Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Californian Claims I Live On the East Coast Because I Believe in Slavery! And Frozen Fruit Lasts Forever!

That headline is obviously not true. Unless you live in Santa Cruz California and attend the City Council meetings to put your point of view into the public domain.

You have to see this video from YouTube! You have to. Perhaps it will shine a little light onto the reasons why I just can't embrace the Socialist Democrats' point of view.

This is all over the Internet and has been getting play on radio stations too. And it should!

I believe in slavery because I live on the East Coast?

Is this woman serious?

Is she a product of the public school system? Has she gone to college? Where? Where do people like her come from? Obviously not the East Coast!

I guess no one told the speaker in this video that about 400,000 white, male East Coasters died fighting to eliminate slavery.

More than 15,000 soldiers came from California and more than 500 Californians died fighting in the east. In the war that ended slavery! In the East.

Including the coastal states.

God help us!


cuz Bob said...

They paid her to get up there and say all that stuff....right??
C'mon Ron...say it isn't so...*LOL*

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