Some pretty smart people are taking apart the Obama Administration's claims that the nearly 1 trillion dollars worth of stimulus money that he and the Democrat-controlled Congress authorized shortly after he took office is positively impacting our economy.

In fact just the opposite appears to be the case according to many reports and comments I have heard over the last several weeks. Stimulus money apparently hasn't made much of an impact at all, and now people are wondering just where it all went.

For instance it turns out that the Cash For Clunkers program was a clunker itself, costing the taxpayers about $24,000 for every car that was purchased as a result of the program. We also are hearing from every corner of the country that tens of thousands of jobs that were claimed to have been created or saved due to stimulus funds actually were fabricated.

There also are reports that whatever good the stimulus money might have done has already been done and we should not expect to see the unemployment figures decline any time soon. Those figures also are not really accurate because the 10.2 percent that has been bandied about for the past week only reflects those unemployed American workers who are still receiving unemployment benefits.

Workers who have been unemployed for too long and have given up on looking for non-existent jobs still are unemployed, but not counted. I have heard several times that the true figure for unemployed workers is somewhere in the range of 1 out of every 5 - or about 20 percent, not 10 percent. That is sobering, scary actually.

And to top it all off, people are now saying that so-called stimulus money is being counted as funding "shovel ready" projects, when many of those projects already were funded by other sources previous to the passage of the stimulus package.

So where has all the stimulus money gone? My vote is that somewhere in this country, maybe in many locations in this country, the foundation is being laid for the Obama Security Force - that huge federal police force he was advocating in July 2007 on the campaign trail in Utah and before. Remember that? The police force that was to be as large and as well funded and equipped as the American military?

Meaning it had to have about $500 billion per year to equip and sustain. Meaning that if only 10 percent of the stimulus has actually been used, there is plenty stashed away somewhere for a huge force of thugs, including brown shirts and jack boots.

Why do I feel this way, especially absent any direct evidence? Well, for starters, you can convict a person in America on circumstantial evidence, if the preponderance of the evidence points toward that conclusion. The rule in American courts is proof "beyond a reasonable doubt" not beyond "a shadow of a doubt" so I don't have to show specific acts if I can show a movement in that direction.

So let's start with the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans are wildly unhappy with President Obama's actions, as shown by recent polls where his approval rating has dropped to about 42 percent.

Then it gets worse as people are going apoplectic over the nationalization of the health care system, not to mention his bowing to the Japanese emperor and endless apologies to other countries, most of which have historical records that make America look holy in comparison.

Yet, Mr. President is absolutely unfazed by any of this. He continues to send out his stooges who continue to fabricate, manipulate and outright lie to the American public, which isn't fooled by any of them. Yet the administration continues on its merry way seemingly oblivious to the level of dissatisfaction that is on the verge of exploding in his face.

What would keep anyone from reacting, pulling back, and rethinking their plans when so many people are showing so strongly that those plans are on the wrong track? Two options are possible right off the top of my head. One would be absolute denial, which could play a part in this, and the second would be the knowledge that you have the armaments and muscle to impose your will on the populace regardless of what the populace wants.

Then we have this issue of terrorists being tried on American soil, in a New York City court and the claim that "when" they are convicted, not "if" but "when," they could be housed in the maximum-security Thomson Correctional Center, about 150 miles from Chicago that is underused and will be the perfect place to put people who are a danger to the American public. Depending on your definition of "a danger to the public."

OK, so there are five terrorists, and thousands of cells in that prison - 1600 to be specific. Even if you bring all the 215 terrorist detainees in Guantanamo to Thompson if this all goes through, the government will have about 1,300 available cells in Thomson. Who is going to fill up the rest of the cells?

We wouldn't keep that prison open, and running at a huge deficit, just for a relatively small number of terrorists would we? Especially when we already have a prison for those terrorists - offshore - in a place called Guantanamo!

In a statement last week the Thomson prison was referred to as a "virtually vacant, state of the art facility." So why does the Obama Administration want to duplicate what it already has in a much safer area, especially when Guantanamo was specifically built for terrorists and they would have one hell of a time creating problems for the American public if they ever escaped?

Officials toured the facility last week and it is worth noting that they didn't specifically say the prison would being utilized for Guantanamo detainees. But federal officials did say that overcrowding is a "serious issue and one of the reasons why the Bureau of Prisons is interested in viewing Thomson Correction Center."

I see. And aside from 250 or so terrorists, where exactly are federal officials expected a surge of prisoner to originate?

As part of the conversion at Thomson the Bureau of Prisons and Defense Department would enhance security measures to "exceed" those of the nation's only supermax prison - the maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado.

Here's another issue. Diversion. By that I mean the Obama Administration is working hard to not only explode our national debt to levels never even imagined in the history of this country, in fact doubling the national debt in a matter of months, but to keep our eye on that ball. The whole world knows this is economic suicide but the Obama Administration, supported by the Pelosi House of Representatives and Reid Senate, continues to pile on when we could turn this around by one vote of Congress.

Why? My vote goes to keeping us watching the right hand so we aren't aware of what the left hand is doing. There are many other facets to this theory, more than I want to explore at the moment, but the possibility that much of what concerns us - stimulus money, national health care, Afghanistan dithering - may be just what the President ordered to keep us from eyeballing what he is really doing.

Unfortunately, I no longer have faith in this administration, nor do I believe the president can be trusted. Whatever he is doing I doubt it is for the benefit of the American public. And from this vantage point, keeping an eye on his plans for a national security force should be a matter of overriding national interest.