If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears I wouldn't have believed it.

But two powerful Democratic US Senators, appearing on FOX News Sunday after their Nebraska colleague Ben Nelson caved in to pressure and said he will support the 'health care reform' bill, declared it was fine for Nelson's vote to be purchased because 'everybody got something!' They are finally admitting it.

Prostitution is not only a time-honored tradition at the highest levels of the US Congress, it is legal and they are openly declaring it to be so! How's that for transparency?

North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobucher not only insulted most Americans - and especially their own constituents - by declaring that the backroom maneuvering and late night votes represent transparency, rather than whoring, but "It's better for the country; that's the nature of a democracy!" So, the world's oldest profession and second-oldest profession have merged into an international conglomerate of sleaze, and they all are in on it.

Conrad said "Every state gets some kind of differential treatment. That doesn't offend me at all. It's fair!"

Wow! Where the hell did these cheap street walkers come from? I thought Middle America was the place where values and morals still mattered! Apparently I have been under a gross misunderstanding of what has been going on the center of the country.

Speaking of values, Nebraska's Republican establishment should begin working immediately to find out just what Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader had on Ben Nelson to make him set a price for his "values." I saw Nelson on television several times in the past week or more, each time saying he could not vote for this so-called reform bill because of his opposition to government funded abortion and myriad other reasons.

Yet, there he was on the Senate floor at 1 a.m. today, voting with his colleagues, taking their congratulatory hand shakes and back slaps as he sold out his state, his country and most of all himself and his family. Because Nelson showed that he is no less a whore than the other For-Sale Politicians, he just considers himself to be a high-priced whore instead of a common five-dollar hooker.

On his website, Nelson portrays himself as a bi-partisan consensus builder with his feet firmly rooted in his family, especially his children and grandchildren, and notes that he once served as a lay minister. I think the word "lay" in this situation meant "not ecclesiastical" although the double entendre is inescapable. Is Nelson aware that his obituary will now carry this farce as a major "accomplishment" of his political career?

If this guy really thought himself to be a man of values and principles, then Harry Reid must have found a really, really big skeleton in Nelson's closet to force him to publicly renounce those principles and accept a public payment for his humiliation. The Nebraska GOP must find out what Reid knows; then Nelson could be the next vulnerable member of the Democratic caucus.

Among the truly amazing facets of this bill is that Nelson supposedly opposed federal funding for abortion and supposedly got a compromise on that one issue - even though he repeatedly said there were many things wrong with the bill.

But his colleagues say the compromise is not binding. Nelson's buyout was an exemption from federal medicare payments for life for Nebraska residents - amounting to about $100 million. (That means he is nowhere near the high-priced level of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu who held out for $300 million - but then she is presumably more attractive than Nelson.)

But Conrad commented that "No Congress can bind a future Congress." Apparently that means that when the next Congress (should it through some reverse miracle maintain a solid Democratic majority) starts amending the federally run health care regulations to really put the squeeze on American taxpayers, it can cut the Nelson Compromise right out of the picture. Then the Cornhusker Kickback will be relegated to the "payment for services rendered" category.

The extent of deal making that went on to get this travesty passed is astounding, but not nearly so astounding as the blatant hypocrisy that accompanies the sleaze that brought it to fruition. When FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked what happened to Barack Obama's promises of "change that matters" and transparency in government, Conrad and Klobucher said this is a perfect example of what the president was talking about.

I repeatedly heard the sleaze purveyors portray this outrage as a "gift" to the American public during the holiday season.

Well, as my son says, "I want to take my gift back and exchange it!"

The Democrats also are pushing the claim that this bill will cut the deficit - Obama called objections to his fuzzy math "carping" today - and reduce insurance premiums, but simultaneously admit that it will increase federal spending by $200 billion and result in $518 billion - that's more than half a trillion - in new taxes. So tell me again, how does this reduce anything? This is just shifting money from one government account to another government account and regardless of what the dirt-bag US Senate claims, it will require new taxes - or fees, or insurance premiums, or interest rates or some other creative name for new taxes - and as usual those taxes will come from the working people.

The numbers that Obama, Reid and Pelosi are using are based on figures they provided to government accountants, not real accounting, and don't take into account the changes that will be made to this bill in coming years - just as Democratic administrations and Congresses have changed Social Security from its original intent to its current dive into bankruptcy.

Ironically, this bill will still leave more than 20 million Americans uninsured, which is just about the number of American citizens who are uninsured now when you account for people who don't want to buy insurance because they can afford medical coverage on their own!

I really love the way Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are working so hard to ram this crap through Congress before Christmas, supposedly so the voting public won't be thinking about it next year in the run-up to the 2010 elections. God these arrogant bastards think the public is stupid and they are just so much smarter.

Klobuchar said that even though the vast majority of Americans are dead set against this mockery now, in the future we will all be thanking her and the remaining members of the Houses of Ill Repute who took part in this orgy.

You just keep thinking Senator. We'll take care of the rest. But you should be aware, we know when we're having sex, and when we're just being screwed.