Mitt Romney showed America why he is successful running major organizations ranging from international businesses to the Olympics in his first debate with Barack Obama Wednesday night – and why he will equally successful as our next president.

Romney was totally at ease in his role as Chairman of the Board, with a firm grasp of the issues facing our country, while Obama, playing the part of the smarmy intern who thinks he's as smart as his mommy told him, was reduced to ineffective campaign sound bites.

In a free ranging debate that showcased Romney's wide grasp of issues and his toughness – which the media is inaccurately blaming on moderator Jim Lehrer – Romney won hands down. Frankly, although Lehrer didn't always stick to the rigid timetable established for the debate I think we got a far better look at both candidates and how they act when they have to think on their feet.

For years the media has portrayed Obama as a tough, street-smart, capable intelligentsia but last night he came across as timid, bumbling, inaccurate and inept. I wrote yesterday that the media already had ready-made excuses for a poor performance, but frankly, he was so bad that even the in-the-tank media was embarrassed.

Even Obama's attempt to blame everything that is wrong with America on the oil companies fell flat, especially when Romney noted that Obama has provided incentives to bankrupt 'green' energy companies that equates to 50 years of oil company incentives – and could have created jobs for 2 million teachers.

I suppose Romney also could have smacked Obama on his cozy relationship with General Electric and that firm's non-payment of taxes, but Romney doesn't really want to hurt any business; his whole point is getting everyone back on track.

The best example of the extent of Romney's victory was the lack of debate commentary on my web provider's home page, which can be counted on each morning to bombard me with pro-Obama drivel. In fact, rather than anything remotely resembling an analysis the headline on my home page was Debate Fact Check. Really.

But facts are facts and last night Romney had them, Obama did not.

Had the narcissist-in-chief even done marginally well we could reasonably have expected him to be shouting from the rooftops "Look at me! I'm great! I've got this country so under control I can kick butt in a presidential debate with no preparation at all. I can beat this guy with one hand tied behind my back. Whoopee, I AM the man!"

So now we have the next debate to look forward to, which Obama's handlers already are saying is in the bag for him because it will be in a town hall format, where people from the audience get to ask the questions. This is Obama's forte, the reasoning goes; "he is so much better in one-on-one exchanges with the working people," forgetting of course that for at least the last six years the media has been portraying Obama as the best debater and best orator since Socrates, regardless of the format.

And guess who selects the people in the audience, those who will be asking the questions, all of whom are supposed to be unaffiliated voters? The Gallup polling organization, that's who, the one that is being sued by the Obama Justice Department because Obama didn't like the poll numbers that Gallup was reporting on the presidential race.

I guess both sides could claim that the federal lawsuit could bias the selection in the other guy's favor, but the fact is, Gallup has a conflict of interest due to Obama and shouldn't be in the mix at all.

Nonetheless, I expect Romney to do just fine in that format. He has been on the campaign trail for years now, dealing with supporters, cynics, and hecklers. Romney's greatest asset is his grasp of the facts, which doesn't come from campaign ad sound bites, but from reality. As long as Romney can articulate those facts as well in future encounters as he did last night, the format is pretty much irrelevant.

In truth, the debates probably will have no more of an impact on the electorate than they have in previous presidential races, which often is little to none. Since all the debates will be moderated by a member of the liberal mainstream media, meaning every debate will be moderated by a pro-Obama volunteer, each debate is automatically stacked against Romney from the outset.

But in the final analysis, the person who caught the most flack after last night's debate was not Romney, and not even Obama, but rather Lehrer. I suppose we can expect the next moderator to be even more strident in her support for Obama, but I can just about guarantee that will backfire on the moderator more than on Romney.

(I have no idea why the Republican National Committee or the Romney campaign permitted this scenario, especially when every national news organization is taking part in the massive fraudulent poll scam showing Obama way ahead of Romney that is being perpetrated on the voting public.)

Nonetheless, for the moment, it is Romney way, way out in front, and as one commentator said today, last night proved that the emperor – Obama – is not wearing clothes.  Maybe by the next event his handlers can dress him up, although they still will have to wonder if they can take him out.