President Barack Obama emerged from his Hawaiian vacation compound after a round of tennis Monday, uttered a few inane words about terrorism and Iranian protesters, and upon seeing his shadow immediately scurried back into hibernation, golf club in tow.

His effort to break free of Seasonal Affective Disorder was glaringly unsuccessful, as evidenced by his lack of concern over a terrorist attack on Christmas Day that missed killing hundreds of Americans only because the bomber was unskilled.

Obama also addressed the ongoing violence in Iran where anti-government protesters are begging for American support. He responded to their pleas by echoing a line from the movie The Outlaw Josie Wales "endeavor to persevere." Essentially that translates to "You're on your own, but if you succeed, we'll be very supportive in the future."

The Iranian protesters responded with a Warren Zevon line - "Send lawyers, guns and money!" - but by then Obama was back in hibernation and their pleas went unheeded, even when the protesters said "OK, forget the lawyers, but we do need guns and money."

We didn't exactly see world class leadership in either of the president's comments.

The Obama Administration is doing a full-court press in an unsuccessful effort to convince the voting public that our homeland security system worked to perfection to prevent the Christmas Day bombing. This became an urgent priority especially after Homeland Security honcho Janet Napolitano said it was working perfectly - then retracted her statement claiming she was "taken out of context."

I saw both of her speeches, the one where she said "All is well" and the follow up a day later where she said "All is NOT well." I didn't see any blips, or gaps, or jumps or distortions in the film of her first speech that would indicate someone tampered with her initial comments. The "out of context" claim is such a cop out. This administration is really, really short on ethics.

Obama also is claiming that the bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was acting alone, even as Al Qaeda in Yemen, the next hot spot in the War on Terror, is saying he is one of theirs. Al Qaeda would be in a position to get the sophisticated explosive to use in the bombing, and train their stooges on how to use it. In fact, Al Qaeda issued a statement saying they will continue to work on perfecting their bombs until they get one right.

"It is absolutely critical that we learn from this incident," Obama responded, literally echoing Al Qaeda's position. He also promised to do whatever is necessary to track down any accomplices who may have helped Abdulmutallab get from Africa to Detroit. That sounds suspiciously like President Bush's "Hunt them down and smoke them out," line after 9-11, but without the serious intent.

The bomber, who now has a badly burned midsection, apparently is also becoming the poster boy for ObamaCare, since he is being treated in American medical facilities, apparently without medical insurance. Is insufferable stupidity a pre-existing condition? Just curious.

If Obama really wants to learn from this near disaster, here is Lesson One. Stop pursuing this act of war as though it is a civilian crime. The Clinton Administration did that after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and look what happened. Rather, give this jihad warrior over to the military, let them try his suicidal butt under military law, and then when he has had a fair trial, shoot the bastard.

Don't go getting all haughty on me. This exact approach was used by the left's favorite President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with stunning success against German saboteurs caught on American soil during WWII.

As it stands now, this brain dead wannabe has been given the full protection of the American legal system, including Miranda rights, a public defender if necessary, and most important, the right to remain silent. We don't want suicide bombers clamming up. We want them singing like canaries. Bring back water boarding and do it now!

The only reason there aren't hundreds of funerals underway for the victims of the would-be bomber is because either he, or his "technical advisers" in Yemen, didn't know how to handle the explosive he smuggled on board the plane. Passengers say they heard igniters going off - sounding like firecrackers - and then El Jerko II, lit up like a roman candle. (El Jerko I was Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber.) El Jerko II had the bomb-making components sewn into his skivvies but instead of blowing up, the explosive lit up, and he lit up with it.

Talk about a "Crotch Rocket."

The short, short story on this guy is that he got on a plane in Nigeria, travelled to Amsterdam where he got on another plane bound for the United States and during final approach to Detroit, right over a heavily populated area, he tried to set off his bomb. Presumably he had the bomb components all along, since no one has mentioned him changing his undershorts along the way.

I saw on FOX News last night that a passenger in Amsterdam saw the bomber, accompanied by a man who appeared to be from India, arguing with a gate agent about not having a passport. The man from India apparently won the argument because Abdulmutallab got on the plane, with his underwear and his bomb intact.

Since Abdulmutallab was using PETN, which has been around since WWI, and was the same explosive used by "Shoe Bomber" Richard Reid, it would seem reasonable that we could at least have bomb sniffing dogs in use in major international hubs like Amsterdam where a simple stroll along a line of passengers could prompt an alert. But no. We have the least effective of screening devices in use at the very place where international suicide bombers can get inside the American system.


All in all, between the near-disaster on Christmas Day and the absence of leadership on the Iranian situation, Obama's hibernation has been a complete disaster, nearly as bad as when he is in the White House supposedly working.

Iran is hell-bent on developing a nuclear bomb, and claims to already have the means to deliver it - to Israel today, western Europe tomorrow, and eventually to anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, disaffected youth, political dissidents and everyday Iranian citizens who have had enough of a country run like a concentration camp are risking beatings, torture and death every day by taking to the streets to protest.

The time for revolution is ripe and like America in 1776 when it desperately needed help from European powers to overthrow the English, the Iranian protesters are asking every day for America to help them.

Obama is feigning a hearing problem. He finally gave in to intense pressure from his party to say something but when he gave his speech about the events in Iran he might as well have just said "something."

A friend has sent me a new website focusing on the Iranian protests and I recommend visiting it to see first hand what is going on in that country. People risked great personal harm to get these videos out to the free world. We can at least take a look at what is going on and turn our pressure on the Obama Administration to help them.

It has been nearly a year since Barack Obama took office. His party is doing everything it can to publicize the so-called "successes" of his administration. Frankly, I don't see any.

Further, I see a lot of former Democratic office holders rushing to the talk shows to argue against Tea Party supporters, Independents and Republicans who are fed up with Obama and a method of governance that ranges from confrontational to lackluster but is always ineffective - and ultimately dangerous to America and the rest of the world.

Know why so many ex-officials are doing the talking? So current office holders can't be held accountable for their comments during campaigns for the 2010 elections. Obama is no longer an asset, he is an Albatross around their necks and it is best to keep him at arms length during their campaigns. Most of those campaigns are already underway, and the rest will begin next week. Frankly, those who supported Obama last year have to feel pretty disappointed after seeing the fiasco he has dumped on them.

But hiding behind people who no longer can be thrown out of office is not going to prevent Obama's cohorts, minions, and stooges from being thrown out of office this November. The countdown is on, each day brings another embarrassment, another failed attempt at leadership, and more infuriating commentary from Obama and his apologists who think they are fooling the public.

Obama isn't fooling anyone. Neither are Reid, Pelosi, Frank or any of their cronies. Tick, tick, tick. That isn't a shoe bomber, or a crotch bomber ticking away. That is time. And it is running out for what is shaping up to be the worst Administration ever in American history.