Thursday, August 02, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Did What? Russ Feingold Doesn't Get It

For the last time, it would be wonderful, absolutely wonderful, if someone on the national political scene, commentator or journalist or observer or man on the street or anyone, would say exactly what it is that Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales has done that requires ten billion Congressional investigations and related hearings.

After eons of seeing California Congressman Henry Waxman and Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy repeating that just because they can't find anything wrong doesn't mean there isn't anything wrong, and simultaneously seeing Congressional approval ratings on a par with the bottom of a sewage treatment plant settling tank, I don't think there is much question that America's patience is exhausted.

Leahy, who quite possibly represents the most corrupt gathering of incompetent nincompoops since the court of Louis the 16th, had the audacity to tell Gonzales a week or so ago that he (Leahy) doesn't trust him (Gonzales)!

Well, there you go. What a revelation. As if anyone ever could or should trust a US Senator.

Gonzales has been subjected to billions and billions of hearings over the media-created US Attorney firing 'scandal' which is a scandal only in the minds of Democrats in the US Congress and their puppets in the American Terrorist Media.

To recap, a handful of US Attorneys was fired late last year, in accordance with their signed employment agreements that they serve at the pleasure of the President. Obviously, at some point President Bush became displeased with their performance and handed them their walking papers.

This is a time-honored tradition in the Executive Branch, as evidenced by former President Bill Clinton's firing of more than 90 US attorneys, nearly the entire complement at work when he took office.

No one, including Congresspeople, complained back then, but let a baker's half-dozen lose their jobs in a Republican administration and America is subjected to non-stop, wall-to-wall coverage of nothing.

The syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, whose work I respect enormously, came the closest to identifying the root of the issue when he was on the panel on the Fox News Special Report with Brit Hume last week.

Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller had testified on different days, and said different things, which the myopes immediately jumped on claiming it was evidence of perjury and now By God, we need a Special Persecutor!

Problem was, the two men testified differently because they were testifying about different things!

As Krauthammer succinctly observed, most people can explain this very well to everyone's satisfaction, but Gonzales has a bit of trouble getting his point across. And for this we need a Special Persecutor and perjury trial? Get real!

But even conclusive evidence that Gonzales didn't commit perjury doesn't stop the Congressional Democrats from forging ahead like a mud slide on a 90 degree slope. The twists and turns that they are taking in their effort to create a crime, since one obviously doesn't exist, would make a circus contortionist turn green with envy.

In fact, considering that Vice President Dick Cheney once told Leahy to perform a sexual act on himself, which normally would be considered physically impossible, I have come to the conclusion that the VP knew exactly what he was talking about and Leahy probably can perform that particular act without too much trouble at all.

Into this mix master we now throw Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, who was skewered by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on the US Attorney issue last Sunday. Feingold, already was on the hot seat for saying he had secret information showing our military is being beaten by Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq, and that the current offensive called The Surge is not working.

He then was asked about the US Attorney 'scandal,' the endless hearings, the 'riveting' testimony, the thousands and thousands of pages of documents, and without hesitation, and in a manner that is a testament to his veracity, immediately changed the subject.

Feingold's unsupported claims of our military going to hell in a hand basket, combined with the ludicrous conduct in these endless Congressional hearings, immediately reminded me of the Month Python argument routine.

"This isn't an argument.
Yes it is.
No it isn't. It's just contradiction.
No it isn't."

"An argument's not the same thing as contradiction.
Can be.
No it can't!"

"An argument is a collective series of statements to establish a definite proposition.
No it's not."

The segment ends when the timer bell rings and John Cleese announces that the 'argument' is finished unless the client wants to pay for more time.

I'd say, considering the length of time this charade has been going on in place of government it's time for the bell to ring and America's taxpayers to tell Congress that their time is up and we aren't paying for another session.


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