Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sotomayor Skips Confirmation Hearings; Patrick Leahy Testifies On Her Behalf!

A Sonia Sotomayor impersonator sat through the first full day of real questions on her suitability to serve on the US Supreme Court Tuesday, totally destroying what should have been revealing testimony on her judicial philosophy.

Instead, Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy repeatedly testified on Sotomayor's behalf. He deftly diverted any incisive inquiries from Republicans who were surprisingly intent on showcasing the conflicting comments the real Sotomayor has made on the speech circuit, versus the rehearsed testimony that is supposed to lull America into a false sense of security.

Leahy and his lemmings testified on Sotomayor's behalf to such an extent that it was obvious he should have moved from his chairman's seat to the witness stand. And if he had it would have been equally obvious that Leahy is not qualified to be a Supreme Court justice. Thus, since his testimony is being substituted for the real candidate's, she shouldn't be seated either.

Her commentary on issues running from gun rights to abortion was evasive at best, conflicting and confusing at worst. She had to be bailed out by Leahy and his cohorts so many times that it would not be surprising to see her go down like the Titanic.

The news was full of conflicting stories on how well the Sotomayor impersonator did during the confirmation hearing, but I am wondering whether the Democrats will abandon their game plan. It would be nice to see the real candidate show up, meaning someone who is prepared to answer questions and not fumble around like a fish out of water.

If Republican nominees to the Supreme Court had ever been this unprepared for similar hearings they would have been crucified.

But the Obama White House and the Socialist Democratic Party want Sotomayor to get a pass so they can say they seated the first Hispanic woman on the high court. This they believe will give them an edge that they will desperately need in the fall elections and the mid-term elections next year.

My friends of Hispanic ancestry, of whom there are many, don't necessarily see it that way. In the first place, the Hispanic vote is no more unified than the "white" vote, seeing as how so many countries around the world are populated by Spanish speaking people.

But Americans of Cuban descent don't always agree with Americans of Mexican or Puerto Rican descent, any more than the Scots always agree with the English, or the French with the Germans, etc.

So the Socialist Democrats are flawed in their thinking from the outset and are running the risk of a huge backlash. Sotomayor has not been doing well at all. She has not shown herself to be the very best that America can ask for on the Supreme Court and if she proves to be an embarrassment to whatever segment of the Hispanic community is backing her, the Democrats will reap the resulting whirlwind.

So, even though I have work to do, I plan on keeping the office TV tuned in to FOX News today to keep an eye on the proceedings. You never know what might come out of this if the Republican Senators continue to develop a unified backbone and do the job they were hired to do, rather than misreading the mood of the voting public and kowtowing to Leahy's Lemmings.


cuz Bob said...

Hey Ron....
Aren't the numbers such that Sodameister is a shoe-in anyway??
Cuz Bob

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