Friday, October 05, 2007

Media Prostitutes Attack Rush Limbaugh in Big Lie Frenzy; But What About Them?

By now it shouldn't be any surprise to anyone that the totally fabricated issue of Rush Limbaugh's remarks about "phony soldiers" has become 'fact' in the American Terrorist Media, meaning CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and all the other lemming print and electronic media.

The comment was made when Limbaugh was conversing about posers and embellishers, in other words, phony soldiers.

However, the leftards claim Limbaugh said that anyone who was serving in the military but opposed the war was a phony soldier. That is a lie.

To keep repeating it when faced with overwhelming evidence that he did not say it, is propaganda, specifically the type developed by Nazi and communist propaganda machines. In the world of propaganda this is called the BIG LIE.

There is much to learn here. First, just how many whores there are in the American Terrorist Media, also called the mainstream media.

Every single announcer and reporter, producer or editor, print or electronic, man or woman, who has repeated this lie, and knows they are lying when they repeat it, as they all do, is prostituting themselves. They are taking pay to perform an illegal and immoral act, which means the mainstream media is the most extensive and powerful house of prostitution ever assembled in the history of man.

There are some good looking female prostitutes on some of the broadcast and cable stations, which by the way, are the only prostitutes I would bother to look at - objectively of course. And there are some pretty ugly male prostitutes, literally across the board, who probably couldn't pay to have sex in their own right even if it was closing time at the scuzziest dive in the worst red light district in the world.

Which is why they take money to let left-wing power brokers have intercourse with them, because it is the only way either of them will ever have sex.

Not only is the media a breeding ground for sexually transmitted diseases, this extends to Washington, D.C., too, which everyone already knows and comes as no surprise to the voters, 90 percent of whom would pay to see Congress purged of these syphilitic wrecks. But there is an issue to deal with here, in that prostitution is illegal everywhere in the country, except in Nevada.

Thus the only legal whore in D.C., is Nevada senator Harry Reid. All the rest are illegal whores and it obvious that the federal cops and D.C. cops are looking the other way instead of enforcing the nation's laws.

It obviously is time that a latter-day Carrie A. Nation gets down there immediately and cleans house. Afterwords, we can all have a drink to the emergence of a New Nation.

On a related matter, it also is the worst kind of whore mongering to be running Rush Limbaugh down for something he didn't say when so many of the very people who are shooting their mouths off, did disparage our troops.

My Marine brother Jim Bancroft, who has been a consistent figure at pro-troop rallies and vigils including the Gathering of Eagles in D.C., has sent me a list of websites where you can read the comments by some of the lowest, cheapest, dirtiest, most diseased of all the troop bashers. The list was compiled by one of his friends at Free Republic, you can see it here:

I am posting the list in its entirety, although I am sure there are more extensive lists out there. But this one will suffice to show just how hypocritical this issue is, and why the morons and single-digit IQ advisers who are pushing this issue don't realize it is just one more nail in the coffin of America's tolerance for the left.

Thanks to Jim, here it is. Feel free to cut and paste and check out these sites for the unending words of wisdom from the American Left.

Senator John Kerry flips the bird at Washington war vets

Wesley Clark Implies Troops 'Bust Down' Doors And 'Rough Up' Women

What about that hack with glasses who was on Law & Order who called the troops dumb kids who know less about Iraq than he b/c he reads 10 newspapers a day?

They take their money and cues from these people
Disgraceful Anti-Military Blog at Daily Kos: Armed Forces Creating Serial Killers

Rosie Makes up Facts and Smears Volunteer Soldiers

Hundreds of anti-war liberals at Seattle Central Community College surrounded a pair of recruiters and hurled insults and objects at them until security had to escort the two of them off of campus.

Anti-war rally in Portland. The moonbats, who claim to "oppose the war but support the troops," burned an American soldier in effigy

Oakland airport? San Fran?

Speak about supporting the troops: 19% of Democrats Say World Would Be Better Off With US Defeat In Iraq; Another 20% Aren’t Sure

Shumer: the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not because of the surge

King A-Hole Troop Basher Murtha
Jack Murtha says: United States soldiers are liars!

Democrats Attack Pro-Troop Group!
WaPo math: Troops=mercenaries

William Arkin; "The public has duties, but not to the American military."

troops are dumb

"We've killed over 400,000 of their citizens."

Air America host and "Saturday Night Live" alum A. Whitney Brown
vlogged about our "idiot" murderous troops who are "crapping in
their pants" in Iraq and the Republican zombie-drones who
"support" them.
I think they're a bunch of idiots. I also think they're morally

Death to America at the University of Toledo.

Code Pink Calls Our Soldiers 'The Terrorists' in Front of Walter Reed - D.C. Chapter Video Report

Edwards Unusual Way to Celebrate Veteran's Day

Rosie Anti-war Bedfellow Matthews Can Do Without

National Guard Iraq Veteran Beaten, Tasered Three Times For Crime of Giving Lip To A Fat Cop
Support the troops

Before "Betrayus" there was: "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "incompetent" during an interview Tuesday with a group of liberal bloggers, a comment that was never reported."

Professor Ward Churchill Caught On Tape Advocating Terrorism vs Fellow Americans!

Deranged Moonbat Shoots Airman on Fourth of July

College Democrats and SDS say 'f-ck the troops'

Joel Stein makes a rather bizarre argument in his L.A. Times column today entitled "Warriors And Wusses": If you oppose the war, you shouldn’t support the troops fighting it.
Rangel Continues To Insult The Troops


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Ron, I enjoyed meeting you at GOE3. Excellent Article, and great links. I've posted it on our Colorado page.


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