Saturday, August 04, 2007

Congressional Dems Caught Rigging Illegal Immigrant Vote; Republicans Find Their Spines

Did you see the uproar on the floor of the US House of Representatives late at night on Thursday?

It seems the ever-so-concerned-with-our-rights-and-freedoms Democrats tried to sneak a measure through the House hidden in an agricultural spending bill, that would have granted legal status to millions of illegal immigrants.

The Republicans, correctly reading the mood of the nation, have realized that the country is dead set against giving legal status to illegal immigrants. Period.

So, they inserted a motion to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving any federal funds apportioned in the bill for employment or rental assistance.

Initially it appeared the Republicans had won 215 to 213. But that didn't set well with the Democrats who run both houses of Congress, so they started fiddling with the vote counting machine and with the parliamentary procedures. The vote tally continued to change after the measure was finalized, and chaos erupted.

Republicans shouted, whistled, hooted, cat-called, and chanted "Shame, Shame, Shame" at the Democrats. Then in a scene reminiscent of the Greek Fraternity Council kangaroo court in the movie Animal House, ultimately staged a walkout. I don't know if they were humming patriotic songs as they left.

The Dems tried to make believe it was all just a big misunderstanding, and the vote wasn't really over, as fence sitters rushed to change their votes to align with the wishes of the Democratic leadership. You have to do that in Congress, regardless of what the people who elected you say. Otherwise you lose all your privileges, such as committee assignments, parking spaces, campaign funding and dibs on interns.

All this occurred just before midnight, the witching hour, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traditionally appears on the House floor and reveals her true inner self, replete with pointed hat and broom.

Personally, I was quite pleased with the reaction from House Republicans. It is long past time for them to start fighting back instead of rolling over and handling things behind closed doors.

In the view of a huge majority of Americans, the US Congress is out of control, and is not representing us. To put it bluntly, the Congress, especially the Democratic leadership, is once again working to sabotage the very principles this country was founded upon.

I say again because during the Vietnam War, Congressional Democrats sabotaged the military victories won by America and its allies in Southeast Asia, setting the stage for the fall of that region and millions of deaths at the hands of communist butchers.

People involved then and now include Kennedy and Murtha, aided by Kerry and company. Kerry wasn't elected to anything then, but it didn't matter, his buddy Kennedy gave him all the access he needed anyway.

Now Congress is at it again, with the Democratic leadership and some Republican turncoats attempting to undermine the military in Iraq and elsewhere. They are claiming the war can't be won even as our troops score victory after victory.

They routinely leak to our enemies via their accomplices in the American Terrorist Media, top secret security information that compromises our troops in the field and our populace back home. Anyone else would call this treason and deal with it accordingly, but so far there has been a noticeable absence of intestinal fortitude in the places where it matters.

Perhaps that is changing. I hope so.

I was in Florida during the 2000 election, and my son and I were constantly discussing the lack of forceful response to false Democratic claims of a stolen election.

We knew for instance that the infamous Butterfly Ballot in Palm Beach had been designed by a Democratic supervisor of elections, based on the same ballot used in Cook County, Ill., also known as Chicago, also known as Daley's Democratic Machine. That was the place where Kennedy stole the 1960 election from Nixon, and where far, far more voters were disenfranchised in 2000 than were alleged in Florida.

Yet nationally the Republicans were blamed for that ballot, which incidentally, the Democratic supervisor had redesigned to make it easier for the elderly voters to use!

We didn't hear a peep of protest when the Dems falsely alleged that Florida state troopers were blockading black voters and preventing them from getting to the polls. We noted that Rodney King's beating by Los Angeles police in wee hours of the morning was caught on videotape, but a claimed day-long out-in-the-open blockade by uniformed Florida state police, many of whom are black, never appeared on a single news or individual film anywhere.

Why? Because it didn't happen.

There finally was a protest of sorts in one County Clerk's office, which we saw as a glimmer of hope, but it didn't spread.

Where did this attitude come from that Republicans are supposed to be a bunch of candy-assed sissy boys who won't stand up for themselves? I had a conversation with a GOP national staffer a few months ago who told me that "We have to be civil" when dealing with the Democrats?

I was incredulous and still am. I asked him, "Why?"

Civil discourse is appropriate in civil times. We are at war with enemies without, and enemies within. Civil discourse can take a back seat until we achieve victory. It is time for some in-your-face ass kicking, across the board.

Rush Limbaugh noted on his show Friday that the scene in Congress was reminiscent of the British House of Commons during the Prime Ministers questions when passions run high and members often erupt in jeers and counter-jeers.

I agree, but I noticed one difference that needs to be resolved.

In Britain, when their Members of Parliament get riled up they can be quite creative in their shouted abuse.

They use phrases like "By Jove!" or "I say," or "Sticky wicket, what?"

Thus the use of the monosyllabic "Shame" pales in comparison, even if it is repeated.

So, rather than allow the Brits to start looking down their noses at our Congress and dragging out that old "Colonial" garbage again, I'd like to offer some assistance to my Republican Senators and Representatives.

Next time, and there assuredly will be a next time, let's get more creative and use some phrases instead of single words.

I suggest chanting "Eat My Shorts, Eat My Shorts, Eat My Shorts" for openers.

That should put the Dems back on their heels because they won't know if it is an insult or an invitation.

Then follow up quickly with "Peel My Banana, Peel My Banana, Peel My Banana."

Then move right into "Jerk My Gherkin, Jerk My Gherkin, Jerk My Gherkin."

The last two should help us immeasurably with the 'Green' voters and vegetarians especially. But again, be careful that they aren't interpreted as invitations. I suggest use of strong 'outside' voices to avoid any confusion.

I realize that some in the political and media worlds will see this as a negative departure from our well ordered, polite society. But as I noted above, war is not polite.

I haven't forgotten my college education or my degrees, but long before I entered the hallowed halls of higher education I graduated from Alley Fighting 495 at the University of Hard Knocks, UHK, as well as the USMC School of Barracks Behavior.

Tough places to be sure, and survivors in both of those environments had to be equally quick with their mouths and fists. Moving on in life doesn't require that we forget the lessons learned in our formative years.

Oh, and in case Congressional Democrats present more opportunities than can be covered by the phrases and insults I offered above, don't hesitate to drop an email if you need some new material. I've got a million of them.


COL Harry Riley said...

Congress might want to pay attention to the September 15 event as to how opposition to a hate-America cause is handled...they can view it from their windows.......

America is sick and tired of attacks from all quarters on the sovereignty, freedom, and principles that made America great.

When America turns on it's own warriors, those dieing to ensure our freedom, the straw is broken...

Let Congress view an example of Americans standing up for America and not tucking our tail and running for cover of any sort.

Take a look at and come on down to Washington DC and let show Congress how standing up for right and America is done.

Mike W said...

Excellent article!!!

Anonymous said...

I suggest that Congress go back and look up the Pre-Amble......We the People. With their approval numbers at a whopping 14% they should be careful this country doens't turn on them for not representing us!

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