The final debate of this year's presidential campaign season is scheduled for tonight with a focus on foreign affairs and the Obama Administration's foreign relations record.

The administration's changing stories on the deaths of our ambassador and three other Americans at the consulate in Benghazi Libya on Sept. 11 is sure to be a source of debate. But I have another question; does President Obama support Sharia Law?

I am no expert on the Muslim religion but I have gleaned from research on it that Sharia is a system of legal and cultural rules adhered to by devout Muslims that defines not only how they practice their religion but how they live. Many western women are adamantly opposed to Sharia because under that system they are relegated to a status that is lower than livestock, and have virtually no rights.

The recent shooting of a teenaged Afghani girl who was demonstrating in her country in favor of education for females has evoked international outrage and focused attention on Sharia and its implications for future generations. The little Afghani girl was shot by the Taliban, Muslim extremists who were part of the Islamo-fascist conspiracy that led to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States and still fight us today.

Sharia imposes restrictions on women's right to be educated, work or even leave their homes unescorted. But Sharia dehumanizes females in far more insidious ways than simply requiring them to be covered from head to foot wherever they can be seen in public; it defines rape in such a way that a woman can almost never prove that she was assaulted, proscribes the approved methodology for wife beating, and even allows women to be stoned to death for crimes such as adultery.

Sharia is the preferred source of government and religious control for extremists in Libya and Egypt where Obama supported the overthrow of existing governments, as well as other Muslim countries. The chaos that now exists in that part of the world is due in part to pro-Sharia forces attempting to gain dominance.

In what Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has labeled Obama's "World Apology Tour" where he bowed to kings and emperors of foreign countries, Obama promised a new era of cooperation with the Muslim world. Does the promise of "cooperation" include the subjugation of women in addition to non-believers?

The imposition of Sharia culture on western women has been clearly demonstrated by attacks on female reporters. A correspondent for France 24 TV was “savagely attacked” near Cairo’s Tahrir Square after being seized by a crowd, the network reported Saturday. The report said that Sonia Dridi was attacked around 10:30 p.m. Friday after broadcasting on a protest at the square. She was later rescued by a colleague and others.

You also may remember that at the height of the so-called Arab Spring, supported by the Obama Administration, Lara Logan, a correspondent for CBS, was sexually assaulted and savagely beaten in Tahrir Square. She said later that she believed she was going to die.

Logan, much to her credit, has not been quiet about what happened to her and what it means for our futures. You may want to take a few minutes to see her recent commentary especially from the 3-minute mark forward.

But we don't have to go to Muslim countries to find examples of Sharia law. We have it right here in the United States in areas such as Dearborn, Michigan, where nearly half the population is now first-generation Muslims. Dearborn has been the scene of clashes between immigrant populations and local Christians, but that is not the only place where these incidents occur.

And although you won't see many reports in the mainstream media, the Internet does have plenty of evidence of "honor killings" by Sharia compliant Muslim males against female family members. These "honor killings" are seen not just as the duty, but the "right" of males to avenge the actions of women family members who attempt to westernize or disagree with the Sharia dictate that their husbands be selected for them.

The message delivered by such incidents is clear; Muslims who believe in Sharia have come to Europe and America not be absorbed in our culture and give their families a chance at a better life, but rather to impose their cultures on us. What I want to know is if Obama's efforts to impose a new era of relations with Muslims whether they be in North Africa, the Middle East, the Far East or Dearborn, Michigan, includes the imposition of Sharia law over state laws and the US Constitution?

Tonight's debate will be moderated by CBS anchor Bob Schieffer and hopefully he will not repeat the debacle caused by Monica – sorry – Candy Crowley who claimed to be the "moderator" in the last presidential debate.

Crowley, who clearly sided with Obama and even lied to the national television audience that was watching, should be aware that she is now to the Obama regime what Monica Lewinsky is to Bill Clinton … without the cigar. Perhaps Schieffer is more cognizant of his legacy and therefore will be more objective.

Politics aside the debates and those involved in them have an obligation to America and the rest of the western world, particularly women, to fully explore these questions. Obama can pull a Joe Biden and laugh it off or Schieffer can pull a Crowley and try to shield Obama from himself.

But the question still remains. Does President Obama support Sharia law? Yes or no is the only answer I want to hear. Anything else is insufficient.