Friday, October 12, 2012

VP Debate: Was Biden High, or Just Drunk?

Note to Joe Biden: America is laughing at you not with you!

Biden, appearing in the only vice presidential debate of this election cycle against challenger Paul Ryan Thursday night, put in the most reprehensible, inane, inept, deceitful and juvenile debate performance I have witnessed at that level going back to the 1960s. I really did have to ask myself whether the man who holds the title Vice President of the United States went out to meet his challenger under the influence of alcohol or drugs; he was that bad.

From the very outset he appeared to be attempting a Cheshire Cat imitation, flashing a diabolical grin every time Ryan began speaking, supplementing his facial contortions with laughter, sighs, humphs and interruptions. I actually was shocked that he didn't resort to sticking out his tongue at Ryan.

I could say that Biden was worse than an out-of-control third grader but that would be an insult to out-of-control third graders. In the end, he succeeded only in emphasizing the win that presidential candidate Mitt Romney scored on Biden's boss, Barack Hussein Obama, last week.

Biden came across as an angry old man, jealous of Ryan, unprepared or unaware, or both, and most important in these debates, highly unlikeable. Where Romney was successful in contrasting his experience with Obama's inexperience last week, Biden was successful only in displaying himself as cantankerous.

"A cranky old man," was the description a close associate used in connection with Biden's performance - and that was before he really got going!

For a man who has spent the last four years one heartbeat away from what used to be the most powerful public office in the world, Biden was stunningly unprepared with real facts, relying instead on warmed over campaign rhetoric. It appears that Obama has been keeping Biden deep in the bowels of the new bunker that the president had built off the West Wing of the White House in the past year.

When caught with the facts of the debacle in Libya last month in which four Americans, including the ambassador were murdered by Islamic terrorists, Biden blamed it all on poor or inaccurate reports from American intelligence agencies and the State Department. 

Another note to Biden: The buck stops with you and your boss.You can delegate authority but not responsibility and that Mr. Vice President - and Mr. President - makes it your problem and your fault and you can stop blaming the rest of the world for your inadequacies.

When the moderator, who spent the night running interference for Biden and helping him interrupt Ryan when the latter was scoring points, noted that Biden was spreading misinformation about the premature draw down of American forces from Afghanistan, Biden blamed the Joints Chiefs of Staff. Then Biden, who according to a preliminary analysis got more time to speak than Ryan, had the temerity to complain that he wasn't getting enough time to get his points across.

I guess that goes without saying when you are making things up and trying to keep your lies straight.

When Ryan pointed out that the remaining American troops in Afghanistan are being tasked with the same jobs, but at significantly reduced strength, which puts them in increased danger, Biden snapped that "They came to us first," referring to the Joint Chiefs. If that statement is even half true, the entirety of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should be fired immediately and face courts martial for treason.

Biden's performance was, in fact, so horrendous that the Republican Party should pay a performance bonus to the people who were involved in his debate preparation. When he wasn't making a mockery of the process he was sticking his finger in the moderator's face, or pounding the table in frustration.

About the only criticism I have for Ryan is that he should never have said he agreed with Biden on anything – which he did in part regarding the situation in Syria. Personally I think the Obama Administration has been so bad for America and our allies across the globe that there is nothing from it that is worth salvaging.

When Romney and Ryan are sworn in on Inauguration Day they should make the complete dismantling of the Obama-Biden travesty their first order of business.

In the post-debate discussions, some were saying that Ryan was too respectful and that by not lowering himself to Biden's sewer dweller tactics he appeared to be conceding points to Biden. I respectfully disagree.

All Ryan had to do, to amply display the difference between the respect he and Romney have for America, and the disdain in which Obama-Biden hold our country and our government was to let Biden run his big mouth, which he did at every opportunity. Biden was his own worst enemy, and the best example voters could hope for in contrasting the two teams of candidates.

And maybe some will have to go back and watch reruns of the debate, but Ryan had his own subtle way of needling Biden. I noted that when the debate began Ryan called Biden "Mr. Vice President," but by the time it was all over it was simply "Joe." That is called "intelligence" and truly educated people will understand what Ryan was doing.

Personally I think Ryan could have referred to Biden as Curly, Larry or Moe and he would have been right on the mark.

In the end, by itself, the vice presidential debate probably won't be the defining factor in this year's election. By this time next week the talking heads will be all focused on next week's presidential debate.

But the debate last night certainly will have some impact on people who needed to see for themselves exactly who has been running this country into the ground for the past four years. Last night they got all they needed to see the origins of the horrendously flawed and failed policies of the Obama-Biden administration.

If there is a silver lining in this four-year cloud, I guess it would be that we are nearly at the end of the Obama-Biden reign of terror and nothing untoward has occurred that would put Obama out of office, necessitating that Biden step in as president.

Considering how bad things are under Obama's stewardship, we can only shudder when we think how much worse it could be with a deplorable jackwagon like Biden at the helm.


Anonymous said...

What was with Biden's Batman voice. GMAFB!

Between Biden and the moderator Ryan was interrupted once per minute. Ryan however, could and should have put Biden in his place. You can do that without looking like Chris Matthews on Hardballed.

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