Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm Not Watching the Jackson "Tribute"; I Just Traded Fox News For Doughnuts!

When was the last time you saw a "celebrity-studded" tribute to memorialize the death of a member of the US Armed Forces?

When was the last time the media spent day after day engaged in non-stop coverage of the "untimely death" of heroes who gave their lives to defend the freedoms of millions of Americans who never have to do anything more difficult than getting out of bed in the morning?

That's right. You can't remember. Because it doesn't happen. Because our alleged "news media" is so wrapped up in coverage of freak show entertainer Michael Jackson's entirely predictable death - presumably from the "Hollywood Diet" which replaces food and liquids with extra strength drugs until the body gives out - that there is no room for viable coverage of our troops or other issues that truly matter to us.

Did you hear about the two Americans who were killed in Afghanistan on July 4th? Not likely, unless you read Michelle Malkin's blog, or similar Internet outlets. You hear alleged "journalists" complaining all the time lately about the Internet taking over coverage of the news, and how "real" journalists working for "real" news outlets are losing their jobs.

Tough. This is a perfect example of why the public has turned off the traditional media and changed to the new world of blogs, social networking sites and other Internet outlets.

Oh, and from me - a real journalist - to you, the reader, I have met Michelle Malkin on two occasions, watched her work, and have nothing but the utmost respect for her abilities. If people are complaining about her it's because she is so good at what she does and they are not.

Back to the issue of the moment. I have had it with this wall-to-wall coverage of Jackson's death. He is in all likelihood the most pathetic person to emerge from America's celebrity mills since - well since the last mindless automaton who was totally lacking in self-esteem and would do virtually anything for a few minutes of media coverage. Take your pick - there is an entire city of these wasted shells of humanity in California.

Yet from the instant, and I mean the instant, that word of his hospitalization and possible death flashed across the wires, the world of the mainstream media went berserk. I was watching something on Fox News when it first started, probably Neal Cavuto who is one of my favorites, and the next thing I knew, Fox had broken away for LIVE COVERAGE of an inanimate hospital building!

Oh, eventually, several dozens of people, probably drawn by the media, had gathered across the street from the hospital to stand around watching the inanimate building, and that of course was far more interesting. Inanimate people are always more interesting than inanimate buildings.

Then the live coverage switched to that alleged palace of porn, also called Neverland Ranch, where the object of the media's attention used to invite young boys - prepubescent boys - to "sleep over" with him, a grown man in his 30s, in his bed, but of course nothing untoward ever happened. They just "played."

Even if "nothing happened" that is just plan sick. And to elevate a person who engages in that kind of lifestyle to the heights of celebrity is beyond irresponsible it is reprehensible.

Anyway, while I was missing the latest news on the state of the American economy, FOX News was showing live coverage of other media outlets' remote transmission trucks pulling up to the Jackson's home so they too could provide live coverage of another inanimate object. Good grief, did anyone think this through?

This crap, posing as news, has continued on for over a week now, and my television has been off for most of that time. I refuse to read any articles about it on my computer and I won't listen to it on the radio. Why?

Because frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!

There are real things happening to real people in this world and a lot of them could have disastrous affects on America and Americans. But we aren't hearing about them, are we?

Did you know that President Barack Obama is being backed into a corner by Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Venezuela and a handful of despotic nut cases around the world and doesn't know what to do about it?

Did you see where Obama looked deep into Russian dictator Vladimir RasPutin's eyes and fell in love? Look it up. It's out there. I heard from a usually reliable source that Obama couldn't take his wife to Saudi Arabia recently because it would be a violation of sharia law, so he sent her on an international shopping spree and spent his spare time learning to bow and scrape.

We should know these things. They are far more important than a town full of sycophants filling an entertainment venue somewhere to pay homage to a pathetic individual who once did some good music but for the last two decades has led a life of public debauchery and deterioration.

Princess Diana had millions of followers and so did Ronald Reagan. Both of them did good things for their countries and for humanity. People came out for their funerals in droves to say a respectful goodbye.

But this? The biggest celebrity sendoff of all time? Complete with a parade of elephants?

Ladies and gentlemen this is truly a circus.

There is plenty to mourn in the death of a person who once had so much talent and the potential to use it for so much good. But there is nothing to "celebrate" in his life, except possibly the end of such a disgraceful public spectacle. What a pathetic role model for America's youth!

I started out watching Fox and Friends this morning to get up to speed on world happenings overnight. But by the time Geraldo Rivera came on with his latest breathless update on who knows what, I decided enough was enough.

Know what else was on at that time? A Food Channel segment on doughnuts, how they're made and some cool places where you can get them. I found that to be of incredible interest.

There is a bakery about 10 minutes away where they make some great sweets and pastries. I think I'll take a break and go pay them a visit. They have excellent coffee too. Both are of far more importance to me right now than this spectacle posing as news.


Anonymous said...

What bakery with sweets and pastries did they highlight? You've got me interested in paying a visit.

Ron Winter said...

They highlighted a dozen or more spots coast to coast. The one I am referring to is the Marlborough Baker, in Marlborough Connecticut, in the Marlborough Commons.

Great spot, great food, nice people. Take out or sit in. And I have no fiduciary interest in it, except what I have invested for doughnuts, pastries and breakfast sandwiches over the years.

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