Monday, February 11, 2008

Bill Clinton Whacks A 9-11 Conspirator! Bravo!

Before we get too far down the line, it is worth noting that about two weeks ago, before the current debacle known as the Hillary Clinton campaign was really foundering, her husband, ex-president Bill Clinton got the best of it in a face off with a 9-11 conspiracy theorist.

This didn't get a lot of coverage in the media haunts I frequent, mainly Fox News, but it was broadcast and I did see the former president out on the campaign trail extolling his wife's virtues. As he gave his speech, Mr. Clinton was being heckled mercilessly by a person in the crowd who claimed the 9-11 attacks on the US were an inside job.

This line of thought is similar to the Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory which said President Franklin Roosevelt let us get attacked on purpose so we could go to war and end the Great Depression. In the present case, either the Bush or Clinton administrations, or both, knew the 9-11 attacks were coming.

Better than that, they not only knew the attacks were coming, they were part of a huge international conspiracy. This says it was easier to go to war with Iraq over a few billion dollars worth of oil by sacrificing buildings, infrastructure, 3,000 victims and a trillion dollar hit on our economy, than by simply enforcing United Nations mandates.

This theory says the two administrations knew that Saudi Arabian terrorists were taking flight training in the US, and helped plot out the scenario that has become known as 9-11. I have heard this many times, occasionally from college students I teach, and each time there are huge gaps in the credibility of this theory.

They use carefully cropped photos to show "evidence" that it wasn't really an airplane the hit the Pentagon. They use highly questionable, well actually flat out inaccurate science to support the claim that the Twin Towers' collapse was the result of carefully planted high explosives, not burning aviation fuel.

I have heard the unbelievably stupid comments from uneducated "celebrities" like Rosie O'Donnell, who said steel, which is created through the process of melting metal, "doesn't melt."

I have seen the rebuttals from highly educated mechanical and chemical engineers. I have seen detailed analyses from physicists who can show through fairly basic advanced math - that really isn't an oxymoron, nor a contradiction in terms - exactly how and when the steel weakened sufficiently to start the chain reaction collapse.

But I don't need to go that far here. I just want the name of the rubbish company.

I can hear it now, "What is he talking about? What rubbish company? What does a rubbish company have to do with the government conspiring to attack our own country so Bush and Clinton and Cheney and the rest of them could profit from this war?"

I am talking about the rubbish company that hauled away the drywall.

Again, I can hear it. "Drywall? What drywall? What does drywall have to do with anything?"

OK, back to basics. Drywall, or sheetrock, is used to finish off the interior of rooms in buildings ranging from sheds and garages, to homes, to commercial offices. It is made from pressed gypsum plaster, contained on both sides by a form of paper that is just shy of cardboard.

It usually comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets for ease of handling and installation, but there are many variations especially for commercial use. It is usually screwed into the interior frame of offices and homes. Then a sealant is applied to the seams between the sheets, over which goes a strip of special drywall paper and then more sealant goes over that. The sealant also is used to cover over the screw heads so the result is a nice, flat, smooth, uninterrupted surface.

When the sealant - it's called mud by drywall workers - is dry, it can be sanded for a final smoothness and then the whole room is painted. If the job is done right, the untrained eye can't tell where the seams or the screws are located.

Now, here is the rub. If, as the conspiracy theorists say, thousands of pounds of extremely powerful high explosives were planted at strategic junctures of the Twin Towers' supporting steel framework, you would have to remove thousands of pounds of drywall to get to those points.

Did I mention it is heavy? It is. It also comes in differing thicknesses and it gets heavier as it gets thicker which makes sense. But, when you are dismantling drywall, you can't just unscrew it, because you can't find the screws just by looking and even if you could, the screw heads are full of sealant so you can't get the blade of a screwdriver into them.

Construction workers know this, and thus, when they remove drywall, they know that it won't come out in sheets the way it was installed. So the preferred tools for removing drywall are BIG F'ING SLEDGEHAMMERS AND PINCH BARS!!!

To get drywall out you have to BASH THE CRAP OUT OF IT AND RIP IT OFF THE WALLS!!!

To the uninitiated THIS MAKES A BIG F'ING MESS!!

Good grief this country is getting more and more dumbed down with each passing day. Doesn't anyone work for a living anymore?

I learned this because I worked construction when I was going to college, and later built my own home. But all you have to do to see this is go to any demolition site and sure enough, there will be a big old mess o' drywall.

Demolition workers know this ahead of time so when they are going to remove drywall they rent huge rollaway dumpsters from rubbish collection companies. The companies bring the dumpsters to the site, line them up along the entrance of the building where the workers will be coming and going, and when they are full they haul them away.

So, since no one has photos of the miles of electrical wire that would have been necessary to blow up a bunch of bombs simultaneously, at least give me the name of the rubbish company that provided the dumpsters for the drywall. We can then check the receipts and find out who signed for the dumpsters, and who paid for them.

I don't even need the names of the clean up crews who had to vacuum up the mess that was left, or the drywall guys who reinstalled the new drywall to cover up where the old drywall was removed, or the drivers who hauled the dumpsters away, or even the painters. Just give me the name of the rubbish company that supplied the dumpsters and we can go forward from there.

Bill Clinton got to a point with his conspiracy theorist that he finally shut the guy up. He told him, "I have listened to you," and further that he had let the guy scream and shout.

Then Clinton pointed at the guy and said bluntly "9-11 was not an inside job." He went on that 19 Saudi Arabians flew planes into our buildings and killed 3,000 of our citizens including hundreds of their fellow muslims.

He finished by telling the guy "We look like idiots" when we maintain that 9-11 was done by our own government as terrorists continue to attack and kill our troops overseas, and plot further attacks on our homeland. It was really nice to hear the audience applaud him.

Frankly, from my perspective, it was one of Bill Clinton's best moments. I think half the reason his wife is having such a hard time in her own party is that only a fraction of the country's Democrats really believe in the anti-war rhetoric that the rest of the Democratic field is spewing. They look like idiots saying they are going to pull the plug on a war we are winning.

The former president has shown that while he certainly is partisan in his politics and will use whatever tools he has at hand to help elect his wife, he does understand that it is necessary to stand up for America, especially if you want to lead America.

Actually, Mr. Clinton may have engaged in a bit of overkill when he put the smackdown on that conspiracy theorist. I just would have asked him to give me the name of the damn rubbish company.


Fred said...
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James said...

I have to agree... 9/11 did not result from a government conspiracy.

However, you gotta admit that the military suffered big time during the Clinton administration. Janet Reno's justice department did not treat the FBI much better. Nor was the CIA run all that much better. To this day, I don't understand why Bush didn't replace George Tenet at the beginning of his administration.

This negligence may have contributed to the success of the attackers but had nothing to do with any conspiracies or plots.

Mr. Clinton and his lackeys have been less than transparent in disclosing their handling of terrorism during the '90s. One aide, former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, lost his security clearance for STEALING DOCUMENTS FROM THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES dealing with that very issue.

Anonymous said...

All the wars since 1900 have been generated by Democrats. World War I, A Democrat in office, World War II, two Democrats in office, Korea, a Democrat in office, Vietnam, two Democrats in office, the Iran Hostage situation, a Democrat in office, 1992 until 2000, first world trade center hit, embassies blown up, American troops blown up, Osama Bin Laden handed to us and a Democrat didn't grab the rat, the USS Cole, all this by a useless form of life President who was a Democrat and now, they think that old wrinkled face monster Hilary has the right stuff.
She is dumber than a box of rocks and that is an insult to the rocks.
I wouldn't trust the Clinton's as far as I could throw diareha. And I would not trust Barack (HUSSEIN) Obama because he (IS NOT AN AMERICAN) he is a Muslim in a black mans body. He is no good for America just like Hillary and if either one of them get in the white house, our country will become shit.

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