Friday, July 03, 2009

Will The REAL Republicans Please Stand Up? Where is Michael Steele When We Need Him? Socialist Democrats Are Ruining the Country!

So the anti-socialists in Congress are now hopelessly outnumbered, since the Minnesota Supreme Court has agreed that seating a clown - failed comedian Al Franken - in the Senate is not only appropriate, it is the voters' will.

I guess in a way there is a perverted logic to all of this. Franken was never funny, couldn't keep a TV or radio job for long, and since all of his jokes and diatribes were left wing, ultra-socialist inspired - and thus not the least bit humorous - he now needs to go on welfare to pay his bills, instead of getting a job.

What better gig than a six-year stint in the Senate where he can't be fired and the voters pay his salary, health care - far better than anything the average voter is getting - retirement, office expenses, staff expenses, travel expenses, family expenses, entourage expenses, lobbyist expenses, campaign expenses, expense expenses and miscellaneous expenses?

Meanwhile the House of Representatives passed the so-called Cap and Trade bill that limits the amount of carbon dioxide that American industries can emit annually, after eight alleged Republicans switched sides and voted with the socialists. I received this composite over the Internet the other day and it fits very nicely right here, don't you think?

Remember these faces the next time they come up for election. They may campaign as Republicans and non-socialists, but now we know better don't we? Don't forget, please.

The cap is intended to reduce so-called Greenhouse Gas emissions that were a big worry during the eight year campaign to oust George Bush from the White House through use of the now debunked Global Warming ruse.

Even though global temperatures are falling like a rock and even though the whole Global Warming scam has been denounced by thousands of non-political reputable scientists worldwide, as opposed to the politically oriented hacks posing as scientists who supported it, the socialist Obama administration and its lackeys in Congress still want Cap and Trade passed. That is even though the two largest polluting countries in the world, India and China, will have nothing to do with it because they know it is a joke.

Don't get me wrong. I firmly believe we have far better, non-polluting forms of energy available to us, and pollution is a very dirty word to me.

But the Socialist Obama administration and his lackeys in Congress are bent on dismantling the capitalist system that has served the United States for 233 years, and replacing it with a failed system that is being cast aside in every country where the individual still has a mind and the ability to use it. But the Socialist Democratic Party couldn't do it even with 60 members of the Senate and a huge majority in the House unless they get a bunch of turncoats to side with them. But that doesn't seem to be a problem now does it?

Which is why I want to know what happened to GOP National Chairman Michael Steele? Oh, I heard him on Fox News the other day taking on Obama and his minions, but that isn't what we need right now.

We need Michael Steele to be jumping ugly - my phrase not his - all over any alleged Republican Representative or Senator who crosses to the other side. Mr. Steele has plenty of ammo to use, namely campaign funds.

The Republican Party in Connecticut where I live has a long history of screwing over people who aren't part of the inner circle of party hacks. Promising help to aspiring candidates who then get left swinging in the breeze when they find out that only some candidates, who get prior approval from D.C., really get any help, is a big joke and a favorite pastime of the Connecticut GOP's inner circle. No kidding, I've seen this time and time again.

So why isn't the national chairman using that power by standing up and calling these people out? Why isn't he letting them know that he can have a big impact on their next election, even at the state level where he can see that a primary opponent gets full support of the national apparatus?

I have been pulling for this guy since before he was even considered a prime contender for the national party's highest office. So let's see what he can do when the chips are down.

I got a request from national for some more money a week or so ago. They even sent me a nicely embossed ID card. But I think I'll wait a bit longer to see how this plays out. If Michael Steele is just going to be another insider with no real regard for the rank and file, he doesn't need my money. He can get it from just about any lobbyist inside the beltway, or at least the Washington Post.

Last year, before the elections, I was asked by many of my college students exactly why I am a Republican instead of a Socialist Democrat. I told them that the core values of the Republican Party, smaller government, lower taxes, less intrusion into our daily lives, less needless regulation, less bureaucracy, more individual freedoms and more individual responsibility, are more to my way of thinking than the values of the Socialist Democrats who now are in power.

I further explained that the Socialist Democrats believe in much bigger government, much higher taxes, much more intrusion into our daily lives, far more needless regulations, far more bureaucracy, fewer individual freedoms and far less individual responsibility. It came as somewhat of a surprise that once my students understood the difference between Republicans and Socialist Democrats they said they tended more toward the GOP than the Socialist Democratic Party.

But if we are going to attract new members to our party and take our country back, we have to have a leader who is willing to engage, and cast out turncoats. So what say Mr. Steele? Can we expect to see you taking a more dramatic approach to turncoats in the near future?

I don't want him to feel he is being pressured over this, but let's face it, the fate of our party and thus the country, is on his shoulders.


Anonymous said...

Ron, you speak truth when you say, "The Republican Party in Connecticut where I live has a long history of screwing over people who aren't part of the inner circle of party hacks. Promising help to aspiring candidates who then get left swinging in the breeze when they find out that only some candidates, who get prior approval from D.C., really get any help, is a big joke and a favorite pastime of the Connecticut GOP's inner circle. No kidding, I've seen this time and time again."

A few months ago I was privy to a conversation among high-ranking CT GOP insiders about the upcoming U.S. Senate race. Although they were aware of my identity, they were completely unaware of my allegiances and perception of them.

They were bemoaning the decision of State Senator Sam Caligiuri to challenge former Rep. Rob Simmons for the nomination. In their conversations they seemed to regard the nomination as Simmons's birthright because he had served in Congress. They spoke about how Caligiuri was an overall good guy "except for what he's doing challenging Simmons". Moreover, they spoke about how Caligiuri would find himself "shut out" from fundraising channels, especially those outside the party.

Although I respect Simmons for his service to his country, I don't think he's a particularly forward-looking candidate to elect. Why should we focus on our resources on electing a Senator who is older than Chris Dodd, and can serve at most two terms? I also question whether Simmons is a real conservative. During his time in Congress he seemed to stray from social conservatism on some key economic issues in addition to social issues. Among them would be (1) His steadfast opposition to drilling in ANWR, (2) Co-sponsoring card-check in 2006, (3) Support of project-labor agreements. Simmons seems too willing to pander to unions and environmental groups. With this kind of a track record I question whether he is the conservative that he claims to be or if he's just another New England RINO.

But the larger issue here is that I find the back room efforts of state party insiders to rig the nomination for Simmons to be disturbing. It points to a larger issue: the reality that many GOP insiders actively work to impede the efforts of talented candidates… is it any wonder that the Socialist Democrat Party has control of the country? We'll never win when we're divided like this.

Anonymous said...

"The Republican Party in Connecticut where I live has a long history of screwing over people who aren't part of the inner circle of party hacks. "

I don't know… but if you ask me, this kinda sounds like the situation in Enfield. I head on the Dan Lovallo show about the party chair blackballing a girl by the name of Sue who's on the BOE here. They claimed she had a tough temper. I'm telling you, you need it in Enfield. Nice guys get owned by the Democrats.

Ron Winter said...

Obviously there are other Republicans in Connecticut who feel as I do.

But I should point out that Rob Simmons is my friend, a fellow Vietnam vet, an honorable representative, and I am supporting him.

Unless and until Rob is beaten in a primary I will be backing him. I don't consider Rob the penultimate insider, and yet I don't always agree with his decisions. Then again, I don't always agree with my wife, but I'm not planning a divorce. He represented the 2nd very well, and he will represent the state very well - the whole state and everyone in the state.

Rob is honest, intelligent, and one of the most skilled people we have had in Congress in the area of international relations.

And I don't believe his age has anything to with his qualifications. In fact, I think age is a cheap shot, not a viable issue, and a sure way to lose the senior vote.

If you are supporting Sam, you may want to rethink that approach, especailly if you run the demographics on how many seniors vote.


Anonymous said...

Ron, although I disagree with you, I respect you 100% in your support for Simmons. You are an honorable man and fighting the fight the way its supposed to be fought. My beef is with the party insiders who think they are doing the GOP a favor by rigging nominations. Recognizing that you are supporting Rob, would you agree with me in saying that Rob has no special claim to the nomination and that he has to campaign just as hard as the other candidates to earn it?

I am not supporting Caligiuri. I haven't yet decided who to support.

What I can tell you is that I'm tired of the moderate nanny state RINO republicanism of major figures within the CT GOP, like Jodi Rell and Chris Shays. I honestly believe that Simmons would represent Connecticut along these lines, and that this is why he has the tacit support of newspapers like The Hartford Courant.

Let me ask you a question Ron. Why have republicans, especially "moderate" republicans like Simmons, Shays, and Johnson been losing their seats? It would seem to me that the defeats suffered by the all these folks would seem to indicate that "moderate" republicanism isn't getting people to the polls. Given these punishing defeats, we have little to lose by trying a conservative strategy.

What I will say is that there are a lot of honest hard-working republicans who are pissed off at the GOP party establishment and believe that GOP insiders and party bosses are part of the problem. I have to say that I'm pissed off at what's happened to the party… how our ideal, our values, and our principles have all been watered down. How in God's good name did we end up with John McCain as our presidential candidate? I think a lot of republicans are upset with the party establishment for the GOP Congressional majority that lost its way, the nomination of John McCain (who clearly was a terrible candidate), and the continued defection of so-called "Republicans" on key issues like cap-and-trade.

Let me ask you three more questions, Ron.
(1) What did the senior vote do for John McCain?
(2) What makes you think that Simmons will do better than John McCain in Connecticut? The two of them seem an awful lot alike.
(3) How does Simmons win the state, given his struggles to hold onto the 2nd Congressional District? What if Dodd drops out and Simmons has to go head to head against Chris Murphy? Or in other words it people's anger at Dodd comes off the table as an issue, how does Simmons fare on his own merits?

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