Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Congress: Please Grow a Pair of Cojones! And Castrate The EPA! It's the Money, Stupid! Ka-Ching!

The government of the United States of America has three main branches, as outlined in the Constitution: the Executive Branch headed by the President; the Legislative Branch - Congress; and the Judicial Branch, the final arbiter of which is the Supreme Court.

These branches exist to create a set of checks and balances so that no one branch becomes all powerful.

If the president wants legislation passed he has to go to Congress. He can get around Congress to some degree by executive decrees, but if he wants permanent legislation or programs he has to get it through Congress.

On the other hand, if the president doesn't like legislation passed by Congress, he can veto it. Congress can rewrite the legislation more to the president's liking, but if it really believes its legislation is good for the country it can override the president's veto with a two-thirds vote.

If the president or members of the general public still maintain that the legislation is bad, then individuals or groups who claim they are harmed by the new law can file a court case and eventually have it heard by the Supreme Court if necessary. That court can uphold or strike down the legislation, and if the latter occurs the process starts all over again.

If the public doesn't like what is going on in Congress or the White House we have the opportunity every two years to start the replacement process. Except that the Supreme Court justices are there for life or until they voluntarily step down.

You'll note that nowhere in this process have we mentioned bureaucrats. That's because the Constitution doesn't provide for an all-powerful bureaucracy. If you want to see what happens when the bureaucracy - with one all-powerful chief executive - takes over, look to Nazism or communism. Under those systems the people have no real say in their government, and most decisions are made according to rules and regulations that are imposed unemotionally and without a shred of originality.

If you want a more personal vision of a bureaucracy think Motor Vehicles Department. Think of going to register a new car, standing in line at the information desk to get the proper forms, filling them out, then standing in another line to have them processed, only to have another clerk tell you that you have the wrong form, or not enough forms. You get sent back to square one and start all over. That is a bureaucracy.

I'm telling you this because one of President Barack Obama's top bureaucrats, Lisa Jackson, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has told the US Congress to get moving on passing so-called Cap and Trade legislation or her agency will do it for them through new EPA regulations! Jackson said she wants the US to slash greenhouse gas emissions by ninety percent by 2050, which means in forty years she wants a complete end to traditional forms of industry and a total makeover of the American economy.

Ms. Jackson, told this to the delegates at the Copenhagen global warming conference on Tuesday, saying to wild applause from the junk science profiteers and environmental liars assembled there that the Obama administration will use its executive authority to enforce climate legislation. She tried to soften her comments by saying she would be working with Congress, not in place of Congress, but few if any Americans took that line seriously.

Cap and Trade legislation would put a limit on the amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted each year by each company that has emissions, which, if they are run by people who breathe, means everyone, since we all emit carbon dioxide every time we exhale. The trade part means that companies with too much carbon dioxide can get credits from companies that already are below their emissions limits.

Basically what Jackson is saying is that in order to suck up to a bunch of foreign countries who are trying to use the ruse of global warming as an excuse to embezzle trillions of dollars from developed countries, she is going to shut down American industry, putting thousands of people out of work and relegating us to lower-than-third-world status.

News reports say delegates are trying to decide how much ransom the better developed - "wealthy" - nations will pay, to undeveloped - "poor" - nations for adapting to global warming and producing renewable energy.

Do you realize that the United States has been sending hundreds of billions of dollars to these third-world con artists for decades, yes decades, in the form of foreign aid to help them jump start their economies? Do you know why they are still "poor?"

Because for the most part they are run by tin-pot dictators, strongmen and war lords who steal the bulk of America's largesse right at the docks or air freight terminals and precious little of it actually makes it to the people who are supposed to be helped. But the State Department maintains that we have to keep doing this because we don't want to alienate the leaders of the global con community. This might have had some relevance back in the Cold War but since we have won I suggest we move on.

Four countries - Britain, Australia, Mexico, and Norway - proposed setting up a fund with $10 billion in seed money, but the "poor" delegates - who got to Denmark by private jets and limousines - say $10 billion is chump change and they want hundreds of billions of dollars so they adapt to climate change.

(How can the Maldives, a bunch of coral atolls out in the Indian Ocean which grow bananas and tropical fruits, and which have a maximum elevation of less than six feet above mean sea level, "adapt" to rising seas? The seas have been rising for ten thousand freaking years! Why is it now my problem? Adapt? I suggest relocate! No offense intended to anyone who actually lives there, I'm sure they are wonderful people. But please, let's get real.)

The New York Times says it would cost many trillions of dollars to implement a global treaty that weans the world off fossil fuels, spurs development of renewable energy, and funds efforts to adapt to global warming.

I have a better idea. First Congress should disband the EPA and fire its director. Who the hell does she think she is to go to an international conference and propose regulations that will cripple the American economy just so a bunch of crybabies and junk science profiteers will clap for her and tell her how civilized she is?

Where in the Constitution of the United States of America does she get this authority? Nowhere!

This should be viewed as an absolute outrage, a power grab that is working in tandem with the money grab going on in Denmark. We're supposed to send trillions of hard earned US tax dollars to undeveloped countries in Africa where centuries old tribal conflicts still result in murder, rape, and torture by machete wielding mobs? (So much for gun control.)

And the director of the US Environmental Protection Agency is aiding and abetting this robbery? Dissolve the EPA, toss out this power-grabbing empire builder, then enact new legislation that creates a similar agency, but with far less sweeping powers.

I agree with the concept that pollution should be reduced everywhere and halted wherever possible. But we have a system of government that has worked very well for more than two centuries, and suddenly we have unelected bureaucrats, freelancing before world audiences, attempting to disassemble the constitution? There are far better and more economically feasible methods of reducing pollution, including greenhouse gases. Mandates from unelected political hacks are not the solution.

This can not stand unchallenged.

But what has Congress done so far? Basically responded like a bunch of simps and wimps.

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry have responded by co-authoring some form of appeasement that they say will move Cap and Trade faster, hopefully in time to Ms. Jackson's whip cracking. There you have it - a typical Congressional response by two names that are synonymous with knowledge, leadership and security. Oh, I forgot, Joe Lieberman is in on it too.

This couldn't be any better unless Al Gore signed on! Did you see this week that he told an interviewer the Earth's temperature is millions of degrees only two kilometers below the surface. Did you know that many mines go deeper than two kilometers - about 1.2 miles?

I guess that would explain the global warming issue wouldn't it? I swear that guy is dumber than a box of sawdust. Yet people quote him as if he were Daniel Webster. The dumbing down of America, and the rest of the world's masses, apparently is succeeding as planned.

Let's face the truth here. The global warming scam is not about rising sea levels, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide or glaciers. It is about wealth redistribution - another effort by our president, a known communist sympathizer, in concert with like-minded socialists around the world, to take money away from the world's most energetic economies and give it to people who have neither the initiative nor the ability to make improve their own spot on earth.

This isn't about pollution, this isn't about climate change, it is about MONEY, Stupid! As Shania Twain puts it - Ka-Ching!

Maybe this should replace Hail to the Chief as the music played by the Marine Band when Barack Obama enters the room.

Thanks again to YouTube for access to some great music - and ideas.


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