House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a long-term Socialist Democrat from Maryland's 5th Congressional District, appeared on Fox News Sunday this week to apologize for the shortcomings of the Obama Administration's failed "economic stimulus policy."

The plan hasn't worked, the promised jobs have not materialized, and unemployment is approaching 10 percent even though President Obama promised it would not go over 8 percent if his plan was passed, Hoyer admitted sheepishly.

Hoyer said he was terribly "disappointed" in President Obama's failed "economic stimulus policy" and true to form for the Social Democrats, he blamed it all on the Bush Administration going all the way back to 2001 when we were attacked by terrorists who cost the economy something in the nature of $1 trillion.

Actually, considering that President Bush inherited a national security apparatus that was so full of holes you could strain spaghetti through it, and the resultant 9-11 attacks cost so much in infrastructure and business recovery, as well as rebuilding the military after it was dismantled by two previous Clinton administrations, Bush didn't really do too bad. We had a great economy going until the Socialist Democrats manipulated the housing market and then pulled the plug on it a few months before the last election.

But that isn't what I want to talk about. I want to talk about Obama's most recent apologist, Steny Hoyer. Specifically I want to know if he gets his fingernails manicured.

Why? Well it occurred to me as I was listening to his apology for President Obama's failed "economic stimulus policy," and the expected blame shifting and finger pointing, that while millions of Americans are out of work or struggling to get by, Hoyer himself looks pretty prosperous.

He was wearing a suit that probably cost a couple of months pay for the average American, his tie looked to be worth at least a week's average income, and even his white shirt looked brand new, starched to a razor edge and tailored to fit perfectly.

His hair was nicely coiffed, except for one stray hair over his left ear - stage right as you look at the TV - that was shooting off into space. He really looked like he had been put together by a platoon of gentlemen's gentlemen who overlooked nothing while ensuring that he projected the best possible television image, except for that wild hair.

Which got me to wondering whether he gets manicures too? I mean, that would round out his image wouldn't it? I couldn't tell for sure because he kept his hands down for most of the segment and even when they were up in camera range, the Fox logo often obscured them.

I kept asking myself, how could a true blue Socialist Democrat allow himself to spend what has to be thousands upon thousands of dollars to keep his image polished when so many people are out of work? Shouldn't he be taking that money and donating it to a soup kitchen, or handing out hundred dollar bills on the unemployment line, to really help stimulate the economy?

How many people do you think he keeps employed by tending to his wardrobe and hair style? A handful at best I'd say. But if he took that money and put it where it would really do some good, well, then maybe we'd see some REAL stimulus instead of President Obama's failed economic stimulus policy.

Speaking of which, did you see on the news that while the Obama Administration claimed that there were "shovel ready projects" all over America that would spring to life the instant his "economic stimulus policy" was passed, the number that actually are ready amount to only 25 percent of the $800 billion. Meaning that $200 billion might enter the economy over the next year or so, but $600 billion is sitting in government coffers, unexpended. As far as we know.

I wonder what President Obama is planning to do with the additional $600 billion now that his "economic stimulus policy" has failed miserably? Tanking, to use one of Hoyer's expressions.

He isn't secretly building up that "national police force" is he? You remember that don't you? Candidate Obama talked about it out in Utah just about a year ago, and said he wanted it to be as large, well-equipped and well-funded as the military.

You know how much it costs to run the military each year? About $500 billion. It's true. So if President Obama is secretly building a secret national police force he'll have plenty of money to do it with, and about $100 billion left over for pocket change.

Now, where would you go about building a secret police force if you didn't want anyone knowing it until it was too late? How about the inner cities? Say where you have neighborhood activists at work who are likely to take a bribe - I'm sorry, I mean a patronage job - and keep their mouths shut.

The inner cities are the last place you'd expect to see the government actually doing something, even though there is so much need, because there are so few votes. Yeah, that would be the ideal location.

Hey, if you see any shady looking characters lurking around neighborhood centers in the inner city and they aren't there to help people get educated and find jobs, you may want to call your nearest blogger and let it out on the Internet. Don't waste your time calling the media, especially outfits like the Washington Post; they're too busy making money from influence peddling and similar rackets.

Do you think Obama really took his family to Russia on the 4th of July holiday for an actual "summit," or are they there for indoctrination? Inquiring minds certainly would like to know.

One last thing from Fox News Sunday today: did you notice that you can tell who in the Republican Party or conservative orthodoxy was undermining Sarah Palin during the presidential campaign just by how they react to her announcement that she is stepping down as Governor of Alaska?

Everyone who really likes her and supports her says, 'Wait and see. Let's see how this plays out. She may be crazy like a fox. Don't say the voters will see her as a quitter. Obama quit his Senate seat after barely a year into it to run for president and it sure didn't hurt him.'

But the sniveling cowards who have been leaking false stories to the press, and stabbing her in the back at every opportunity are bashing her now, using the same exact words and criticisms that the Socialist Democrats are using.

Remember on Friday I said someone had used the word 'rambling" to describe her announcement speech and you could be sure the lemmings would all jump on and use the same expression? OK, I was off by one Thesaurus entry.

The lemmings now are saying "incoherent" instead of rambling. Know what? I read the whole speech. It is here:

Read it yourself and see what you think. I understood it. Maybe the alleged GOP expert lemmings are just stupid. Maybe English is not their native language. Maybe they are saying that in hopes that most Americans won't read the speech. Made sense to me. Check it out for yourself.

At least the Socialist Democrats are staying true to their party. The alleged Republicans are just traitors and cowards who didn't have the courage to take her on openly.

I have to ask: Just how much stock should I put in the opinions of a bunch of self-anointed "experts," the vast majority of whom have never sought an elected position in their entire lives, especially when they haven't even been successful at getting anyone else elected in the last 5 years?

Maybe they really aren't Republicans. Maybe they are just self-serving saboteurs, who are working behind the scenes for the Socialist Democrats.

Maybe Sarah Palin figured that out right away last fall, and decided to swim against the tide and get something done. After all, as she pointed out on Friday "only dead fish go with the flow." Personally, I think the alleged top of the alleged GOP inside the D.C. beltway reeks of dead fish.

I think I'll wait and see before I pass judgment on Mrs. Palin.