Monday, November 30, 2009

To Hell With Government Controlled Health Insurance - Pass Amendment 28

Thanksgiving is over, Congress is back in session, and the world is spiraling downward into a millennium of darkness and misery. But if you believe a bevy of leftist bimbettes who have been popping up on FOX News all morning, we should all just put our faith in the government of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

They claim that government is our friend and government will take care of us, and government will do everything for us if we just put our faith in government. I even heard one of Harry Reid's stooges call a woman who was offering an opposing viewpoint a Liar on one of the Fox morning shows. Obviously the left is going hysterical and pulling out all the stops to force us to once again mindlessly accept government mandates as good and inevitable.

Sorry Charlette. The great sleeping giant of American public opinion has been awakened, is aware and is not happy. Trusting that bunch of lame-assed dipsticks in Congress is no longer an option. But there are a few things that could bring some level of respect back to the table.

How about this? The proposed amendment to the US Constitution below has been streaking around the Internet for the past several weeks, so much so that I have received it from no less than a dozen separate places. None of the sources forwarded it from someone else in my address book, so I have concluded that wherever it originated, the proposed 28th Amendment has really caught fire.

How about if we put everything else on the back burner and put this on an emergency basis? With the exception of getting more troops to Afghanistan there are no emergencies pending. Yes you blithering morons who blabbed about "defeat" on all of the Sunday talk shows, we can too win there!

Urgent, maybe, priority, maybe, but emergency no. Only our troops are facing life and death issues and they need everything we can give them. So, read the proposed amendment, and then we'll talk a bit more.

Amendment 28

Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

What I like about this amendment is that it puts into words what should be obvious to all American citizens even if they do serve in Congress. We are supposed to be a representative democracy where Congress does not RULE but rather SERVES.

It is obvious that many people in the ruling party in Congress have forgotten how our government is supposed to work, and instead are applying their own regulations. It is obvious that many in our government have forgotten or never learned that we are a society that does not have formal classes that rule the masses.

We are a society where people who are born to material riches can squander their inheritance and they will in fact fall to the bottom. They have no birthright that guarantees them a standard of living and a place in society no matter how worthless they are as individuals.

By the same token, a person who is born to penury can rise to the top levels of this country and no one can take that away from them, except of course the government which is constantly trying to dumb down our most productive people.

We repeatedly hear the Office of Propaganda - also known as the Mainstream Media - harping about how Congress is going to pay for its latest mind-numbingly stupid idea by "taxing only the rich."

THE RICH do not constitute a specific class in America. THE RICH, for the most part, get rich by very hard work, putting in long, long hours on the job that themselves come after extraordinary efforts at meaningful eduction. That is how individuals become rich and people who put in that much time and effort at education and work should not have the fruits of their labors ripped from them because a bunch of other people who don't want to work that hard, whine about not getting their "fair share."

We have no classes in America. We have levels of society that are fluid and borderless, with citizens moving through them in exactly the direction their efforts take them. Work hard, keep an eye on what the government is doing - because it rarely is doing anything productive - and rely on yourself rather than banks, the stock market and especially the government, and you will do well.

Get involved in drugs, alcohol, gambling and other nefarious activities and you'll eventually trip and fall. But the great thing is that even bad fortunes can be reversed if you go back to the basics and learn from your mistakes.

So, think about that for a moment and then take a long hard look at the US Congress. Here we have a group of less than 700 people out of 300 million, who think that simply by winning a popularity contest they suddenly become wise beyond all others, and privileged as well.

They take our tax dollars without asking a word about our opinions, they commit our unborn great-grandchildren to lifetimes of fiscal slavery by squandering trillions of dollars that they don't have. They limit our basic constitutional rights under virtually every Article and Amendment and they do it without so much as a thought to what we think, even though their job is to do OUR bidding, not their own.

So how about this Amendment 28? It would require Congress to do for and unto itself what it does unto us. I like it. I like it a lot. I like it every bit as much as I like terms limits.

Let's table the debate on the government taking over health care insurance - that's what they are really doing. Congress is not debating Health Care. We have excellent health care in America, the best in the world. It can always improve, but it still is pretty damn good.

Congress and the Obama Administration are nationalizing health INSURANCE because it is a great way to take taxpayer dollars without calling it a tax. Believe me, Congress is just finding a new way to tax us by claiming it is going to provide universal health care.

We already have universal health care as I have written before. No one in America is denied medical care when they need medical care. If they go to a clinic or emergency room the law requires that they be treated, and the taxpayers are already picking up the tab.

All that will change under Harry Reid's proposal, or Nancy Pelosi's proposal or Barack Obama's proposal is that the government will collect the premiums (taxes) and it will be mandatory to pay, rather than voluntary as it is now.

So let's give ourselves a break from the stress and frustration that the classless Congress is heaping upon us. Let's start calling our Senators and Representatives and impress upon them our determination that what is good for us, is good for them. Or else.

11 months to Judgment Day.


cuz Bob said...

Amendment 28...I REALLY like that idea !
That added to term limits should put congress back in its place as servants, not owners.

Cuz Bob

Remember in November 2010

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