I have absolutely nothing against the people of the hamlet in Saskatchewan that carries the name in the title, nor in the province of the same name in Afghanistan, but I am of the opinion that it would be far better for the world if the current Secretary General of the Untied Nations was in one of those locations instead of New York City.

It is no secret anywhere in the world, except perhaps inside the UN building, that Annan is incompetent, anti-Semitic, hovering around single digits on the IQ scale, and now we find he is gullible too.

For some reason that only highly placed diplomatic personnel who are so, so much brighter than the rest of us can fathom, Annan made a trip to the Middle East and The Country Formerly Known as Persia last week to meet and greet, and occasionally do the grip and grab. He met leaders and dictators and other assorted terrorists and then went on a Jew bashing diatribe against Israel.

Basically he is claiming that Israel, the country that was attacked by cross-border raiders, had troops killed by Hezbollah terrorists while others were kidnapped (and are still in custody) is guilty of human rights violations by protecting itself. Simultaneously, the vicious Islamo-facists, this generation of Nazis, Hitler wannabes, and Holocaust re-enactors are not only entitled to spread the filth they espouse, and murder as many innocent people as possible, primarily Jews, but they are justified in doing it.

Among this brain dead lemming's proclamations this week are his opinion that when Green Bean Almandine, the dictator of the Iran, The Country Formerly Known as Persia, says "Trust Me" we should trust him. Any teenaged American girl who has received "The Talk" from her mother prior to her first date knows better than to trust anyone who says "trust me."

But our little Annan, the Secretary General of the Untied Nations, hears it from a guy who wouldn't know the truth if he fell over it in the gutter, and right away buys its.

Then, our international genius, New York's official representative to Mensa, heads off to another terrorist nation, Syria, and OKs a plan whereby the Syrians will police themselves to make sure that no weapons move down to the border with Lebanon where they will be disbursed to the Islamo-facists known as Hezbollah to kill more Jews.

Boy, I can't wait to see the punishment that comes down when the Syrians catch themselves violating that little agreement. I hear that punishment in Muslim countries is pretty severe! Maybe they'll televise it, kind of like a Nazi reality series!

Annan is nearing the end of his Reign of Terror at the UN, it is up in December, and the free world will be happy to see him toodle off to a remedial human relations course somewhere. But until then, it is clear we need to put this Bozo on a shelf where we can keep an eye on him but he can't hurt anyone else. He isn't just dangerous, he is dangerously uninformed, especially about his own capabilities and he has bought into the myth that just because he has a diplomatic job he is automatically smart.

He isn't, the world is a more dangerous place because of it, he is emboldening and spreading terrorism, and he needs to be somewhere else right now.

American Jihadist

America's own jihadist wrapped himself in dish towels earlier this week and went on international TV to give President Bush and the rest of us a chance to repent and convert before we are destroyed.

Most of the talking heads on the TV circuit blew it off as a desperation ploy by Al Qaeda to keep morale up among the suicide bombers' brigade. I'm not so sure.

When you get ready to go into battle you have a checklist of things that are essential. First is your weapon, then ammo, then water, first aid equipment, etc.

There was some talk, not much but some, that the 9-11 Nazis who flew into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field violated a major precept of the Muslim religion by NOT giving us an opportunity to join in on the Gunpoint Conversions before killing 3000 people. That, I am told, has negated their martyr status and instead has consigned them to Muslim Hell for all eternity.

I guess that means they are in an alternative universe that looks exactly like Israel, everyone there but them is Jewish, and their job is to wait hand and foot on everyone else forever and ever and ever, Amen. Kind of a nice way to deal with Nazis, don't you think?

Anyway, America's Jihadist, another loser who can't get a job or a date, now is warning us to convert or else. That says to me that another shot may be in the offing. He isn't pushing propaganda so much as checking his list.

Bombs. Check. AK-47. Check. Ammo. Check. Offer Conversion to the Infidels. Check. Squared with Allah. Check.

I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but if I was on Manhattan Island for the next few weeks I'd be especially watchful.