Way to go Giants! Nice job, great game! Tension, thrills and chills right down to the wire, WOW!

What a great Super Bowl! How many superlatives can I use in one blog? I won't even try! What a great night, and a truly great game!

Hats off to the New England Patriots, too. They fought hard, and well, and did nothing wrong. They turned the game around after trailing, hung tight, played hard and well, and have nothing for which to apologize.

Whatever got the Giants on track in the last half of the season was still obviously at work tonight. They didn't quit, even when they were physically exhausted, they didn't let themselves or their fans down, and it was truly a team effort.

My snide remark at the end of my earlier column today not withstanding, Eli showed himself to be the equal of any quarterback in the game, today and in the entire post season. I especially liked it when he scrambled out of what seemed to be a sure, game-ending sack, and continued to fight to the end.

That is the mark of a champion. It looked hopeless, but he didn't quit and his team didn't quit. These guys should go on a motivational speaking tour and pass some of this along to America's politicians.

Way to go! It was especially poignant to see Eli's brother Peyton Manning in the stadium cheering and clapping for the Giants. True class. You know he would have loved to be on that field himself, but it was wonderful to see Peyton happy for his brother's team.

OK, that's it! Tomorrow back to politics and war, but tonight, I think it is time for one drink of Glen Morangie, any age will do, they are all great, and if you celebrate with Scotch whisky, Glen Morangie is the way to go!

What a great Super Bowl, and what a great night ................

Oh, could someone ask John McCain if this will do? He did after all, ask someone to show him how to beat the Patriots!