Friday, October 12, 2007

Melanie Morgan, Ladies of the Righteous Right, Taking on the Pinkos - Again!

If you're going to San Francisco, especially next Wednesday, be sure to wear your helmet on your hair. OK, I took some liberties there, but so what?

More to the point, "What" you must be asking yourself, "brings me to caution you thus?"

Let's start at the beginning.

There are very few times when you will hear of US Marines needing assistance from the outside world. Generally, the combined arms of the Marine Air/Ground Team can handle the assigned objectives, and if the objective changes, the Marines merely adjust their tactics and continue.

But on occasion something comes along that can't be solved by a well-aimed explosive device, however attractive that solution might seem.

Such is the case at the Berkeley, California, Marine Recruiting office where the whack job, freak show organization Code Pink, has resorted to vandalizing the Corps' recruiting office, in an effort to multiple-handedly deliver a victory to world wide terrorism by discouraging all comers from enlisting.

They are so incredibly intelligent in these efforts. They have renamed the Marine Officer Selection Office the Officer ASSASSINATION Office, and put signs on the outside of the windows stating Recruiters Lie, Children Die.

Be still my beating heart! Such effortless prose! How will the Marines ever offset such cleverness? How can they fight back against the will of the assembled peoples?

Actually, they don't have to. Marines are taught to fight and kill our enemies, but that doesn't extend to the impaired among our population. On the other hand, they should be able to go about their jobs without interference.

Enter Melanie Morgan, and the associated Ladies of the Righteous Right from Move America Forward,, who are stepping up, as they have been known to do on numerous occasions, to take on Code Pink face to face.

According to a Move America Forward press release, The Code Pinkos are in the Bay Area with no purpose other than "to harass, intimidate and ultimately chase the U.S. military out of the greater San Francisco Bay Area ... "

In response "a patriotic, pro-troop counter demonstration will take place next Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 12:00 Noon at the U.S. Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley, California."

Melanie, who is not known for mincing words, says the reason for the counter-rally is because "We're sick and tired of the constant attacks against our military personnel here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we're going to take action to defend the honor and integrity of this nation's military men and women."

Works for me.

The previously annoying presence of the pinkos went over the top last week when protesters took it upon themselves to deface the building and interfere with Marine Corps recruiters doing their jobs.

According to the MAF report, Code Pink advocates are quoted as saying they are "shocked and horrified" that the Marine Corps has a presence in Berkeley and inferring that the Marines prey on children.

Here I must confess, this is not new anti-Marine propaganda. In fact, it comes from the Chinese communists, at least that is what I was told when I was in boot camp. It seems that when the communists ran into Marines, starting in Korea and continuing in Vietnam, they would take horrendous casualties, even if they could temporarily overrun a position, because the Marine battle plan doesn't include an order to "retreat."

So, to take a Marine position, you first have to have overwhelming numbers. But, since we are trained to unleash devastating firepower on our attackers, and will fight with knives if we are out of bullets, and rocks if we have no knives, and everything down to our fingernails if all other forms of ammo are exhausted, attackers have to plan on losing huge numbers just to get a few feet of ground.

In an effort to explain their enormous losses to their bewildered troops, the communists, who now have stooped to recruiting befuddled elderly women to do their fighting for them, started spreading the tales that Marines eat their enemies, and have to kill their own parents to even be considered for recruitment.

Thus, Marines Lie, Children Die, is pretty mild compared to some of the other garbage we have been accused of over the years. Hell, the Germans in WWI started referring to that generation's Marines as Devil Dogs to explain their ferociousness.

In addition to posting mindless nonsense on the recruiting office windows, Code Pink activists have been caught on video calling military recruiters "traitors" and harassing recruiters going about their jobs.

Move America Forward and other patriotic Americans from the Bay Area say they are heading down to the recruiting office not only to defend the integrity of the recruiters, but also "to say THANK YOU to all our brave soldiers who are fighting to protect our freedoms in Iraq and other theatres in the War on Terror."

Melanie will be accompanied by numerous veterans of previous encounters with the fringe element, including Catherine Moy, who co-authored the book American Mourning with Melanie. Catherine has proposed that some of the counter-protesters wear burqas, the head-to-foot sack-like clothing that Taliban terrorists require of all women who live in areas they control - imposing the death penalty on those women who refuse.

But these burqas will be colored pink, as a reminder of what the pinkos are actually advocating.

I have come across a few people in the last year who say we are being counter productive by standing up to the communists and their terrorist puppets in places like Berkeley and Washington DC.

But I remember the atmosphere of 30 years ago, when the communists had total access to the streets and the rest of America stood around wondering why no one ever stood up to them. As a result, Congress took the attitude that if no one objected to the street protests, then apparently everyone agreed with them, and as a result abandoned Southeast Asia, causing the deaths of millions.

This time Congress won't have it so easy. This time they will have to do their jobs in the hallowed halls of government. This time, if an ally is abandoned after our troops have again won all the battles, Congress will not be able to shift the blame to the military and walk away unconcerned and unruffled.

This time, Melanie Morgan and her associates at Move America Forward will be joined by patriots from across the country, to stand up and stand tall for what is right. This time, there will be no doubt about how the majority of Americans see the military.

And just as a reminder, its 11 percent approval rating shows there is no doubt how we already feel about those in Congress who are all to willing to abandon another ally, cause another calamity, and once again look for someone else to blame.


Anonymous said...

The reason Congress has an 11% approval rating according to Nancy Pelosi id due the unjust war in Iraq!

Get your facts straight buster!

falcon_01 said...


Normally I wouldn't dare mention spelling to a Marine... but since you got it right and the leftards spelled it "Assasination" in their sign, I thought it warranted special attention. ;-)

Great site... adding to my blogroll!

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