Monday, August 13, 2007

Move America Forward Honcho Takes on the Left

There are some Americans who believe that we should be a kinder and gentler country, that our military is misused, the troops don't really understand how they are being 'used' by big business, and we don't do enough for the poor and downtrodden of the world.

Some Americans believe we should pull back, way back from foreign entanglements, and concentrate on border defense. Some of the latter are more conservative than liberal in their outlook on life and see 'nation building' as a detriment to our own interests. Some of these folks will sit down with you and have an honest, if spirited, debate on the direction the country is taking, and whether it could do better.

But then there are people who live in America, but don't consider themselves Americans, even if they were born here. They see themselves as 'citizens of the world' and America is just where they built their house, got their education, and make piles of money. But they don't consider America 'home' or themselves to be Americans.

Somewhere in their heads something went wrong in the developmental stage, and they emerged as willing pawns for anyone who could concoct a good story that America is the source of all evil in the world, anything American is wrong and bad, and those who consider themselves Americans are a scourge on the earth and should be eliminated.

These people are the Liberal Left.

These are the people that retired Air Force Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson exposes in his new book, War Crimes, The Left's Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror. While many of the left's efforts to bring down America are well documented, Patterson has some truly eye-opening revelations in his book, including how one of the most virulent left-wing, anti-American members of Congress facilitated delivery of supplies to terrorists in Iraq even as they were engaged in fighting against U.S. Marines in Fallujah.

Patterson, who is Vice-Chairman of Move America Forward, the nation's largest pro-troop organization with over a million members, was also White House aide during the Clinton presidency, carried the nuclear 'football' - thank God he had his hands on it rather than Bill or Hillary Clinton - and has an inside insight that simply is unparalleled.

Patterson reveals that the extent of the hatred the left has for American and the lengths its members will go to bring about the country's downfall is truly astounding. His observations should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who thinks the only war we are fighting is overseas. War Crimes reveals in appalling detail just how many people are working against our country, who they are and what they are doing.

Start for instance, with the media. It is common knowledge that the so-called Main Stream Media has been run by communist sympathizers since before the Vietnam War. It also is fairly well known that during the Vietnam period the media mounted a coordinated offensive against the military, political and business establishments, denigrated serving members of the armed forces as well as the veterans. The Vietnam era media deliberately spread massive amounts of disinformation about military successes in Vietnam in a successful effort to alter political direction.

When the communists in Southeast Asia went on a rampage of slaughter, the media conveniently blamed it on the American military and Vietnam veterans for non-existent losses on the field of battle which the media claimed was the driving factor enabling the communists to gain control.

Now, in a continuation of that Big Lie program, the media is working both overtly and by more subtle means to turn Americans against the military and the War on Terror. It starts with the way the terrorists who thrive on mass murder and slaughter of innocents are portrayed in the media - militants, insurgents, perpetrators, captors, rather than what they are - murderous, insane assailants bent on world domination.

Then there are the less subliminal methods - National Public Radio's senior editor Loren Jenkins, for instance, instructing his reporters that "the game of reporting is to smoke em out." Not terrorists, or terrorist leaders, but US troops.

When confronted with concerns that his instructions could reveal secret troop movements or expose allied forces to ambush from the terrorists, Jenkins responded, "I don't represent the government, I represent history ..."

And this from an organization that gets a portion of its funding from tax dollars!

Then we have the leftist politicians. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, John Murtha, Richard Durbin, and Chuck Schumer are among many in the left who are drawn to cameras and notebooks like moths to a flame.

But the designation for the all-time lowest form of traitorous sludge has to go to Congressman Henry Waxman of California. Patterson reveals that Waxman sent a letter to the U.S. Ambassador in Jordan that is considered to have facilitated efforts by American hating, leftist-supporting organizations Code Pink, and United For Peace And Justice, to deliver $600,000 in supplies to Al Qaeda terrorists in Fallujah to help them battle US Marines who were driving them out of that city.

Yet Waxman, who should be brought up on charges of treason and forced to answer just what the hell he was thinking when he aided and abetted terrorists fighting our troops, has the unmitigated gall to continually hold hearings in Congress attacking the Bush administration in an effort to gain a political edge!

War Crimes also dissects American academia, which has long been a bastion of anti-American propaganda, or the "Ayatollahs of Hate" as Patterson has re-named them. He makes a good case for why federal funds should be withheld, legally, from those institutions that prohibit military recruiters, or make it so difficult for them to work on those campuses that they are effectively, if not outright, banned.

Then there is Hollywood. We know about Ed Asner, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Moore, and Danny Glover with their pro-communist stances and efforts to subvert the military. But how about George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Woody Harrelson among a laundry list of others who are profiting obscenely from living and working in America while attempting all the while to bring it down?

Even America's veterans are used to further the leftist efforts to destroy America. Take for instance the benign sounding Veterans For Peace. Sure, every combat vet hates war and would like to see it end, right?

Not this way. To quote War Crimes on Veterans For Peace, "Founded in 1985, the organization actively supported Nicaragua's Marxist Sandinistas, aligned itself with Fidel Castro, denounced America's actions in Iraq, and with the assistance of ANSWER held a "Korean War Tribunal" convicting the United States of war crimes during the Korean War." ANSWER is the coalition of pro-communist, pro-Islamofascist, pro-socialist, and anarchist organizations that advocated defacing the Vietnam Memorial and other national monuments in DC last March, and is again advocating that its members attack our memorials in September.

When you read War Crimes you realize that the leftist efforts against America are far more than an annoyance. The left has deliberately caused the downfall of Southeast Asia and set the stage for millions to be slaughtered there. It is working to set the stage for a similar collapse in the Middle East, and a guaranteed slaughter of similar proportions there.

But these are just stops along the way. The ultimate goal is the downfall of America, and if you think previous instances of slaughter were huge, wait until you get a look at what these organizations have in store for us.

But we do have recourse. Our military is performing magnificently in the War on Terror and the Battle for Iraq, our security apparatus is withstanding repeated assaults on its tactics and methodology from the left that uses news outlets like the New York Times to publish our military and intelligence secrets, and in the final analysis we are a nation of commerce and laws.

On the commerce end I suggest we begin by boycotting any movie that either stars or uses in any way, any actor, director or producer who spews anti-American rhetoric, visits America's enemies, or in any way supports communists, terrorists or any other American enemies in their off time.

We aren't saying they can't work, but there is nothing that says we have to buy their product. I say start with Clooney and Damon. Their last few movies have been stinkers anyway. And when I say boycott, I mean not just at the theaters, but at the movie rental stores, DVD sales, and pay-per-view too.

Unfortunately, most of the American hating, vile spewing morons get 70 percent of their income from foreign sources, so a total boycott would only mean a 30 percent reduction in their income. But hey, how many people want to see their paychecks reduced by 30 percent overnight?

We can also boycott news organizations that reveal military and security secrets or work to destroy troop morale under the guise of First Amendment rights. They can still publish, but we don't need to read the New York Times or any other pro-communist organization.

We also should boycott the top five advertisers of any news outlet that works against America and the troops. And we should make it very clear to these advertisers exactly what we are doing and why. Take away the big five advertisers from any print or electronic outlet in American and you definitely will get their attention.

We can also use the law to eliminate all federal funding to any institute of higher education or any public school system that bars, bans, or takes any measures whatsoever to prevent military based programs or military recruiting efforts. Many colleges and universities are awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants each year that not only help pay bills, but also attract high quality scholars and researchers.

But they then use the students and researchers as captive audiences that are bombarded with years upon years of non-stop anti-American propaganda.

How about we cut off the funding, and divert it to the service academies. Want a quality education and an opportunity to work on major research projects? Attend West Point, Annapolis or the Air Force Academy. Everyone else, sorry 'bout that.

On the other end of the law, it is high time to start applying the treason statutes to anyone, regardless of their party or position, who aids and abets our enemies. That includes those who leak and print or broadcast national secrets as well as those who deliver direct aid to terrorists fighting our troops.

I suggest we start with Henry Waxman.


Harry Riley said...

I'm not sure if accurate but rings solid for me:

"Experience proves that the man who obstructs a war in which his
nation is engaged, no matter whether right or wrong, occupies no
enviable place in life or history.

Better for him, individually, to
advocate 'war, pestilence, and famine' than to act as obstructionist to a war already begun....

The most favorable posthumous history the stay-at-home traitor can hope for is -- oblivion."

~~ Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs

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