Sunday, October 28, 2007

All's Quiet on the Iraq War Front, So Let's Leak Defense Secrets - Again

Shhh. Did you hear that?

Neither did I. The news is not reporting anything out of Iraq this week because there is plenty of good news and it is hard to find bad news, so why give the American public anything to rejoice about?

There were some anti-war protests around the country, with the usual over-inflated numbers and hate-America rhetoric. That got a lot of coverage, even on the Internet where my service provider, Comcast, trumpeted the anti-war protests on its home page headline service, but not a word of military successes. Looks like its time to switch providers.

GET OUT NOW! Yeah, right. Hey guys, you may want to check with the Commandant of the Marine Corps before you get all excited next time. He already said it's time to get out because the Marines are getting bored in Anbar province.

That area, the hottest spot in Iraq only a year ago, where terrorists infiltrated from Syria with impunity and even got help from the locals, has been pacified for months now. Also, since Israel dumped some bombs on a Syrian nuke facility earlier this month, that often overlooked front in the War On Terror also got the message that the line has been crossed and all that is waiting for them is fiery death.

Meanwhile, back in Iraq, the Sunni tribal chiefs figured out that Al Qaeda was no good as an ally, the Shiite tribal chiefs have come to the same conclusion, they switched sides, helped put a stopper on terrorist infiltration, and it looks like the Marines will be heading off to another hot spot ere long. That's what Marines do for those of you who never served your country.

We are America's shock troops, proud of that distinction, not some motley collection of woebegone waifs thrust onto the front lines of international business manipulation as the media likes to portray us.

As usual, the Marine Corps has done a stellar job in Iraq, especially so once the gloves were taken off and they were allowed to apply superior firepower, fighting spirit, and combined action tactics designed to bring the civilian populace to our side, all at once.

But why give that any ink? Why give up Bush Lied People Died when it had such a devastating effect on American foreign policy and domestic politics? What, it didn't? Never mind.

How many articles did you see that there were no American military deaths in Iraq last week? That doesn't mean the war is over or that there won't be more, but it sure is a major sign of progress.

Told you I did. Trust the troops I said.

So the president gave the order to take the gloves off, upped the number of combat troops in Iraq, put Gen. David Petraeus in charge overall, and within four months of the jumping off date we have major accomplishments to reveal. And the mainstream media abetted by the left-wing blogosphere is silent, or off on another fantasy junket.

By the way, four months after the D-Day invasion of Europe starting with the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944, our troops were still making only piecemeal progress, had barely broken out of the hedgerow - Bocage - country in northwestern France and had suffered more than 100,000 casualties. Just though you should know in case you are in one of those left-wing induced fantasy-land delusions.

One of those fantasies was described by left-winger Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday today when he decried what he said was an attempt by the administration to sneak an $80 million expenditure past Congress in a defense appropriations bill. The $80 million is to be used to retrofit B-2 Stealth bombers to carry 15-ton bunker buster bombs, ostensibly to be used in case of war with Iran over its nuclear ambitions.

Iran's leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, known in these pages as Green Bean Almondine, has threatened to wipe Israel off the map, which apparently is OK by left-wing Nazis across the globe, who seem to be pushing the concept that Hitler and his minions didn't get the job done. It is mystifying to say the least, that so many Jewish Americans are Democrats when their own party is calling for the annihilation of the Jewish state, which is the inevitable result of the positions they are pushing.

Once Israel is gone, Europe is next in Green Bean's sights, and within a decade, the United States. Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer says there is no way Bush will leave office with that scenario hanging over his successor's head, and I agree. So we need to prepare, even if we ultimately find a way to get the job done without military action.

How hypocritical can the left be? In 2004 they were blaming Bush for insufficient armor on the Humvees, and claiming that he was slow to correct that deficiency. They conveniently forgot that the flaw in the Humvees was revealed in Somalia in 1993 when US Army Rangers were battling Somali warlords and AK-47 rounds ripped through the Humvees with impunity.

That was early in the Bill Clinton administration, but did he do anything in the next seven years to fix the problem? No he didn't! And the left said nothing. NOTHING! Not a word from the communists, the socialists, Hillary, or even Al Gore. Dead silence over a major flaw in a vital piece of military equipment, until it resurfaced in Iraq in the Bush administration.

So Bush acts in advance to get our people and equipment ahead of the curve and he is portrayed as being sneaky. Tell you what. Speaking as one of those people who, unlike most of the mouths on the left, has actually been on the front lines, I'll take sneaky over political soundbites any day, especially when it concerns troop safety.

Williams was righteously indignant Sunday when he demanded to know why the Bush Administration didn't trumpet its B-2 retrofit plans to the media. Once again, Williams has shown why he is better sitting in a TV studio rather than serving in the military or intelligence services where he would undoubtedly get his own people killed.

I believe it is yet another example of outright treason that we have any information on the B-2 retrofit at all. Whatever we may be doing to prepare our troops and equipment for the eventuality of war with Iran is not something that should be discussed in public. Period.

In World War II, which the left loves to run up the flagpole as the ultimate "Good" war, did the news media discuss Pentagon plans and designs for camouflaging US Navy ships to make it harder for the Germans to torpedo them in the Atlantic? No it didn't!

Why? Because if they did, the Germans would have read the stories too, alerted their U-Boat commanders of the new deceptions, and they would have sunk far more ships and killed many thousands more sailors! The media and Congress knew this so they shut their big, fat mouths.

By mid-1943 when the US was engaged in invading Sicily - another country that never invaded the US by the way - the U-Boat effectiveness had been drastically reduced because we had broken the German radio codes and developed advanced sonar capabilities that enabled our guys to sink dozens of German submarines. You didn't see that in the papers either.

But Juan Williams wants the world to know we are developing weapons and delivery systems that will disable Iran's capabilities to build atom bombs that in the near future could be aimed straight at us. Thanks a lot Juan! Way to go! Has anyone considered investigating him for connections to Iranian terrorists?

Just a thought.


David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 10/26/2007 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Anonymous said...

HMMWV use in MOUT was a repeated senior MILITARY leadership failure,ignored by BOTH parties because they trust the generals.

Task Force Ranger had to be rescued by Pakistani M113s and M48 tanks because our military leadership left their armor in CONUS. Soldiers in Iraq had to wait for MRAPs because military leadership refused to use 10K war reserve M113s in storage.

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