Monday, October 08, 2007

Evangelical Christian-Conservative 3rd Party Candidate Will GUARANTEE A Clinton Dynasty!

Evangelical Christians and other conservatives are rumbling louder with each passing month that they are not enamored of any Republican presidential candidates and are considering fielding a third party candidate for the 2008 elections.

I would caution my friends who are pressing this endeavor that to do so is to guarantee that Hillary Clinton will be elected president. If she is I seriously doubt the United States as we know it can survive another assault on Democracy from within such as occurred during her husband's tenure.

Forget recapturing the White House and Congress in six to 10 years. There will be nothing left to recapture.

Evidence of this position abounds, but timing-wise nothing could be more compelling than Clinton's decision this weekend to appoint convicted felon and former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger to her campaign staff as an unpaid adviser. Berger, you may remember, was convicted of stealing sensitive (to the Clintons) documents from the National Archives in Washington, stuffing them down his crotch and later destroying some and hiding others.

As part of his sentence, and this really gets me, he is banned from having access to national security issues, documents, or even buildings where national security is a priority, but only until the end of 2008!

Why a thief who specializes in stealing national security documents would EVER be allowed back in any place where national security is an issue is totally beyond me, and the FBI should be investigating why his sentence was couched in those terms.

Berger is just the most recent example of the Clintons' total disdain for Democracy and the American form of government. During his two terms, Bill Clinton gutted the military, sent troops into battle with outdated and insufficient weaponry, including Humvees that were vulnerable to small arms fire, ignored and some would even say encouraged, escalating terrorist attacks against us, defanged the FBI, emasculated the CIA, and enabled the leaking of technological and military secrets to the communists, and thus the terrorists.

Most Americans remember Clinton for disgracing the Oval Office and by extension the the Office of the Presidency by engaging in sexual intercourse with a White House intern while he chatted on the phone with international leaders. But turning the White House into a bordello that was attainable by anyone with enough money was just the superficial evidence of the Clintons' disdain for America.

Allowing the Chinese to attain high technology software that they used to leapfrog their missile guidance systems literally generations ahead of where they would be otherwise, was far more dangerous to our country. Along with missile guidance technology was stealth technology that also is now in Communist hands. This has been shown in the last year by Communist Chinese probes against our ships at sea, and even satellites in outer space.

If you think for a minute that another Clinton presidency, in which the central figure is a leader of the "I am a citizen of the world who just happens to reside in the US," pro-communist minions, would not revert right back to the model established by her husband, you aren't paying attention.

The Dems are moving heaven and earth to try to appeal to mainstream American voters, as evidenced by the entire top of the Democratic field shifting its position on the War in Iraq in recent weeks, from Pull Out Now, to Stay The Course.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing on Fox News Sunday this weekend, even tried to portray herself as a devout Christian who regularly prays. When asked if she prays for President Bush she said she does, and that she regularly prays he will change his policies.

Which just goes to show you that you can't fool God, and he obviously doesn't like Democrats.

But the word from the evangelists and founders of the American Conservative movement is that they would rather field a third-party candidate, which would split the Republican vote and enable a Clinton victory, than endorse any of the current Republican contenders for the White House.

Conservative leader Richard Viguerie appearing on the Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan show today on KSFO radio in San Francisco, said "I am prepared to have a Democrat in the White House rather than a liberal Republican."

In May 2006, Viguerie made a similar comment regarding conservatives' maintaining a majority in Congress, "There is a growing feeling among conservatives that the only way to cure the problem is for Republicans to lose the Congressional elections this fall," which came true, and for which America has been suffering ever since.

Viguerie returned to that theme in his conversation with Melanie Morgan today, saying it would be worth all that occurs in a Democratic presidency, which I see as the total destruction of the American democracy, to regain the White House and Congress in six to 10 years.

That may have been a viable position, albeit somewhat self-destructive, in the 60s or 70s, but we are in a war today, against us, on our homeland, where the enemy has highly effective operatives right inside our Congress, our media, our State Department, the United Nations, and within our intelligence structure. There is not enough time this time to let the pro-communist liberals prove once again that they are NOT patriots and they ARE anti-American.

I totally agree that Viguerie was right on the money during the Mark Foley scandal when he said, "This isn't an isolated situation. It is only the most recent example of Republican House leaders doing whatever it takes to hold onto power. If it means spending billions of taxpayers' dollars on questionable projects, they'll do it. If it means covering up the most despicable actions of a colleague, they'll do it."

I was outraged by the Foley scandal, equally as I am outraged by other scandals that crop up regularly in Congress. I am similarly outraged by the inaction by other Republicans in Congress who let these situations continue on until they are unearthed by the media.

But that does NOT mean I want our country dismantled to show a lesson to the Republican leadership.

We need to take the White House and take back the Congress. Politics is the art of compromise not dominance.

The problem that all the candidates have today is that the turnout for most elections is the neighborhood of 50 percent of eligible voters, which allows splinter groups like ultra-left, anti-military, pro-terrorist organizations to wield far more power than they really have. Our candidates should be concentrating on getting a huge chunk of that non-involved 50 percent back to the polls, voting Republican.

Standing up for true Republican principles is the key to winning next year's election, not withholding votes, or splintering the party.

I realize that much of what has happened in DC is contrary to my personal beliefs as well as my political positions. I have written about this regularly.

But I also was raised a Christian, and what I remember Christ teaching was "Turn the other cheek" not "Cut off your nose to spite your face."

I believe the answer to our political dilemma lies somewhere between those two positions, not a total reliance on one or the other.


Anonymous said...

Yes and I loved speaker Pelosi's position that household that make $60k a year are in poverty in some areas of this country. I'll bet their taxes would beg to differ.

I think good old Bill has reaced out to his friends on the right again the same way he did with the whole Ross Perot against Bush Sr. Wake up America....Do you not realize that their has been a Bush or a Clinton in the administration since the 80's. I say bring on Fred Thompson.

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