Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary's Kennedy Comment Shows It's Not the COLOR of Obama's Skin; It's the THINNESS of His Skin

Yeah, it's all Obama, all the time. It's always about him, and even if it isn't he'll make something up so he can squirm his way into the headlines and make believe it is.

This guy is either way too sensitive or way too paranoid to be president. Or both. And the media is right there to cater to his sensitivities and paranoia.

What am I yammering about? Hillary Clinton's comment at an editorial board interview today in which she made a couple of references to Democratic primary races in relatively recent political history that went well into June, not just hers.

She mentioned how her husband was still fighting well into June back in 1992, and how Bobby Kennedy was in a tight primary race in June 1968 when he was assassinated.

So immediately, Obama's camp claims she is threatening him, obliquely. And the media all went whacko about it. Are you freakin' serious? Have any of you looked into a mirror lately to see if you are real?

I remember Bobby Kennedy's assassination for an entirely different reason than political primaries. It was because I was up to my eye teeth flying combat missions in Vietnam and got a letter from home talking about it. We had heard about it, of course, but the letter said that it was a terrible thing for our country and how sad it was.

By that time I had been in Vietnam long enough to see more than a little bit of battlefield death, and yet I felt moved by that letter and the sadness contained in it.

But when Hillary Clinton mentioned it today, I did not for even an instant think she was talking about something similar happening to Barack Obama.

And for once I don't agree with a single member of the Fox News Special Report panel or any of its additional commentators all of whom said Friday night that it was a terrible gaffe, and the end of her campaign, and toxic, and on and on and on. Wishful thinking boys and girls, wishful thinking.

Hillary Clinton is not my candidate and she has taken her share of hits in this column, as has Obama and even some of the GOP candidates from time to time. But as I wrote the other day, she is going to get enough of the delegates in the last three primaries to keep Obama from getting the nomination locked up before the Democratic convention and thus there will be a floor fight, barring an onslaught of Biblical proportions.

So what? That my friends is democracy, at least as it is practiced in the Democratic Party. So deal with it.

But to maintain that her use of the Bobby Kennedy assassination as a time-frame reference really was a veiled threat is beyond thin skinned and paranoid, it's manipulative and cheap. Barack's comments in response to her statements are far more of an insult to the memory of Bobby Kennedy than anything Hillary Clinton said.

According to news reports, Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton (can we safely say here that he was speaking for his boss, the candidate?) rebuked Clinton, saying her remark was "unfortunate and has no place in this campaign." It's safe to consider that since the candidate didn't rebuke his spokesman, he agreed with Burton's comments, thus Barack owns them.

On the other hand, the press also quoted Robert Kennedy Jr., a Clinton supporter, as saying, "I've heard her make this reference before . . . I understand that the atmosphere is supercharged right now but I think it's a mistake for people to take offense." Do you think the son of the late RFK has a right to have some input on this issue?

And though it never made the Daily News, a snippet in the New York Times read, "Privately, aides to Mr. Obama were furious about the remark."

Clinton made a similar statement in a Time magazine interview in March. There was no reaction that time. I guess back then no one was super sensitive to her snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, were they, my 'opic' friends?

Got enough quotes for you to support my position? Here's a couple more from press reports.

Debra Kozikowski, an uncommitted super delegate from Sen. Ted Kennedy's home state of Massachusetts, fumed as she called the comment "inappropriate," especially given what's happened with the Kennedy family in the past week.

"She must need sleep, is all I can say," she told The New York Post. "I can't think of any reason why anyone would say anything that insensitive. And that apology was a non-apology."

People have many points of reference for remembering things in the past. Traumatic events are just one. If you watch the video, you see quite clearly that Hillary Clinton was making a timeline reference, nothing else.

Get over yourselves people. This inside-the-beltway rhetoric and political codeword commentary is tiresome. If you know something that the rest of America doesn't, then tell us, that's what you are supposed to do.

If you just wish that Hillary would quit and go away, hell, say so! Maybe everyone else feels the same way but hasn't come out and said it yet. You'd be regarded as the next great prophets.

But whether Hillary Clinton's comment was a slip of the tongue, a gaffe or -- shudder -- a veiled threat to the black guy to watch his step or else -- it isn't going to change the outcome of the June primaries.

Unless of course the media blows it up into a huge make believe issue, adds quotes and intents that were never said or meant, and does a major hit job on her in Puerto Rico for the next week.

But our media would never do that would they? This is the free world, independent, fair, balanced, straight down the middle media, the disciples of the 'great' Walter Cronkite, Uncle Walter, The Most Trusted Man In America. People who followed in Uncle Walter's steps would never lie or try to manipulate the American people.

Would they?


James said...

Well, Uncle Walter lied about his trip to Vietnam in 1968… so it's possible. If Uncle Walter can lie, so can they.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. I cannot believe the comment made breaking news status, olbermann was drooling all over himself in delight.
This uproar is just a distraction from the real issue and it is that Obama is trying to steal the election by not counting the votes in Florida and Michigan, they are in fact marching and protesting in the streets but the MSN won't cover that.
Things are only going to get worse for the dems, there is a STRONG organized movement to write in Clinton in November and demonstrations and protests will happen all summer long.

Zee said...

Well damned put!

Just what is in that Koolaide they are drinking?

We live in a scary world today and what scares me the most, at the moment, is the new virus going around

(and it has to be a virus, otherwise the inability to comprehend when Sen. Clinton speaks could only be a political tactic in opposition of her, but I don't think any tactic could dominate the brains of those who oppose her so completely)

that is making opposition brains unable to process what she says. Sen. Clinton's discussion was about the many Nomination Processes have gone on 'til June -- and beyond.

It is a fact, within that discussion, that Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in June -- still campaigning in the Nomination Process. Sad, but factual.

If that conversation can be translated into a threat on Sen. Obama's life, then IF Sen. Obama wins, the first order of post-electoral business should be a psyche work-up -- before he gives any of them jobs in his Administration.

David M said...

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