The Internet is alive with claims about President Obama's excessive use of Executive Orders to circumvent Congress and the Constitution, with a common fear expressed that he is attempting to set the stage for an American dictatorship whether or not he is thrown out by the voters next month.

Much of what I have read lately, particularly on the number of EOs the president has signed is patently false, but I have major concerns about the potential impact of just one. On March 16 this year Obama signed the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order which actually does give him the powers of a dictator should he declare a national emergency.

The existence of this EO was brought to my attention through a newsletter from Texas Congresswoman Kay Granger alerting her constituents of its potential to disrupt and discard our entire government. The order outlines the Obama administration's authority to take over production and distribution of energy supplies, construction materials, food and water, transportation – military and civilian, and health resources.

The executive order also gives Obama surrogates the authority to draft people into the military and to develop programs that will lead to "effective utilization and distribution of labor," which in the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba and other communist regimes amounted to forced labor camps. He also gives himself power over civil transportation which "includes movement of persons and property by all modes of transportation in interstate, intrastate or foreign commerce with the United States it territories and possessions …"

Under that Executive Order Obama also can "stockpile" materials and supplies like food if the government requisitions them and then decides it doesn’t need them right away. Do you know who else did that?

Joseph Stalin did it in the Ukraine in 1932-33. He "stockpiled" virtually the entire annual harvest of the Ukraine that year – in Russia – and created a famine that killed an estimated 10 million people - possibly more.

Think it can't happen here? Then why has the "stockpile" of high-powered hollow point bullets being amassed by the Department of Homeland Security grown from the 450 million rounds I wrote about last month to more than 1.4 billion? Obama's "stockpile" of ammo also now includes hundreds of thousands of rounds of sniper rifle ammo.

So how will Obama enforce an executive order of this magnitude and if it was so necessary why didn't he issue it when he first took office and we still were fighting the War on Terror on two fronts? And how will the average American citizen react?

There is quite a bit of speculation that Obama's surrogates will create a false emergency, ranging from a faked assassination attempt to riots that will erupt when he loses the election. The excuse for the riots will be that the election was stolen and the basis for that will be the false polls disseminated by the media that show him far ahead of Mitt Romney when in reality he is trailing Romney, swing states and all.

That in turn will give Obama the reason he needs to declare martial law and put into effect all the means necessary to create his dictatorship.

What can prevent this? Two entities come to mind; first would be the refusal of loyal American government workers who know the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship to go along with his plan, and the second would be the American military.

Many of my friends believe that the majority of our state and federal workers would never participate in such a heinous plot. I would like to agree but I also am forced to point out that about 100 million people who now are dead thought the same thing in Russia, Nazi Germany, Red China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere.

The second deterrent to an Obama dictatorship is the American military. There are numerous roadblocks to military involvement, such as Article 18 of the US Code – Posse Comitatus which prohibits federal troops from deploying into the individual states unless there is a request from the state governor, the legislature, or an outbreak of insurrection – including nuclear, chemical or biological warfare.

But since every member of the military took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies "foreign and domestic" and since usurping that Constitution would make the usurper a domestic enemy there could be room for the military to intervene. But what would the commanders say?

I'm not sure. Last month the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called a private citizen and gave him a lecture – or threat – on his support of the guy who made the anti-Islam video that Obama blames for the deaths of the American ambassador in Libya, so I'm not overly confident of what the top people would do or whether they would follow the commander-in-chief even if he was issuing illegal orders.

I also read a lot of current military literature and am well aware that dozens upon dozens of senior commanders are being fired from their services, often on allegations that don't hold up – such as creating a hostile work environment – which is pretty much anywhere you go in a war zone. That means that further down the line field grade commanders are going to have to make decisions on just what constitutes a lawful order, and what to do when they are faced with an illegal order. (Please see the Nuremberg Trials.)

The mere existence of this executive order once again shows that there is so much in the world of politics and the media that is portrayed as real when in fact it has very little to do with reality.

Tonight's debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is a classic example. The Obama campaign staff members – posing as journalists in virtually every major domestic news outlet – have been floating the story that Obama is going into the debates with little in the way of preparation behind him. They are giving us this nonsense even though he has been LIVING the events we only read about – when the media lets us – for nearly four years now.

The back story is that Obama is so busy – fixing nearly four years worth of screw ups I guess – that he can't take time to properly prepare. Actually this either gives him a ready-made excuse should the president come across poorly or a ready-made victory speech if he does well.

Frankly, I think he isn't concerned with whether he is considered a winner or loser. If he gets his national emergency and enacts his National Defense Resources Preparedness order, it really won't matter how the debates go, or how the election goes for that matter.

The media already can be counted on to declare Obama the overwhelming winner regardless of how he performs. And you can bet the debate questions won't be on his executive orders.
The debates are just another diversion in a long history of diversions, and the American public is once again left to worry about whether we get a real election, or a fair election, and what will happen once it is over.

All I can say is God Save the Republic.