Wow, what an onslaught!

ABC puts together a docudrama about the Clinton Administration's failure to act on opportunities to put a smackdown on Osama Bin Laden and suddenly the Democratic Party is mobilizing heaven and earth to keep it off the air.

I wasn't even going to watch it until all this effort to keep it off the TV blew up. Clinton wants it edited, or should we say censored, to keep it from looking too much like he had his mind on Monica instead of terrorist attacks. But, he did have his mind on Monica instead of terrorist attacks. Maybe he can change the film but he can't change history.

Nearly simultaneously, my favorite dartboard target, Democratic Sen. Carl Levin, jumps up screaming "Bush lied, Bush lied. He had bad intel. (You know, the gutted and compromised agencies he got from Clinton) there was no link between Saddam and Al Qaeda before 9-11."

I can actually visualize this guy jumping up and down on the Capitol steps "over here, over here, TV people, look at me, look at me, I'm talking and saying things and making an ass of myself, over here. Don't pay attention to Clinton. Bush lied, do you hear, Bush lied?! Over here, please, focus on me not Clinton!"

Pathetic or what?

As I recall, Bush used 16 words in the State of the Union address that said British Intelligence had developed information that Saddam was seeking materials in Africa to make nukes. British intelligence to this day says Saddam was seeking materials in Africa to make nukes. So exactly what about that is lying?

Joseph Wilson, who has spent more than two years pimping his wife Valerie Plame to the world media as an outed CIA agent, even though the law he says was broken covers undercover spies, not cocktail party circuit matrons, has been exposed as the real liar even by the World Terrorist Media. All Wilson has proved is that whores come in all sizes, shapes and genders, and from all social classes for that matter.

But if you check the nuances, you'll notice that the Dems keep saying Saddam had no connection, or no intent to exploit the connection that actually existed, in terms of joining the attack on 9-11. If I recall correctly, Bush didn't say Saddam was in on the 9-11 attacks.

What the White House has been saying is that Saddam was allowing Al Qaeda operatives, including, or especially Abu al Zarqawi, to use Iraq as the next launching pad for further terrorist attacks against us, AFTER we had slapped them around in Afghanistan. Big difference. Big, big difference.

What a pathetic little bunch of losers who can't get over the fact that they screwed up and the public knows it.

Well, I for one am not paying attention to the media circus. I know what happened out there, you know what happened out there and trying to rewrite history isn't going to change any of that.

I'm getting a good supply of popcorn and keeping an eye on the TV listings. I hear there's a good docudrama coming on soon. Something about this Clinton guy. Remember he had a good job in the White House but he blew it? Oh, did I write that out loud? Sorry.