Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse on the international scene, the president of the Untied States, Barack Obama, the philosophical cellmate of world wide communism, is desperately trying to convince 300 million Americans that more than a billion Chinese wrongly believe he worships the late murderous communist leader Mao Tse Tung.

I guess all those Obamao posters and T-shirts popping up in every market in China, especially those showing Obama in a Mao cap and a Red Guard uniform, were just China's answer to Saturday Night Live. But FOX News and CNN didn't seem to share the humor. In fact, it was on FOX that I saw the report of the Chinese security apparatus - cops in America - detaining a CNN reporter who was doing a story on the T-shirts and the image they send to Americans who are wondering just who they elected last year anyway.

The official line was that all the street vendors who were selling T-shirts with the Obama Red Guard logo were ordered to remove them in advance of his visit. But not everyone got the word, or not everyone complied because western news outlets, which apparently didn't exist in China until just this week, suddenly discovered plenty of the incriminating items of apparel.

Here, I'll show it to you again in case you missed the one at the top of the column.

I have been saying for some time now, as have many other Americans, that if it walks like a communist, and talks like a communist, and surrounds itself with communists, and the Chinese general public makes and buys T-shirts showing it as a communist, then it probably is a communist. "It" would mean President Obama in this case.

When he was done bowing and scraping in Japan, and backing way, way, way, way off pending international climate change legislation, Obama went inside the walls of the Forbidden City for an out-of-sight meeting with China's President Hu Jintao.

Now, the US Office of Propaganda - aka the Mainstream Media - claims that they had a wonderful dinner, lavish might be the more appropriate word, and that Obama put the Chinese Premier in his place. Only lemmings and the Democratic Party faithful really believe that line. The real deal is that China is holding US markers worth three-quarters of a trillion dollars which puts the Chinese in the driver's seat of the American economy.

Obama might have talked smack to a bunch of Chinese students at a town hall meeting - "It's time China opened up access to the Internet!" Yeah, that'll show them - but he wasn't dictating anything to anyone once they got out of the public view. You see, Obama's policies are screwing up the US economy and things are getting worse every day. These are his programs - stimulus bills that only stimulate unknown businesses in make believe locations, for instance - and all we have to show for them are higher unemployment and a deepening national deficit.

The Chinese don't like the way things are going because they started making serious investments in the US economy way back in the Clinton administration. They have made great leaps toward casting off many of the trappings of communism, at least in the way the Chinese people can now pursue entrepreneurship, and their efforts to withdraw from the image as the world's most restrictive communist state while moving toward capitalism has been going on for a couple of decades. They own the Untied States, because they are the bank for the Untied States, thanks to successive administrations of shameless buck passers, but that also means they want, they need, a strong dollar. If the American economy goes bust, the dollar goes bust, and the Chinese are holding nothing more than worthless paper. Thus, Obama's decision to destroy the US free market economy and install a government run economy is pretty much out of sync with everyone except Kim Jong Ill, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Mamoud Ahmadinejad.

You can bet your bippy that when Hu Jintao disappeared behind the walls of the Forbidden City with Obama at his heel, the conversation quickly turned from amiable platitudes to "Just what the hell do you think you're doing? We've got three-quarters of a trill invested with you guys and my people aren't going to like it if the dollar tanks and takes our investments with it."

Now, personally, I don't think the Chinese should own so much as a dime's worth of the US, but the fact is they do, and for now they could well be our best chance of Obama backing off his conversion to communism. If the world's biggest communist nation has seen that the best way toward freedom and prosperity for all is the market place, they aren't going to suddenly change direction just because someone else wants to go all retro.

There is no doubt in my mind that a lecture was delivered inside the Forbidden City and Obama was the recipient. There also is no doubt that Obama was being ordered around like a busboy at an all you can eat buffet, and he wasn't saying squat in response. Hu and Obama are cellmates, and Hu is the Alpha Male. Obama is his kid, and his job is to run errands, take orders and provide whatever the Chinese president needs to make him happy. Obama is a beta male, ( just barely ) and he knows he is further down the pecking order than his counterparts on the international scene. Obama, his advisers, and his political associates have been hard at work running the American economy into the ground ever since January to prepare the country for the imposition of total government control.

But now he has been told that a failed American economy, and particularly a move toward communism when most communists are moving toward a free economy, is not particularly desirable.

It is high time Obama gets himself back on Air Force One, starts studying free market economy textbooks and makes an effort to get people off of unemployment and doing something productive instead. Because the last thing he wants American voters to see is Hu Jintao ordering him back to China, telling him to jump when Hu says "Jump," and Obama asking "How high?" on the way up.

I mean a picture of that kind of exchange would be worse by a hundredfold than bowing to an emperor or a king, not that Obama would ever consider embarrassing the entire Untied States with such an obsequious display.