Americans are understandably upset about President Barack Obama's decision Friday to bring five terrorists who planned the 9-11 attacks to trial in New York.

The decision was announced by his attorney general while Obama was out of town - once again bowing to the leader of another country. But to make believe this was done without the approval of the president as some have claimed, thus leaving us with the option that it was an overreaching decision by an opportunistic appointee, is sheer fantasy. As my late father would have said, "Don't give me that guff!"

This was an Obama decision, yet as his repeated public displays of subservience to other leaders, first to the king of Saudi Arabia, now to the emperor of Japan, have shown, he is not the kind of president who will stand up for himself, his country or his decisions.

It was hilarious back when Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, a harshly Moslem country, and his aides claimed he wasn't really bowing, just looking at his shoes, or for a quarter he dropped, or his contact lens, or maybe was just checking to make sure his zipper was zipped. But as the recent overseas photo from Reuters shows below, Obama has a habit of checking his zipper, or bowing, take your pick. Either way his actions are unseemly.

It is absolutely amazing that the announcement to hold terrorist trials in New York came while Obama was bowing to the Emperor of Japan so that he was once again shielded from the eruption of public dissatisfaction with his decision.

Obama is great on apologizing for America, but he won't face his own countrymen, if he actually believes we are his countrymen, if he can use a subordinate to take the heat.

Legions of citizens believe this decision - to bring terrorists to our soil - is a gross error on Obama's part for reasons ranging from simple acquiescence to the terrorists' demands - they want to be tried in New York the scene of their highest success - to matters of national security. If you believe the Obama Administration's assertions that this is a great idea, then you probably love the part of the movie Animal House where Kevin Bacon screams "All is Well, All is Well," while he unsuccessfully attempts to halt an onrushing mob.

The administration is definitely screaming "All is Well." For instance, Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed said on Fox News Sunday this morning that there is no way any of these terrorists will be released. Period. Well, then why are we going through this charade of a trial? Reed said they won't be acquitted and they won't be released. So, just how is this going to impress all those Moslem nations when they see the outcome is preordained? Is that how they do it in those countries? Justice is just a word, not a real part of their government? When Chris Wallace asked what happens if they are released and then picked up again for further attacks against us, Reed said in essence, "Not to worry."

OK, I'm not worried. I'm not worried that they'll get released, or maybe I should say not too worried, but I am very worried about other issues.

Because what this decision really accomplishes is to give the terrorists rights under American law, through the pre-trial process of Discovery, that once again provide access to our intelligence and security secrets. Methodology, sources, undercover agents, both foreign and domestic, all will be at risk as the terrorists' lawyers use our own system to determine how evidence against their clients was gathered.

Conservative columnist Bill Kristol made this very point on FNS today noting that it happened in the 1995 trial of the Blind Sheik under Bill Clinton's administration. The B.S. was convicted of the first World Trade Center bombing that was marginally successful. He was sentenced to life and is now sitting in prison providing daily evidence to legions of terrorist wannabes around the world that he is a martyr to the cause. Meanwhile, reams of intelligence info were placed in the hands of these very same terrorists, and what happened as a result?

Oh yes, the bombing of the Khobar Towers American military housing in Saudi Arabia, the bombing of two American embassies in Africa, the bombing of the USS Cole, and let's see, what else? Oh yes, of course, the second bombing of the World Trade Center, successfully this time, the bombing of the Pentagon and the crash of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania when passengers thwarted another attempted hit on Washington, at the expense of everyone on board.

It is obvious from his trips overseas to avoid the media each time he acts - or doesn't - that these issues may be necessary stepping stones for the president's overall goal, but they aren't urgent. It is obvious that he is moving steadily in the direction of destroying the American government as it has existed for more than two centuries and replacing it with something much closer to communism.

His administration is marked by manipulation of a fawning media that now is little more than the Office of Propaganda; manipulation of the housing market and mortgage banking enabling a government takeover of many financial institutions; nationalizing the auto industry; and the ongoing attempts to nationalize health care.

He sees no urgency even in making a decision on the fate of thousands of US troops facing enemy forces overseas. And he sees no urgency in answering the desperate pleas of the millions of Americans who believed that he stood for meaningful change, not change that would destroy our country.

He is leaving the people who believed in him, supported him, and voted for him swinging in the shifting winds of change, and they are both unhappy and powerless. They have been deceived and they know it, but admitting it will take time. Which is why nothing about terrorism, our government, our troops or our country is in the URGENT box on Obama's desk.

Nor are these issues ever likely to be marked urgent. Because this administration is not about America, freedom and democracy, it is all about Obama, and his ego. These issues will become urgent for America only when they become urgent for Obama.

It would have been nice, especially for his supporters, if Obama really intended to bring positive change to our country. But as he is showing, his change is not for the better, and it should seem obvious that it is going to get much, much worse.