so well. For the time being this is only in the Gaza Strip. Fatah is still controlling the West Bank, but who can say how long that will last.

By early evening, on Thursday, June 14, Hamas had run Fatah out of the Gaza Strip and many Fatah fighters were seen fleeing to Egypt, while their brothers-in-arms were surrendering, and being paraded around by their fellow practitioners of the Religion of Peace before being summarily executed.

It's so hard to keep track of all the players in this ever so serious game of international mayhem. We have factions within the Muslim religion that hate each other, and then we have factions within the factions, who also hate each other.

While a lot of people look at the fleeting images of the carnage on television and say 'good riddance' we actually have a stake in the outcome of this fighting and its overall affect on the Middle East.

Since Hamas is the more aggressive of the two factions, and would love like to see Israel blown to smithereens, an overall Hamas victory is not good for the west. Since Fatah is considered in some quarters to be only a bit less rabid than Hamas, and probably deep in its vindictive terrorist supporting and creating heart would also like to see Israel disappear from world maps, a Fatah victory would be slightly better for Israel in the short term, but the long term is another issue.

The difference lies in what some Islamo-fascists call the Near enemy versus the Far enemy, as was explained in excellent detail in the current issue of the American Legion magazine. I strongly suggest picking up a copy if you are eligible, and reading the article.

Basically Israel, as well as moderate Muslims everywhere, represent the Near enemy, and we, the United States of America, represent the Far enemy. Once the Near enemy is vanquished, the Far enemy, meaning the United States and our allies, becomes the primary target. Depending on the outcome of various tactics and attacks, the terrorists have alternated between targeting Near or Far enemies over the past several decades.

Now, what on earth does any of this have to do with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and more to the point, Paris Hilton?

Well, if Hamas wins all the area controlled by the Palestinian Authority, that being both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, you can bet that Iran's main madman in charge, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, known none-too-affectionately in this column as Green Bean Almondine, will be first in line to help out with lawyers, arms and money as the terrorists turn their focus on Israel.

Ahmadinejad, or Green Bean, already has been arming the terrorists, and providing training and money. He has said repeatedly that he also wants Israel wiped off the map, and just a while back said the clock is already ticking, apparently meaning the countdown clock.

It could be argued that the sudden uprising by Hamas and its savage victory in the Gaza Strip in which opposing forces were executed right in front of their families, was a product of Green Bean's evil genius and is part of his countdown. If that is so, Israel can well expect to see another escalation in the launching of incoming missiles, and probably should expect to be attacked on two fronts simultaneously, both from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

Combined with guerrilla attacks from inside the West Bank, even if Fatah still is in charge there, and even if Fatah doesn't support the attacks on Israel, the possibility of a very hard fought war looms in Israel's near future, which ultimately would mean US involvement in one form or another.

You'd think with all the short- and long-term ramifications of this fighting it would be the dominant news item on every television and radio station in the country. You'd think.

But it isn't. The dominant news item is Paris Hilton and whether she had a good day in prison today and whether any other inmate was there for her, or to take a picture of her seated on the porcelain goddess, except in prison the goddess usually is stainless steel. How awful for her.

With the non-stop Paris coverage, useful only in that it put a halt to the non-stop Brittany and Anna Nicole coverage, it seems that no one is watching Green Bean, and from this vantage point, he is sneaking up on us.

But while he prepares to move new bomb masters into Gaza, we are hearing that Paris stood up, or Paris sat down, or Paris sneezed, or Paris yawned, or Paris blew her nose, or Paris scratched an itch or Paris itched a scratch. All Paris, all the time, all meaningless, trivial drivel.

Which leads me to consider that the entire Paris Hilton lifestyle, drunken driving conviction, and its aftermath is quite likely a tactic planned and executed by Green Bean. Obviously, the mainstream media, not to mention Fox News, has fallen for it.

Why else would anyone care? She is nothing more than a used up, spoiled rich kid who long ago lost anything that might have remotely resembled attractiveness. That whole screaming at the judge diversion the other day seemed like a major reaction to coming down off her drug habit cold turkey, she certainly can't be considered desirable by anyone who wants to go through life without worrying about contracting incurable sexually transmitted diseases, not to mention that her voice is cloyingly annoying.

So what is the attraction? Right. There is none, hence my theory that she is a plant for Almondine, and he is using the distraction to move more of his plan to destroy Israel into place.

I would caution Israel that the next step is further isolation, and then all out military engagement. It probably would be a good idea for the Israeli Defense Forces to increase the pace of that advanced training they're instituted since their somewhat ineffective and totally embarrassing display up in Lebanon last summer.

The Palestinian Authority has no commercial or industrial base, no real Gross Domestic Product, certainly not when you realize where it is located and how many people live under its rule, so it is highly unlikely that it will create the tools of war itself. What it does have is plenty of suicidal maniacs who are so uneducated, living in squalor, with little hope for any kind of a real life such as is enjoyed by the vase majority of the rest of the civilized world, who are easily duped into readily believing in blowing themselves up to reach a higher plane of existence.

Green Bean also is of that philosophy, although it also could be argued that he sees the Palestinians as competitors and if he helps get them annihilated he will ultimately have the top spot in the world of terrorism all to himself.

That is just speculation, but who knows? In the meantime, the situation in the Gaza Strip does not bode well for Israel, which means it doesn't bode well for us. I think it is time to take our bloodshot, painfully stressed out eyes off of losers like Paris Hilton and start focusing on Palestine and Iran. All Terrorist News, All The Time.


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