Thursday, December 17, 2009

Go Green - Boycott China! Is Obama Safe Among Copenhagen's Global Cooling Deniers?

I purchased a Christmas gift for my wife from a reputable, country oriented online-catalogue outlet, and imagine my surprise when it arrived yesterday with MADE IN CHINA stamped all over the packaging!

The first thought that went through my mind was: "What's wrong with this item?"

You can't blame me for feeling that way what with the tainted dog food, tainted chicken, acid-laced flip-flops and chemically altered drywall - produced in China - that have been causing illnesses and deaths all across America among our citizens and our pets for several years now.

Despite the junk that China is dumping on American markets, apparently with the acquiescence of the American government, it is increasingly difficult to buy any household items - and I don't care if you shop at Macy's or Walmart or Home Depot, online or in person - that aren't made in China. I have returned several such items over the years including a new shower curtain that had an odor of formaldehyde, and a leather coat that smelled like it had been aged in a mold locker.

But I didn't expect to find Chinese made products in what should be a good old-fashioned rural type outlet that specializes in items that are purchased primarily by people who live in the country, or wish they did. I wouldn't have minded if it came from Taiwan since the people who live there have been American allies since before World War II, and have been resisting the mainland communists for decades.

But this stuff comes from the communists, and I don't support communism. I don't give a damn what the Clinton Administration said about China's alleged move toward capitalism back in the 1990's, or what the Clinton State Department says now. I care that the ruling mainland Chinese communists, who have the one of the world's worst human rights records, still repress religious freedoms and expressions of individual thought, and are polluting the hell out of the rest of the world, literally own the United States of America. I care that we are doing nothing to rectify this situation, and yet we have become their market for their goods, while we get nothing but grief in return!

Our president is a puppet of the Chinese communist masters, they own more than a trillion dollars of US debt and could break the bank overnight. So why the hell are we buying all of their junk, and the cargo ships that bring it to our shores are going back across the Pacific empty? Why is the balance of trade deficit in their favor, considering how much we owe them?

And to top it all off, China's representatives at the Copenhagen Conference for Global Cooling Deniers are walking around in sackcloth and ashes bemoaning themselves as the leader of the world's "poor" countries. China, which recently was portrayed as opening a new coal-fired power plant every week, without the benefit of clean coal technology, is spewing out more pollution than anyone else - with India coming in second - yet is demanding that the United States and other highly developed countries cough up extortion payments to other countries to atone for our successes!

I say the best way to bring the balance of trade into balance is through boycotting Chinese goods, even if we can't find an American-made shower curtain. Go glass! And rather than passing a "health care reform" bill that is nothing but a blatant government grab for power over the American private sector, Congress should kill that bill and use the trillions it would have cost American taxpayers to pay off our debt with China!

Let's get this straight - this isn't rich countries versus poor countries, and it isn't developed countries versus developing countries. It is PRODUCTIVE versus NON-PRODUCTIVE countries.

The vast majority of these third world countries have been inhabited, if not civilized, for thousands of years, and have had more than a good head start on America, Japan, Great Britain and other productive countries. They could have been world leaders, yet for the majority of the years they have existed they have been stagnant. It isn't that they aren't inhabited by capable or intelligent people, but these places all too often are led by brutish dictators of one political stripe or another who have successfully feathered their own nests for centuries, while the common people have suffered.

The brightest and most productive citizens of these countries get out as soon as they can and make their way to places where they have equality and real opportunities - like the United States of America. And now these multi-generational thugs are using the myth of global warming to try a new method of extorting money - by guilt-tripping the gullible in the productive countries into paying trillions of dollars to make up for climate change that has little to do with human advancements.

Tell me will you, if Sudan, the largest country in Africa, doesn't have any industry to speak of, and has been essentially a desert since the last ice age, exactly how much money does it take to "convert" its non-existent carbon producing industries to green technology? The primary focus of the Sudanese government, when it isn't pursuing a religious war against non-Muslims, is producing limited amounts of petroleum and developing its small reserves of iron ore, copper, chromium ore, zinc, tungsten, mica, silver, and gold.

But it apparently doesn't pursue those economic objectives too seriously because the country has severe problems what with constant war and rampant illiteracy - about half of the total estimated population of 40 million is illiterate. That is an estimate and it is difficult to get solid information since the leaders of this idyllic nation have been hell bent on killing anyone they don't like for decades - does the word DARFUR ring a bell?

Yet the US has sent hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Sudan going back to the jimmy carter presidency, much of it in grants, or unpaid loans. For what? And we should give them more? Maybe the lemmings in the State Department are stupid, or just communist dupes who see this as one more cog in the wheel that will crush free enterprise, but I suspect that most Americans don't agree.

Here are a couple of other factoids - rough estimates due to the unreliability of the source, the government of Sudan: Agriculture production includes cotton, oilseed, sorghum, peanuts, millet, wheat, gum arabic and sheep, all of which produce at least some Carbon Dioxide; industries include cotton ginning, textiles, cement, edible oils, sugar, soap distilling, shoes, automobile assembly, and petroleum refining; annual exports of $500 million are primarily from cotton, livestock/meat, and gum arabic; but it imports twice that much, $1 billion annually, primarily food, petroleum products, manufactured goods, machinery and equipment, medicines, and textiles.

The country is poor, yes, because it is war torn, illiterate, and run by militant bigots. It has been at war for decades off and on, primarily over efforts by the Arab/Muslim north, to impose Muslim sharia law over the black population in the south that follows either Christianity or traditional local religions. Millions have been killed and displaced. The northern leaders even supported Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait! And yet they want my tax dollars to further finance lavish lifestyles for the northern leadership while the common people are oppressed, murdered, raped, tortured and displaced? I have a response but I'll keep this clean.

Meanwhile, China is stomping around the Copenhagen Global Cooling Deniers Conference (where they are literally snowed in) like a bully-boy demanding here and threatening there, agreeing to nothing, and claiming it represents the "poor" countries. Poor, poor polluted China. And Hillary Clinton is folding under the pressure like a house of cards in a breeze, agreeing to cough up $100 Billion per year to third world loan sharks!

I have to wonder, and I am being serious here, if, considering the rioting going on outside, the hostility inside, and the disingenuous foundation of this conference, whether President Obama will be safe in Copenhagen? He will be walking into a mass of self-aggrandized, militant, so-called climate scientists, the bulk of whom seem to be in denial, and he is representing the biggest target of their misplaced venom and vitriol.

Will President Obama tell former Vice President Gore that the North Polar Ice Cap has been expanding for the past three years and his "sky is falling" claim that it will be all gone in five years amounts to nothing more than junk science hysterics and extortion tactics? Will he tell the militant, corrupt leaders of non-productive countries that they better shape up and fly right if they even want to talk about cooperative development arrangements with the United States?

Will President Obama tell the deniers conference that he is a product of hardball, brass knuckles and baseball bats Chicago politics, and they better not disrespect him or his country? Will he remind them of the equal opportunities for all in his country and the major advances in civil rights, women's rights and religious freedom over our relatively brief history as a nation? Will he speak of the millions of people who have emigrated from the third world to the United States where they have built lives they could not have even dreamed of in their home countries?

Or will he play it safe and just bow and apologize to the non-productive countries for the United States being a haven and land of opportunity for their oppressed masses, just as he has done several times since inauguration day?


NAMDOC said...

I find it incredibly insensitive that in this time of crisis with our national financial despair, with millions out of work, the national debt climbing higher and faster than it ever has per minute, with a proposed healthcare reformation that only one party has read and only in parts, Transparency?) when "our" President goes abroad and bows to Kings and Emporers, apologizes for America, accepts a Nobel Peace prize that he neither deserved nor should have accepted, chastises those who oppose him while giving a wink and a nod to his radical friends, who does not go to Church to celebrate Christmas, spends over three months trying to figure out the "politically correct" path and number of troops to send to
Afghanistan while American died, at a time when his Administatrion os not "connecting all the dots" like he blamed President Bush for, .....that Obama flies off to Hawaii on AF-One on an 18 hour roundtrip flight at $50,000 an hour, not counting all the trimmmings (ground transportation, security, lodging ($4,000/night),
and everything else.......

I hope that all of those who blind liberal lemmings that voted for him are now coming to their senses after a financially, politically, and spiritually costly first year in office.

2012 is not coming soon enough.

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