Thursday, February 28, 2008

Could Someone Tell Barack It Was AAZ That Got Us Into Iraq, Not WMDs - And Pass It On To Hillary

Two presidential hopefuls, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Hussein Obama, are trading shots on what could, would or should be done in the future regarding the Battle for Iraq in the War on Terror.

Obama said during a debate with his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, that he wants US troops out of Iraq yesterday, but might send them back in "If Al Qaeda is trying to establish a base in Iraq."

That in itself is a less than rousing statement, but wait, there's more.

McCain responded during a campaign speech that Barack should have known that Al Qaeda already is in Iraq, and we have to deal with that reality. McCain added, and I am paraphrasing here, that surrender is not an option.

Barack then said in response that the only reason Al Qaeda is in Iraq in the first place is because George Bush and John McCain started a war there.

And that my friends is where Barack Hussein Obama dug himself into a hole he will never be able to get out of, regardless of whether or not he gets the Democratic nomination.

Because Al Qaeda was in Iraq before we went there, in the person of the late Abu Al Zarqawi, one of Osama Bin Laden's top leaders in the world terrorist network. He was in Iraq recovering from wounds suffered in Afghanistan, fighting alongside the Taliban against the US. You can check this out in depth in Stephen Hayes' book The Connection.

Detractors say the book doesn't make a convincing argument that Saddam was in on the 9-11 attacks. It doesn't need to and I don't care about that. It does prove that Saddam was helping Al Qaeda after 9-11, while we were fighting against Bin Laden's terrorists in Afghanistan and that is all that matters. Bush had already said we were going smoke out and hunt down terrorists wherever they were and that was good enough for America, including Democrats, in 2001.

When AAZ was seriously wounded, he didn't go to any countries with known terrorist leanings, such as Pakistan, or Somalia, or Iran, or Syria. No, he went to Iraq.

There he was welcomed by Saddam Hussein (no relation to the presidential candidate of the same - middle - name) who put him up in the country's best hospital in Baghdad, run by Saddam's son. They gave AAZ sanctuary, security and the best of medical treatment.

Upon recovery, and here is where Barack's goose is cooked, AAZ didn't return to Afghanistan, or go into hiding in the mountains in Pakistan, or head over to Iran to suck up to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, aka Green Bean Almondine. No sir, he stayed right were he was.

And there, in the city streets and desert sands of Sadddam's Iraq, AAZ began to rebuild the terrorist network that largely had been destroyed in Afghanistan. He was given carte blanche to establish terrorist training camps, and it is reported that he even had an airplane fuselage set up in the desert specifically to use in training for hijackings.

That is the heart of the issue on why we went into Iraq rather than somewhere else. We took preemptive action against what was going to be the next terrorist launching pad for attacks on the US and the rest of the non-Islamo-fascist world.

To be sure, the Weapons of Mass Destruction were there at one time, and from the mid-1990s onward were an issue for virtually every single member of Congress who could get in front of a camera and microphone to let the world know they were tough on defense. But then, when the massive stockpiles of WMDs that the Clinton White House said were in Iraq were not found, the Democrats turned to the communist-tested methodology of deflecting criticism from themselves.

They pointed their fingers at George Bush and brayed as loudly as possible, "Bush Lied, Bush Lied."

The fact that by extension they also had lied, if indeed, Bush had lied, which he didn't, was never brought up a single time in the mainstream media because as we all know the mainstream media is the American propaganda organ for world communism.

Communists are nothing if not stupidly predictable, because they are incapable of independent thought, so they plod along like brain-dead beasts of burden yearning for the day when the workers of the world rise up and throw off the yoke of capitalism. Communists seem to have a universal mental defect that relegates them to a permanent state of denial that won't allow them to see that the world that spawned their vision of humanity has changed tremendously in the last two centuries and they simply are no longer current or relevant.

The communists in the American media and the Democratic Party, including Barack Hussein Obama, think that if they can portray the War on Terror as a religious war pitting Christians and Jews against Muslims, they can step in to take over if both sides beat themselves into submission. So they have been harping on the WMD issue ever since, believing it helps their cause.

Unfortunately, mistakes were made by the Bush Administration when attempting to gain support for the invasion of Iraq, especially in the Untied Nations. Rather than focusing on AAZ and his efforts to construct a new terrorist launching pad, the emphasis in the Untied Nations was on the WMDs.

This entire approach was flawed from the beginning, however, because most of the UN representatives on the Security Council who had veto power were already being heavily bribed by Saddam who was illegally diverting oil for food money away from his countrymen and was using it to grease the palms of well-placed UN officials.

To compound the error, there was no massive communication effort to explain to America what we had done and why, and the WMDs have since entered the national consciousness as the sole and flawed reason for deposing Saddam.

John McCain was right in what he said to and about Obama on the Iraq War. But he still has an uphill battle, if he is to effectively use his position on the war to his benefit during the larger campaign, assuming that he does get the nomination.

Communists believe that if they repeat the same lie over and over and over and over and over, it somehow becomes truth. After time, especially if there is no effort to offset this mindless drivel, some people will accept it as such. Most of these people are in the media or the national Democratic Party which compounds the problem.

The White House should have been communicating the truth for the past four years, but didn't so it is up to McCain's campaign to do this year what should have been done in 2003.

America was right in getting ahead of the terrorist curve in Iraq and despite the mistakes made in pursuing the war there, our forces are decisively defeating the terrorists and their communist backers. Iraq is moving forward politically and economically and nothing that Democrats or communists say will change that truth.

McCain should repeat that truth over and over and over and over, until the point where he has told the Big Truth exactly one more time than the communists in the Democratic Party have told the big lie.

He can do it with a slogan. Democrats Lied, Al Zarqawi Died!

Kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?


Pam said...

People always tend to forget that Saddam was promising a bounty to suicide bombers - to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, too.

If the Dems get their way, BHO's revisionist history will only be the beginning.

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